Ah, it is Good to Be a Duck!

Hi everyone!
On Saturdays you can find us in Flat Rock at the Farmer’s Market. The location is beautiful! We are right across from a lovely park surrounding the Huron River.
It is a wonderful place to take a picnic with the family. Spend some time fishing and just relaxing.
With all the beauty of the park, fun family activities, Farmer’s market vendors, the real stars of the day are the ducks!
There had to have been at least 100 of them on this side of the river.
As soon as the Princess pulled out some bread, they smelled it and started heading our way!
They aren’t the least bit frightened. They know who is in charge of this park!
Thank you for stopping by! Have a Ducky day! (sorry, just couldn’t help myself!)
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  1. Love Farmers markets. Ours is on Wed and I am at work..wish they had it on the weekend!
    Have a great Sunday

  2. CUTE DUCKS! I'd LOVE to have a farmer's market like that close by..I'd be there too most every weekend : )

  3. Now that's a LOT of ducks! Great photos! We're hoping we don't have so much rain that we have a ducky day! lol Hugs!

  4. Ducks know when you have a tidbit to offer them, that's for sure. GREAT fun feeding them, I know. The Farmer's Market looks nice. Hope it's proving to be profitable. Take care.

  5. Such a perfect spot for a Farmer's Market! Ducks really are pretty amazing creatures. Your pics are wonderful! Thanks for taking us along for your day. Cherry Kay

  6. what a great place for the Farmers Market, wow, thats a lot of ducks,

  7. What a lovely park and cute ducks! hugs, Linda

  8. I love a farmers market....what fun to have ducks there too. Thanks for sharing and coming by my place today. Blessings to the coming week. Mica @ The Child's Paper

  9. My favorite quote of the day was when the Princess said, "Look, that seagull thinks he's a duck."

  10. Having lived on a lake, I'm quite familiar with ducks, and let me tell you...

    A bunch of ducks make a bunch of .... In fact, if you look more closely at those benches, you'll see some of their calling cards.

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  11. Love farmers market I enjoy looking at those fruits and vegetables as well as flowers. It seems like you have a sunny day.


  12. I can just hear those ducks cackle. What a fun day!

  13. That's funny, my son brought home a book with an exact title as your blog post hehehe. Lovely shots.

    Visiting from Blue Monday.
    My BLUE
    Come see when you can.


  14. I like these markets as well. Love the photo's of the ducks! Funny how they all stay in the shade.

  15. Hi Diann,
    Looks like a fun place to visit, I would sure bring some bread along as I love ducks, I think they are just so cute. It was interesting to see one lone
    sandpiper in the middle of all those ducks.
    Wanted to thank you for coming by my blog last week and for your sweet comments.
    blessings for a great week,

  16. I see geese by my office They are so funny as they all walk together crossing the street. They have good safety skills!
    Your photos are sweet! I remember my kids being small like the Princess and feeding the ducks. They are very brave birds!
    Always fun to visit you.


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