Selling Treasures

Hi everyone!

As a lot of you know just by reading my blog and especially following me on Facebook, I am downsizing when it comes to many of my treasures. I will never be able to buy new things if I don’t! LOL

I plan to have an Etsy store up and running and on my sidebar the first of the new year. Many things I sell will go up on Ebay. However, I want to offer things to my readers first at a lower price.

Selling items on Ebay and Etsy is more expensive because you have to figure in all the fees. And of course there is time and maintenance involved as well.

I plan to “play with” my treasures and do a post showing them one last time before they go up for sale. I did this in my last post “Apple Celebration”. I am going to be selling this set of four fruit motif dinner plates.

apple plates

I have no desire to turn my blog into a “market place”. This blog is my stress reliever. It’s the place were I share things that are fun or happy to me. I rarely blog about sad or tension filled things that are going on in my life. I HAVE to deal with them everyday. This place is my little escape!

Having said all that, my blog is also a place that is public and can reach many people. I would rather give you a better deal than list an item in a store. Also, once something is listed in Ebay or Etsy, you can’t negotiate or change the price. It is set.

I told the Hubs that I was going to write this post and he said that I should just write, “If you see it here on The Thrifty Groove, it’s for sale!”. Okay, thanks Troy for your input! NOT!

After thinking about that statement for awhile, it will be kind of true.

I wrote a post about a week ago called “What do I Do With All Those Thrift Finds?” . I shared with you my philosophy behind all my thrifting. I do buy a lot of things as gifts for others. I generally tell you that this or that item will be used as a gift. And a few things here and there I truly fall in love with and can’t wait to use them. Then there are things I adore and want to play with for awhile and then I want to let them go to a new home. So, yes, I guess Troy is sort of correct. Most things (not mentioned as gifts) will eventually be available for sale.

I don’t want to be intrusive on this blog with all the things I will be selling but, I do want you to know that things are for sale. I have been mentally searching for a way to do this subtly. So, this is what I came up with.


{For Sale}

The above picture is a set of William Sonoma Dessert plates that I used in a post a couple of months ago Back to School. They are also part of my header picture. But, they are also in the “for sale” tub I have going.

Do you think just adding the small {for sale} in red under the item is okay? You will probably see it a lot. Because like I said, I NEED to downsize if I am every going to thrift again! LOL I honestly want your opinion.

When I show them like this, it will mean that I will probably put them for sale in an online store within a couple of months. And when that happens, it will be a slightly higher set price (to cover fees).

So, if you see an item here and it has the {For Sale} under it, (or something similar) and it is something you are interested in,  just email me. We will work out the details.

Does that work? Or is it too vague or too intrusive?

I am also thinking of just adding a little store to this blog. It would show all the items that are for sale before they go to Ebay or Etsy. When that happens I will announce it and it will be on clickable somewhere on this blog. .

Here are just a few items that I have in my “for sale” tub.


This is a picture from a tablescape I did this past summer (see the entire post HERE).  All of the items are for sale. The four piece oval William-Sonoma dish set, the four colored glass liquor stems and the complete espresso set (still have the box).

IMG_2974_thumbI have two sets of these three piece (well actually 4 pieces if you count the lid for the teacup) for sale. I should you them at a tea this summer (see the post here)

IMG_2492_thumbBoth the teapot and the teacup are for sale. This is a picture from a post I did this summer. 


I have two sets of these pretty Ridgeway Ironstone teacups for sale. You can see the post from this past Spring featuring them here.

I’ll stop there. I don’t want to totally overwhelm you! But, you get the idea. I have LOTS for sale.

So, if you see something here and are interested it it, send me an email. Even if it doesn’t have a {For Sale} under the picture, feel free to ask about it. I would much rather pass my treasures on to one of my TTG readers at a better price than to list it in an online store.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your opinions. I really do appreciate it!

Have a fantastic day!

I am joining Debra at Common Ground for her weekly party!

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  1. Great idea Diann! I too don't want my blog to be all about selling but I would also love to offer my friends first chance at a better price. I think the 'for sale' is perfect and maybe a showcase of items in the for sale bin once a week or so?? Anyway I wish you good luck. I'm also trying to downsize or I will never find my floors again! hugs, Linda

  2. Great idea to offer these to your readers. I love many of your pieces and appreciate your offering these to us first. Nancy Carr

  3. Great idea to offer these to your readers. I love many of your pieces and appreciate your offering these to us first. Nancy Carr

  4. I think it's a great idea and is very generous of you to offer it to your readers first!

  5. Great idea, can't wait to see some of the treasures you are selling.

  6. Hi Diann....I think the 'for sale' in red is just fine. I wish the very best of luck to you! You have a lot of great treasures. Susan

  7. Diane, I hope you great success on your buisness venture. I think it is a wonderful idea!

  8. I think everyone would appreciate a little for sale sign. Sometimes we're too shy to ask and you really do find so many wonderful treasures!


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