Why is Susan in my Herbs?

Hi everyone!

Well, it certainly was a surprise to see Susan pop her head up in my thyme!

IMG_3990 She just showed up one day demanding her own space. Where did she come from and why did she decided to take up residency in my herbs?


Although she is native to North America, I have never brought her home and gave her room to live with us. Her birth name is Rudbeckia hirta so, I can totally understand why she choose Susan as her common name.


Did you know that Susan is somewhat a medicinal gal? Her pretty happy face is not where her talents comes from. Her family roots have a long history of healing.

It is an astringent used as in a warm infusion as a wash for sores and swellings. The Ojibwa used it as a poultice for snake bites and to make an infusion for treating colds and worms in children. The plant is diuretic and was used by the Menominee and Potawatomi. Juice from the roots had been used as drops for earaches. Source

She is so loved that the state of Maryland claimed her as their state flower.

I have decided to give her a space of her own. Susan is one of those gals that have a tendency to just take over and doesn’t bat an eye evicting her surrounding neighbors. She is pushy that way.


Although she is demanding regarding her own space, she does have a lot of fun and pretty friends that like to visit. She attract butterflies and bees.

So, welcome to my home Susan!


  1. Oh how I would love to have her pop up in my garden instead of the weeds that pop up!

  2. I recently inherited a nice Susan plant myself. I am happy to hear they attract butterflies.
    I have also been told they are a very sturdy plant that should flourish even under my inexperienced hand.

  3. she is a beauty and so helpful too! Thanks for reminding us of her,

  4. Susan could come and visit my garden anytime! Lovely photos Diann!
    hugs, Linda

  5. We originally bought some seed and planted them here, but now they have spread all over. I don't mind, but they will take over if given the chance. Hop you are having a wonderful Sunday

  6. Your story made me smile! I think I need Susan in front of my house. I might just have to go find my own Susans.

  7. I love these kind of surprises.
    When the unexpected and unplanted still appears to add beauty and wonder.
    Wishing you a wonderful week, as smiley and sunny as Susan.

  8. I bet the birds and the bees know where it came from. I too have a few susans that have made their way to my gardens I too give her room.

  9. I LOVE Black-Eyed-Susans. Interesting factoids.

  10. I wish she would show up here. I have even invited her in but she couldn't stay. Lovely.

  11. I LOVE the spring because you never know what will show up in the garden! I usually let things grow out until I can figure out if they are a weed or not :) It expands the flower collection!


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