We Are Home

Hi Dear Friends!
Well, we are back. I almost did not go to the cabin. Everything was fine and dandy. Troy and I were just ready to leave and the very last thing I do whenever I leave home for any length of time is to open the bible and say a prayer. I let the bible just fall open and trust in Gods words. When I opened the bible, I saw Lia’s picture next to it. And that was it. The thought of leaving home without her just tore me apart. I broke down and cried. Troy just let me cry and held on to me. He was feeling the same thing. It just felt wrong to leave our home without Lia. She had been looking forward to this getaway with all her family for months. That is all she had talked about. After what seemed like forever, I stood up and went to the bible to see and read the scriptures before I left. Another thing I do every time. The bible had fallen open to Matthew 6:13-7:12 Which is part of the Sermon on the Mount. A lot of inspiration to keep my heart open.
I thanked the Lord for sending me his message. I could go on now.
We keep our travel trailer at the cabin. It acts kind of like our own little cabin. After greeting everyone that was all ready there, we went to our trailer to unpack things. As soon as you walk into the trailer the first thing you see is the couch. All of Lia’s “critters” are lined up on the back of it and her stack of blankets and quilts are there. Even a pair of her PJ’s were by her pillow all ready for when she returned.
IMG_4804I knew this was going to be a difficult moment. I felt myself ready to break down again. But, I stopped myself immediately. I have to tell myself that she is just on a trip, adventure, getaway, vacation…whatever. She is fine and she will return as fast as we can make that happen.
So, the first thing I did was to light a candle in the trailer. I have lit one at home everyday she has been gone. I will continue to do so until she returns. No matter where I am, a candle will be lit. Good thing I have thrifted a lot of candles! LOL
I didn’t sleep very good the first night. But, that happens to me when I go anywhere. That first night not in your regular bed. I got up early, made a pot of coffee and sat down with my thoughts. I looked out the window and saw the cabin, with smoke coming from the chimney, wafting into the magnificent wall of huge pine trees. Two huge Blue jays chasing each other in out of the trees. It was so quiet. So peaceful. I could swear I felt my blood pressure lower. Stress just left my body. This is where I needed to be.
Do you have a place like that? A place that fills your heart with love, smiles and peace? That is what the cabin does for me. It is the closest thing to heaven on earth for me. It is where I feel my grandparents the most as well. They have been gone for 20+ years now but, their spirits are at this cabin. They built it in the early 1960’s.
As I sat there drinking my coffee and taking in the beauty around me, I felt both of my grandparents hold me, sitting there with me. They comforted me. They knew my heart was hurting and they let me know  that things will be okay. 
I am so grateful for the relationship I had with my grandparents when they were still on earth. They were perfect grandparents and then became wonderful friends. We had a lot of fun and silly times together. I was the first granddaughter and I think that created a very special bond between us.
I am so glad I went to the cabin for this little getaway. It recharged my body, mind and soul. Being with my family both in body and in spirit was just what I needed. We all hold pain and loss in our hearts and that won’t go away until Lia comes home. But, we are a strong family. And an amazingly loving, close and generous family.
IMG_4806 Have I told you how blessed I am?


  1. I can't even imagine your pain. You are strong. Prayers continue...

  2. My heart hurt at the sight of Lia's bed and toys! I can only imagine how hard this is for you. The power of prayer my friend is with you all. Light that candle every day and that sweet child will be home where she belongs! Sending you a big hug!

  3. So glad your place in the woods gave you some healing time. I used to love to go to my camper in the woods, but now it is sold and that part of my life is just a warm memory. Life is full of changes, but I do think the good Lord provides us with plenty of wisdom to get through it all. Keep your candle burning for all to see!

  4. I'm glad the amazing power of nature to heal has made you strong for the fight ahead. I've made a modest donation to your 'Bring Lia Home' fund and hope you are getting a good response to your request for help in paying the legal fees!

  5. I am a Christian,Wife,Mom of four and Grandma of 10 so far.Your post broke My heart.I feel for you so much and can help you pray, but first I need to go back and read and remind myself what has happened.I love the mountains and always find peace and strength from them,of course which comes from the Lord himself,but I do agree with you about the wonderful mountains-Hugs to you-Denise

  6. Well,I just read the whole story! Boy oh Boy! I posted My comment on The story itself-Have to get off-My chest is tightening!

  7. Diann, it so much about you and your relationship withGod that can feel blessed at this trying time in your life. I'm so glad you went to the cabin and that your surroundings helped you to feel relaxed and peaceful. I read your previous post, and as someone who works in the legal field, I want to tell you that you did a wonderful job of explaining the legalities of your situation. It is so difficult for a lay person to understand how and why our legal system works the way it does. I am keeping all of you in my prayers, and sending hugs your way. laurie

  8. You are such a strong good person...you and your husband both. I am praying that things work out for God's glory. And I'm sending you some extra hugs. I hope we can all hold you up a little while you go through this trying time. Love, your buddy, Diane

  9. What a heartbreaking and unfair trial you are going through. Be assured many people are holding you up and in their prayers and thoughts surrounding Lia with love. Am praying you keep the peace that passeth understanding so that you can remain strong for the fight ahead.

  10. Diann, I am so glad that the cabin, forest and the spirit of your grandparents brought peace to you. God always knows what we need. I am still praying for your sweet family and that Lia will be home soon.
    Blessings, Ginger

  11. Diann, I am happy that your getaway gave you some restoration and peace. I am praying for Lia and you and Troy. God is faithful; this we know. Why bad things happen; this we do not know. But He is faithful, and He loves you and Lia. Cling to Him.

  12. I'm praying 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4 for you. Cherry Kay

  13. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  14. I am always praying for you and yours. Now when I light my candles around the house I will think of Lia. She is a beautiful shining light and we are all praying that she will be back with you soon. I am praying Ephesians 6. Put on the full armor of God. It will be my go to prayer for Lia. I will continue to ask God to put His armor on her until she comes home again. Stay strong in the Lord and trust Him will your whole heart. God Bless You and Troy and your wonderful family. You write from the heart. You are such a genuine lady. Hugs Anne


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