Comparing Last Year and This Year

Hi everyone!

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I showed you how my dining room shelf looks in a post.


One of the coolest things about blogging is it is like a big journal/scrapbook!

A couple of days ago the princess asked me what we had on this shelf last year for decorations. And I told her that I have no clue. Geez, I can’t even remember what I did last week! LOL Then she looked at me like I had two heads and said, “Mama, just check your blog.” Like, HELLLOOO!

It hit me then that her entire life, blogging is just a natural way of keeping track of stuff. Wow! It dawned on me that she would have no way of knowing life without blogging, the computer, laptops,  IM’ing, texting, cell phones, digital cameras….etc.

She was right. I just needed to look at last year’s blog posts and see what I did with the shelf.

Autumn 2011 293_thumb[3]

Wow, life prior to my Canon Rebel was blurry! LOL

Autumn 2011 339_thumb[3]

Autumn 2011 340_thumb[3]

Do you go back in your blog to past years to see how you decorated certain areas? It really is a handy scrapbook this blogging thing!


  1. I have looked back on my blog to find some recipes. It's a good reference point for me. But now that you've mentioned it, I think I'll look back just to see what I was up to one year ago today. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I have only been blogging for 6 months but yes, I have gone back to check on some things or just to look at it to see how maybe I've improved. You are right it is a good why to journal.

  3. I have looked back on my blog already and what a difference between now and then and it hasn't even been a year.


  4. It is a wonderful scrapbook! I did that look back to see last years Halloween decorations since i'm not home to put them out this year and it was fun. I think how different it is for the kids now! Everything is on computer or digital. Different world for sure.
    hugs, Linda

  5. Diann, you know what your dining room shelf needed last year? That frame. The frame makes a statement!

  6. Diann, I'm thinking your daughter is right about a lot of us, who blog. Thanks for sharing, Helen

  7. I DO go back to my blog! This year I was going crazy looking for a third terra cotta jack-o'-lantern and couldn't imagine where it could be--I always keep them together. I finally went back to my blog...I only have TWO!!! LOL!! Your little one is resourceful already! That's a great skill to have!


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