Day After Thanksgiving

Hi Friends!
There was a time back in my much younger days that I was all about the Black Friday shopping-a-thon. But, no longer. First of all, it is insanity and second of all you can shop from home and get good deals if you need to shop. I just haven’t felt the need to go out into the chaos in years. I think the last time I did was about 8 years ago because a store advertised a laptop at a very good price. I stood outside in the snow and sleet for hours waiting for the store to open. I froze and was in pain from standing so long before I even got into the store. By the time I got into the store they were already “sold out” of the laptop. They only got a few in. So, it was just a big misleading advertising campaign. I know you all know what I am talking about.
That cinched it for me. I was done with Black Fridays.
Thanksgiving day at the cabin was unseasonal warm. A flannel shirt or sweatshirt was all you needed while outside. And it stayed that way all day, even after the sun went down. So, it was kind of a surprise to see  a little snow blizzard come in the next day.
Just starting to snow. Ahh, so beautiful and serene.
Several wild turkeys decided to drop in for a visit. Interesting that they showed up after Thanksgiving! LOL
The falling snow and the quietness was just the perfect day to relax, enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers, mainly leftover pies! LOL And spend some time reading through Christmas editions of magazines.
IMG_4864This was the kind of day that I really needed. I knew it was going to be difficult to get into the Christmas mood this year. I think God blessed me with this perfect day at the cabin with my family and stunning scenery to rejuvenate my spirit.
And it worked. It will still be hard to get through days but, I need to do this for me and for the people who love me and are so worried about me.
Now, with all that said, that night the temperatures dropped to well below freezing and the massive winds came in. And of course, the power went out. So Troy and I had to grab our pillows and blankets and head into the cabin for the night. There was no way we could stay in the trailer with no heat. My nephews gave up their bedroom and headed to the couches so we could cozy into a warm bed. The power came back on in the morning. Woohoo!
Lia News:
No real changes. We are pending the Motion for Stay from the Judge who we know is going to deny it since she is the one who did this horrid thing. That hearing is set for Dec. 21.


  1. Diann I am so glad you are seeing the positive in life and working to right the wrong! I no longer shop Black Fridays either and really try to relax that day instead! hugs, Linda

  2. That all sounded like such a lovely day. I'm glad you got to relax. Nice of your nephews to give up the bedroom, too. That was very thoughtful. Had to laugh at the wild turkeys showing up after Thanksgiving. Smart birds! ha! Hope the rest of your weekend goes well. Continuing prayers for all. Susan

  3. I only know you through your blog but I think of you often and each time I say a little prayer for you, Troy, and Lia. I also know that we all have alot to be thankful for and I am glad your Thanksgiving was relaxing.

  4. I love the HGTV magazine. I get it delivered to my kindle fire.
    I have a christmas book giveaway going on if you want to stop by..

  5. As Connie stated above, I only know you through this blog, but, you and your family have been on my heart daily. Please know that your virtual 'friends and family' are praying for you daily. Take care of YOU!

  6. You are just amazing! You simplify everything about the holidays and we all follow you! You have a knack for making beauty out of simplicity! Love you! Blessings to you!


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