Simple Changes

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a large frame I bought at a yard sale.


I bought the frame because I have a specific project in mind for it. However, that project is kind of far down my list of things to do right now. Do you know that feeling?

And if you are like me, space is always an issue in my home. If it is something I am going to use, fine. but, to just store it until I have time to get around to dealing with it, not so fine.

I have always liked to use interesting frames as trays for centerpieces. Whether on the dining room table or in the living room. Since the dining room table and the coffee table are used all the time here, it helps if my centerpieces are mobile. I need to move them out of the way easily.

One of the best things about frames like this as display trays is they can be changed up so quick and easy.

And it was time to change out the shell/blue/silver things I had on my coffee table.

IMG_4164 I decided to use a pop of color instead of going straight to Autumn prints or colors. I was going to use the word “Transitional” but, I decided to give you a break from hearing that word. LOL


I have a set of these red/pink/orange placemats and I thought the colors were rich enough for a fun change up.


Just pop off the back of the frame and slide the placemat into position. What is fun about this is you can use anything you already have.

  • pieces of fabric
  • placemats
  • napkins
  • bandana's
  • pretty wrapping paper
  • decorative tissue paper
  • lace



This is such a quick, easy and thrifty way to change out a simple frame. Think about all the fun looks you could get for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.

You just push the backing of the frame back into place over your fabric.



I picked up these grapevine pumpkins recently at a thrift store. They were brand new with tags. The thrift store price was .99 cents and then I got an additional 25% off that.

A few of you have emailed me and asked where this store is. It is in Southgate Michigan on Dix Road.


So, there you have it. A way to use and change up a frame you bought for a project redo. Until I have time to actually do my project with this frame, I will use it in different ways as a tray.


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  1. I love this idea. How fun is that. Definitely need to copy this one. Thanks tons for the tutorial and for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. The frame really does make a great idea for a tray on the table. I'm going to try and get some of my fall decorations out today. It's been raining here and a dreary day calls for a dash of color!

  3. this is such an excellent idea.

  4. This looks so good Diann! Simple but a great impact!

  5. Once again I read one of your posts and I speak out loud, GENIUS! What a terrific idea Diann!

  6. That looks awesome, who ever would have thought to do that with a frame! Just love it! Mary

  7. What a super way to add color to a tabletop! I love frames much you can do with them. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!!

  8. "OH my Lord Jesus, I just love what she did" yepper, right out loud I said it when I saw the finished product. Just beautiful!!

  9. perfect choice for Fall, and the addition of the pumpkins is, well, perfect also!

  10. I think this is a lovely idea!!! I would have never thought of this! :)


  11. Thanks for sharing an easy project any of us can do. Cute!

  12. That is perfect. I just get such good ideas from you all. I am so ready to pull some pumpkins out but it is still almost a 100 here. Ugh!! When will it end?

  13. I love the frame and those pumpkins are adorable. I just love this project.


  14. How simple but truly beautiful! What a great idea...I will have to keep that in mind the next time I am looking at those frames in the thrift shop thinking...I don't need anything else on my walls :)

  15. I LOVE this idea! And it is perfect for someone like me with a small my Dining Room Table is also my kitchen table, food prep table ( if I am baking ) and then when the grandkids are over it is the coloring, playdoh, what-have you table. With YOUR idea I could have a nice display and then just whisk it away all in one piece when needed! :)

  16. It really works well when you use natural items and mix textures. This is perfect for Fall! I love plaids in these rich tones!

  17. Very nice! What a clever idea!

  18. This is so clever! The frame itself is very pretty, so whatever you use as your background is going to be perfect.


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