Thrifty Things Friday #76

Hi everyone!


Would it surprise you to hear that I have almost nothing on any of my walls downstairs (living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway)? I know, bizarre huh? Well, it’s the truth. In the living room I have one wall with a shelf and a couple of framed pieces and that is it in that room.

Why? Last Spring, I took everything down and scrubbed the walls and never put anything back up. As far as décor goes, I had a very minimalist look going all Spring and Summer. Tabletops got changed out all the time but, the walls, nope.

So, now that Autumn is almost here, I decided it was time to “warm up” the décor some.

I have also done very little thrifting this summer. Way too busy and money is tight. However, the other day I had one of those “I-am-losing-my cotton-pickin-mind-with-the-four-million-things-I-have-going-on-all-the-time-lately” moments! And decided right then and there that I needed some serious TRT! (Thrifting Retail Therapy)

Troy was at a Farmer’s Market and the Princess was at school so, I had a couple of hours of free time. Well, not really free time but, I blew off everything for those 2 hours anyway!

I pushed the guilt to the back of my mind and headed to one of my favorite thrift stores, Tried and True. I have been showing you things that I got from there a couple of months ago. Now I needed a fresh infusion of thrifty goodness!

I took my $25.00 allotted budgeted thrifting allowance and left all other forms of money at home.



I thought this cute little wood pumpkin would be fun.



A couple of wood and iron sconces.



Can you ever have enough sparkly gourds/fruit?




Just an interesting jar in warm tones.



A heavy candlestick.

By the time you read this, I have high hopes that one of my blank walls will be decorated and most of these items will be used. So, that means y’all are gonna have to stop back by later this week!


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On with the show!

I'm joining: Thrifty Love


  1. You found so many great things!! I can't wait to see those walls filled up with it all!!

  2. Can't wait to see what your wall looks like when you're done! Excited about joining today's party, I linked up a couple of Jim Shore figurines I happened across at Goodwill - loving 'em! Thanks for hostessing, Mary

  3. Your pumpkin made me smile...I have the same one...have had it for about 20 years. You are a smart girl for only taking your budget money with you!

  4. That thrift store has some great prices! I too have cut way back on thrifting but have some fun items I bought for Tiger I'm going to share tomorrow!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Great items at great prices. I love the name of the Thrift Store! Have fun decorating and thanks for the party!!!

  6. I love all the things you got. The pumpkins are perfect.


  7. Diann,
    I have too been having a lot of those moments!! I just have to stop and breathe!! Deep and out. It is actually a calming mechanism and it works!!

    I have those same sconces in my Kitchen, exactly like they look when I first bought them. I still love the look of them....very rustic!!
    I have really become addicted to Thrift Store shopping. It is quick since Sally's is about 5 minutes from my house and I don't have to run all over the place like if i was going to yard sales. Plus I can go whenever i special days!!

    You did good, girl!!

    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  8. Hi Diann,
    Great thrifty finds! Always love fall decor that's thrifty! Thanks for hosting!

  9. I have a wood pumpkin and get him out every year. More often than not I don't get a real one at all anymore. Looking forward to seeing your fall decorations!

  10. You did well! I must stay away from CTS, I really have too much Fall and Halloween!
    Thanks for hosting!
    I don't have a lot on my walls either!

  11. great finds your fall decor will be fabulous have a lovely weekend

  12. TRT gets me in trouble! Can't wait to see what your walls look like when you're done. I've been rearranging things around here all day, so I might have to take some photos later today.

  13. everything you bought looks like it would go so well together, hope the trip made you feel a little less stressed, you did great! I'm going now to reads some of the links that joined up!

  14. You got alot of lovely finds! :)
    But when YOU SAID : Can you ever have enough sparkly gourds/fruit?

    it brought back memories...I grew up in the country and I think that we must have been fairly poor...but your statement brought back memories of my mom and grandma ( or one of them at least ) bringing in pine cones and acorns and then painting them with some sort of gold gilt for fall decor

    Wonder if anyone has similar memories from back in the day ?

  15. I love all these and with I had a store like that near me!

  16. That is an AMAZING HAUL! Wow...I want to come shop there..amazing prices too. I love TRT! I need some too!

  17. Fantastic finds!!!! You really have some hunting skills! :)


  18. Wow~you found some really cute thrifty fall decorations! Love your features this week too. Finally joining in again.

    Thanks for hosting Diann! Pam

  19. WOW you found some awesome items at awesome prices!! Have fun!

  20. Thank you for hosting! That jar kinda reminds me of a pumpkin too!

  21. Im a new reader and follower and I love all the things you bought and I can't wait to see them all up in your home :)

  22. Thanks for the comments regarding my book covers. I love all your thrifty finds and I look forward to seeing what you do with them. I started following you recently and I hope you'll consider following me back as well. Thanks for hosting!

  23. You got some great finds. I love that store, their prices are soooo wee! I wish we had stores like that.
    Love that unusual little rattan jar thingie.
    Don't have a post today, just stopping by.
    Thanks for hosting, Ginger

  24. What is that jar made of? It's pretty!

  25. Wow! I am positively honoured that my post was the most viewed! I am very surprised! It may not come as a surprise to you that yours as well as another lady's tea posts were the most viewed at my tea party last week! Thank you Diann.



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