What Do I Do With All Those Thrift Finds??

Hi everyone!

The two most asked questions I receive is:

  1. Where do I keep all my treasure finds
  2. What do I do with them all

I have done posts in the past regarding where I keep my treasures so, today I thought I would talk about what I do with them.

Do I keep everything I buy? Good Grief NO! LOL Some things I buy, play with and resell them online. Actually, that is about 40% off what I do with treasures.

I realized a long time ago, things are just things. Occasionally I do get attached to something I find. However, after I play with it for awhile, I feel totally comfortable letting go of an item. I do keep some things.

One thing I do is I am constantly keeping an eye out for special gifts for friends and family. I get so excited when I find an item that I know will bring a smile to someone I love.

As an example, my mom LOVES old cookbooks that have handwritten notes throughout it. She loves to read about how someone changed up a recipe or some other little tidbit someone feels is important enough to write in the cookbook.

Troy collects unique ties and tie clips/tie bars. So, whenever I find them I buy them and save for a special moment to give it to him. Here is one I recently found. It still had the original price tag on it and it was only $1.19.



I have a friend that loves, loves, loves vintage gloves, hats, purses and jewelry. I am always watching for any of these items. I love to surprise friends with gifts.

Another example is my brothers. One is a mechanic and collects old car manuals. I often find these at yard sales and buy them up for him. He is also a huge fan of the old sitcoms and so I keep an eye out for these DVDS. Here is one I recently found for him. Brand new, never opened. It was $5.00 then half off.


My other brother is building a bar in his home. He is a big golfer. I recently spotted a vintage golf bag bar tool set and snatched it up for him. And a vintage golf ice bucket. He does so many things for me and for the princess that I love to find little surprises for him when I can.

Another thing I am always looking for is different plates/dishes to use for goodies and treats that I give to people. I like to give people the dish the treats come on and I want it to be special. I have a wonderful friend who has a December birthday and I make her a cake, her favorite one, so I like to have a special plate for it. I recently found this adorable cake stand that I am going to use.  It was purple sticker day so that turned the $2.99 price into $1.49. Just a few cents more than buying a dollar store plastic plate.



Now that we are done with Farmers Markets, we sell at craft shows throughout the cold months. I like to make up gift baskets with our DTL Herb products and add fun vintage finds to them. Here is an example.


I raided my stash of 1956-57 restaurant cup and saucers sets to make little tea gift sets.

Also, as a small business owner, keeping costs down is vital. I am always on the lookout for things that our business can use for displaying products. I found this old wood coffee mug holder and use it to display individual tea bags for sale. On the next warm day I plan to paint it white but, until then, at least the wood is in good shape.


Last but not least, I re-donate a lot of items. I use them, play with them, enjoy them then donate them. For example, a couple of weeks ago I showed you a recent purchase of a hardcover book by Elton John. I enjoyed sharing it with you and I loved reading it and gazing at all the pictures. But, it is now re-donated so someone else can enjoy it as well.


So, there you have it, what I do with my thrifted treasures. Once I came to terms with the fact that I am fortunate enough to be able to find amazing things at amazing prices, I was able to detach myself from them.

There is always a new thrifted treasure to be found for me. And the thrill of the hunt is my favorite part about thrifting!

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  1. Diann great post! After a year or so of really intense treasure hunting I realized quickly I couldn't and didn't want to keep all my treasures. Like you I donate after using them and sell some on my Etsy shop. I also give things away all the time to friends and others who would enjoy my great bargains!! I love the little restaurant ware cups you turned into gifts....cute! big hugs, Linda

  2. Diann, had to let you know I received
    my coupon for Purex today in the mail
    and wanted to say Thank You one more
    time for the giveaway...
    I've stopped thrifting for a while.. my
    stash was getting large no matter how
    many I gave away or donated... but I
    still love doing it..
    good post
    Thanks again

  3. I am sure your wonderful and thoughtful gifts are greatly appreciated.
    I really like your teacup idea. It would be a good idea for an office gift.

  4. Hi Diann, it's always fun to read about your thrifty finds, but it was also very interesting to read this post about what you do with them. I am going to adopt your idea of re-donating.

  5. Diann, what a great post! You are right, the thrill of the hunt is such fun. I have stopped enjoying the hunt because I have too much hanging around. I am committed to releasing a good bit of it so I can better enjoy the things that are my favorites. Your post is very encouraging to me and gives me some direction. Thank you!

  6. This is such a perfect post for me today. Well...first, I was blessed to get a sweet gift from you today! Thank you very much! It was such a sweet surprise. And the other reason is we just got home and I want to 'thin out' my treasures. So I started today and have some things in my car to donate to a thrift store. I am going to try to go room by room. I hope I can stay in a positive frame of mind. It's not easy for me to get rid of things! lol Hugs!

  7. Great ideas! I honestly don't have room for any extras but I love the idea of finding beautiful plates to give away with baked goods. So much more attractive than a paper/plastic plate. I love those tea cups!


  8. You are one amazing thrift hunter! I like the idea of buying thrift plates to send baked goods to friends and phamily! Always a pleasure being here! Hugs Anne


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