Thrifty Things Friday #85

Hi Dear Friends!


One of the wonderful things about having 40 acres of beautifully forested property is being able to go on the “hunt” for the perfect Christmas tree! And that is what Troy and I did while we were at the cabin.

We bundled up in lovely tree hunting gear which means lots of bright hunters orange because it is deer rifle season and the last thing we needed was to be mistaken for a buck and doe out there!

It was snowing and peaceful.


We found the perfect one. Of course it is way to big but, it can be cut down to a perfect size.


My dad came out to assist with the chain saw.


Got this beauty back to the cabin.


Now we have to bundle her up and strap her to our truck.

IMG_4858 Yes, I know that most trucks you see driving from Northern Michigan back down to the southern part of the state have a deer strapped to their truck. Not us! We have a better prize!


This Christmas is going to be thrifty, it has to be. But, thrifty does not mean it won’t be wonderful or special. Celebrating the birth of Christ by filling my heart with love, family, friends and making special memories is my focus. It is what I need to keep my spirits high.

Not buying a Christmas tree this year is definitely a money saver (can you believe the insane prices of real trees?!). Spending the afternoon at our cabin, with my husband and dad looking for the perfect tree literally is priceless to me! It was fun, happy and silly. What better way to kick off the holiday season?

I am also joining the lovely hostess Sherry at Charm of Home for her weekly party Home Sweet Home


Okay, let’s see your thriftiness!!


  1. We visited a tree farm last weekend and cut our own tree. Not quite the same as trecking through the snowy woods to find the perfect one but definitely better than getting it from the Walmart parking lot!

    Happy Holidays:-)


  2. Your tree is just beautiful, Diann. I admire your resolution and resilience. Having Jesus by your side does make all the difference when facing difficulties. Thanks for your testimony, Diann.
    Blessings, Beth

  3. I haven't bought a Christmas tree in 44 years, my son was allergic to trees with needles so we always had an artificial and I have never gone back to real ones...maybe this year if I don't die of sticker shock!
    Thanks for hosting, Diann.

  4. I have only bought a box of candy canes, a bag of Christmas Life Savers, and a bag of white chocolate peppermint M&M's for decoration! I am reusing everything I can find and not getting new! My tree is a 90% off find from Feb. last year! It has been fun to go through all my goodies and get them out. As for gifts we are getting the best prices as we find them for the kids and using EVERY coupon we can find ;)
    I am so glad you had a wonderful time looking for a tree. What an adventure!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Diane,
    I have been praying daily for you and Troy! You are a special good person and good overcomes evil. You will eventually get little Lia back. Evil can not hide its spots for long. There is a biblical verse, and forgive me if I quote it wrong. "what is in the dark will come to light".
    Lia will be returned to the people who love her and have raised her since she was a wee infant.

  6. Love getting a fresh tree! Also love seeing the snow. T-shirt weather here today! Thanks for hosting!

  7. We always cut our own tree from a tree farm. Will be doing that next weekend. Thanks for hosting.

  8. Thank you for hosting again Diann... it is good to see you back. Your tree is beautiful!

  9. I haven't been able to buy a real live tree in years b/c my hubs is allergic to pine - but I adore them and do live greens outdoors where it is safe!

    I love you had a snowy day to help you get in the spirit of the season - what fun, what a great tradition!

    And yes, absolutely Jesus is the Reason for the Season, so stick to your guns, and peace be with you. God bless, hang in there!!

  10. Diann,
    Good for you for cutting your own tree...lookng forward to seeing it in your home. Been thinkng about you and keeping you in my prayers.


  11. Your tree is beautiful Diann! It is so good to see you here. The Lord is such a blessing in our lives. He makes the difficult times bearable and the good times more peaceful.
    We have an artificial tree. Too many allergies. But I sure like to look at them in the mountains and we have huge trees in our backyard!
    I have enjoyed reading this today. God Bless You! Hugs Anne

  12. Hi Diann,
    That picture of the green tree on the red truck would make a wonderful Christmas card! What could be better. I use to love cutting a real tree. Now we do artificial. Miss the real deal, but easier for hubs and I. Plus they've gotten quite pricey. Hope all is well. Thinking of you and your daughter alot. Thanks for hosting. Enjoy this wonderful season!

  13. It's funny I haven't seen a christmas tree for sale in a long time here, most of us have fake trees. It is summer in Australia, as a child we had trees in a bucket of water but always had mozzies so the fake trees became more popular.

  14. We had a pretty successful tree hunt last year. We brought home the most beautiful cedar. This year, we drove around 2 different farms and could not find one! We finally caved and went to Lowe's. To be honest, they had some beautiful trees though! Of course it wasn't like cutting our own, but we're happy regardless! :)

  15. looks like a fabulous tree & the tree & truck pic love it thanks for hosting

  16. Oh, Diann,
    You brought back a lot of memories for me. Growing up in KY on a farm we would have never thought to buy a tree. Every year we went out in the woods and hunted down the perfect tree. I so loved doing that! Still to this day when I put up the artificial tree I long in my heart that it could be a real one like in my childhood. They smell so good! Great post! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  17. No, I cannot believe how much real trees cost. They are cheaper outside a store, but I can't resist going to a farm to cut one down. $55 to cut one down ourselves!

  18. Hi there, I just found your blog through another linky up party and have been lucky enough to join in your party too now!! Very exciting for me as a relative newbie!! I love your post and your blog too! J9 x

  19. It's been a long time since the kids were little
    and we would go out and cut down our own tree..
    Your photos look wonderfully fun!

  20. Such beautiful photos! I've always had artificial trees ~ too many allergies for me and my kids, now young adults. I do love the smell of the real thing.
    Can't wait to see this one decorated.

    You, Troy and Lia are continually in my prayers and I ask God to please protect her daily.


  21. OHHHHH Your House is going to SMELL like Christmas. Even when you purchase a 'fresh' tree somewhere it's been cut ages are REALLY going to have a wonderful scent...I envy you that :)

  22. Diann, What special moments with Troy and your dad. Those memories are keepers. Still praying for your sweet family. Blessings, Ginger


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