Halloween Crafting with the Princess

Hi everyone!

Well, up to now we have been a big holiday window cling house. The princess has always loved the fun and cheerful clings. But, now it’s time to start some new traditions with her. She loves any kind of crafting.

So, a trip to the dollar store for a few supplies and a crafting we will go!

Do you know how to tell if it is a successful crafting day with a four year old?


Yup, total mess and chaos!


Stunning creativity! LOL


Yes, I will be vacuuming up glitter for months!


She was very excited to show them off and get them taped to the window! Fun and silly!


And the most important thing that was created? Wonderful memories!


  1. I would agree, those memories are important. I've some great ones stored away!

  2. Oooooh, those look GREAT with the shot from outside. Love the mess... those are the kind of days that little ones NEVER forget. I'm clicking to follow you... I gotta get my THRIFTY GROOVE on this week! Awesome blog! jules from blesid thrifter

  3. Those memories are great. I have so many memories of my mom from every holiday and now that she is gone I feel lucky that I have them.

  4. You are such a good Mom! These are wonderful and great memories!
    hugs, Linda

  5. "Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr."

    You're such a great Mum, Diann. Than you for allowing the home to get messy and sharing these bits of happiness with us.

  6. Aw, the holiday through the eyes of a child! Really cute-enjoy:@)

  7. That is the very best crafting! And I think I craft like that, too...I sure do make a mess! Happy Fall!

  8. Yes. Crafting with my youngest always is a good day. Love your Halloween window. It's quite magical.

  9. This looks like so much fun! My grandkids are starting to prefer computers to crafts......I should drag out some Halloween glitter, that gets most kids attention. Hey, thank you for your showcase, it's a wonderful place to see new ideas and your blog post are fun to visit as well. You came by my blog too, thanks.
    Happy Halloween,
    Victoria Lavender


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