Thrifty Things Friday #84

Hi everyone!


Man, I thought I was busy during the summer months, so why does it feel like I am 5 times more busy now? I just don’t get it! I talked to a girlfriend of mine the other day and she was talking about being bored because her boyfriend was out of town. Bored? Really? I sat there trying to remember the last time I was bored in my life. Next time I see a falling star I am going to wish for a little boredom in my life! LOL

Okay, enough whining.

I have cut way back on thrifting these days. Reasons?

  1. I am trying to get rid of some of the stuff I already have and don’t want to add to it.
  2. Too busy looking for things for craft shows for our business
  3. Money is tight
  4. I just haven’t had much time.

However, the other day I went to a grand opening of a new Salvation Army store in our area. I was looking for a Detroit Tigers t-shirt for the princess to wear on “Tiger Day” at her school. I found one for .69 cents! Good deal.

It was blue sticker day so, of course, I tried to look at things that were blue stickers only. I am pretty good at doing that. Yup, I have trained myself well! LOL


I spotted this heavy silver plated  candlestick. I thought it would be pretty in my small bathroom (which is lavender, white and silver). I haven’t bought anything new for this room in a couple of years. So, with it being a blue sticker, the price of $2.00 came out to $1.00, I thought it was worth purchasing.


As I walked further down the aisle I came to the candles. I spotted this large white pillar candle with little rhinestones in it and thought it would be perfect for the silver candlestick. I turned it over waiting to see what ridiculous price they were asking for. At least the first thing I saw was the blue sticker!


Yup, only .50 cents for this in perfect condition candle! Wow! And then half off that!. A whopping quarter? I was definitely happy!


So that was my un-needed frivolous $1.25 purchase for the week!


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  1. You just had to get that, wow what a BARGAIN!!!

    I too am cutting back on my purchases, but I do love those half off days!

    I am sharing a tea I had for myself yesterday - and was all purchase frugally, so it counts. I just love that set and it is so pretty for autumn.

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. You find the best deals. Love that candlestick. Thanks for hosting!

  3. It's a pretty big deal when you find the candle to go on the candlestick on the same day! I love them both! Perfect! I'm happy to be linking this week, too! Hugs!

  4. What a great combination, bling and light. Thank you for hosting.

  5. Great find, so rich looking at a bargain price! Thanks for hosting, so glad to be joining in...finally! Pam

  6. You made the perfect the rhinestone candle! Thanks for hosting!!!

  7. I want to do our guest bedroom in lavender and silver. I have not been buying as much either. I have more than enough. But the addiction is powerful. Eek.

  8. I love that rhinestone candle, it's gorgeous! I need to redo my bedroom in I'm trying not to tempt myself buying. Thank you for hosting yet, another great party, TTF. Big hugs,

  9. Don't you love it when you find something that you love and it is so cheap! They look great together:-)


  10. Hi Diann: Thank you for hosting the party today. I love your thrifty finds! That candle holder and gorgeous rhinestone candle are lovely, and you can't beat the prices--super well done :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I haven't been thrifting as much as before either. Still when I find a really good deal and it fits in my home I buy it! Hugs, Linda

  12. Really wonderful finds for a whole $1.25! Thank you for hosting another party Diann!

  13. Hi Diann,
    I'll say that you got a bargain girl. The candle looks as though it was made for the candleholder. You have a great eye for finding deals. I agree, what is boredom? Can't remember the last time I felt that way! Thanks for hosting.

  14. Gosh your purchase is perfectly coordinated! I love it! I found a beautiful collectible doll last weekend for $4.99! I remember before I Had children buying dolls that cost a hundred dollars! Those days are long gone! Sigh!

    I had breakfast with a group of gals I use to work with. Lorna won a doll at a tea last week and she is not a collector! She said the doll was sight unseen but as soon as she got her she was giving the doll to me! I was so tickled! I didn't feel badly that I could not shop at the Cracker Barrel with them! Sigh!ouble Sigh!


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