Back To School!

Hi everyone!

Last week the Princess went back to school. Can I get a Woohoo! LOL

For the first day of school I told her she could pick out anything she wanted for dinner. This would be a special dinner. So, after school I took her grocery shopping. She decided on steak, macaroni and cheese and slice bell peppers with dip. Thank goodness we went pass the produce section of the store first because she immediately asked for a fresh fruit salad for dessert. Lucky for me we didn’t go down the candy aisle!

When she was at school, I set the table for her special dinner. Now, I want to stress this is not a tablescape. Just a table for our dinner.


I started with the multi-color bamboo-ish placemats from CTS. I added the DT yellow and orange dinner plates.



On top of the dinner plates I used a set of William-Sonoma dessert plates.


And then topped them with the yellow and orange DT matching bowls.


I had to use these pretty beaded bird napkin rings because they are the princess’s favorite set of napkin rings I own. She just thinks they are too cute!


Since we were having fresh bell peppers for dinner, I decided they would make a pretty and simple centerpiece.


I am going to be so sad when the farmer’s market season is over!


I have to say, it has been so nice to get back to a dinner time routine. It seems like summer just throws us off when it comes to simple things like family dinner time. This is the time we get to hear all about each others day and enjoy each other’s company.

Thank you for stopping by and have a fun day!

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  1. I think this is a pretty tablescape :-) Lovely use of all of your colors.

    Jocelyn @

  2. Very pretty! I agree with the princess. The napkin rings are adorable!

  3. The Princess has good taste in food and in napkin rings!! Such a nice table for a family dinner! I miss those times! Now my daughter has family dinner and when I'm there it's so much fun to sit down, eat and enjoy each others company! big Hugs, Linda

  4. When my family was at home I always tried to set the table nicely using seasonal napkins and such. The kids really appreciated it too. I remember once someone coming in when the table was set and they ask if we were having a party. No, it was just our every day dinner table. On special occasions we got out the fine china and Crystal too. Sad to say after many years of use there is not much of that left. But it was worth it. I didn't want to save it, I wanted all of them to enjoy it.

  5. Lovely table..however...I'm sure you miss The Princess being gone to school...

  6. Diane, you dinner table scape is very pretty!! Did little Princess enjoy her first day back at school! I have not been to your blog for awhile, only because I am struggling with some health stuff. I was glad to get to visit today!

  7. I love those colorful bamboo placemats with your pretty dishes. The simple centerpiece is perfect. Hope the princess is enjoying school.

  8. How is this not a tablescape?!??!?!?!!! It has all the elements of a tablescape! The bell peppers make a wonderful centerpiece, and I really like all the color. Don't you just love it when kids make good food choices? It sure makes a Mom's job a whole lot easier!

  9. Very cute, and your little girl has good taste! xo

  10. You have a very nice tablescape! Yes it is. Doesn't it make the meal that more special?

  11. HA that looks like a tablescape to me! Love the colors in it....

  12. Perfect colors for a fall it.

  13. I love this! So colorful and cheerful! Looks like a great tablescape to me! Great napkin rings.
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!


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