A Fun Halloween Dinner Table

Hi everyone!

The other day Troy picked up the princess at school and then the two of them did some errands. I asked Troy to call me before they headed home because I was setting a surprise table for the princess for that nights dinner. So, this will be a sit down at the table tablescape.


I picked up a black witches hat for .79 cents at the thrift store. I stuffed it with paper and used the glue gun to add a few things.


I started with this fun paper tablecloth that my mom picked up for me.


I added the gauzy net (from DT) as a table runner. Then just scattered the little creepy spider/bug rings (DT) around.


I used the Dollar Tree black skull charger plates with some fun paper Halloween plates that I my mom bought for me.


We had special guests for dinner.


The creepy goblets came from a yard sale this past summer for  a quarter each. I have seen them at the dollar stores this year as well.


Then I just added a few odds and ends Halloween creepies to the table.


Everything is just cheapo silly things from the Dollar Tree, thrift store or given to me. For a fun tablescape for a holiday like Halloween, it’s all about being carefree and goofy. Kids love that!


The gaudier the better!




Just have fun. Don’t spend a lot of money. And remember kids just love all the silly things!


And yes, we did sit down and eat dinner at this table. “Meatball eyeballs” with “Wormy Spaghetti”! The imagination is a wonderful thing! The princess LOVED the table! She was so excited to sit down and eat at it.

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  1. I think this is such a fun thing to do and a great surprise for a child! Hugs, Linda

  2. I think that is why I love to decorate for Halloween! I can decorate and be silly and the kids love it sooo much! I try to throw in a surprise for my adult kids too. Your tablescape is Fabulous

  3. What a sweet wonderful mommy you are Diane! How cute is that tablescape!

  4. How fun for your princess!! I'm sure you couldn't wipe the smile off her face even if you had tried.

  5. That is just so fun! LOVE the theme and colours you used!


  6. Darling tablescape. Josie would have gladly joined your princess at this delightful feast!

  7. I love your table, Diann! What a treat for the Princess!

  8. Great table Diann, I love all the touches.


  9. What a great table setting for the Princess.
    I enjoyed looking at all of the things you did and I am glad that I caught up with you.

  10. Kids love the silly things? I think everyone loves the silly things, especially at halloween!
    Sweet scary tablesetting -- love the stuffed hat!
    Good idea.

  11. Oh how fun is this. Super gooly. Love the eyeballs and webs. Great plates too. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. I bet The Princess loved the table...it is great! Love the Trick or Treat plates.

  13. What a fun Halloween tablescape--love all the spiders and eyeballs!

  14. O, what a fun table and I know your Princess just loved it to pieces.Over from Let's Dish...

  15. A great table for your family and the Princess will have wonderful memories about her Halloween fun. I have these same charger plates and have loved using them for Halloween, too. You are so right about kids, for expensive is not important and the fun is the important part! Your a great Mom!

    Thanks, Pam

  16. I also got some black dishes at the Dollar Tree store for my Halloween tablescape! Your dinner guests looks delightfully creepy! I hope they are not picky eaters! Well, if the decide to spend the night, at least they brought their own blanket! LOL! What a fun Halloween table!

  17. LOL you are one fun mom! :) She will never forget things like this when she's older...you are a Memory Maker :)


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