Thrifty Things Friday #69

Hi everyone!


I worked for many years as management in retail stores. One of the things I remember most, especially when I was with JoAnn’s was the huge shipments of Christmas fabric and décor coming in for the big “Christmas in July” sales.

It would make all of us employees insane because at the same time they were sending out Halloween merchandise. However, I must confess, we all were excited to see what was new for Christmas that year.

So, today I am having a little Christmas in July myself.

A couple of weeks ago I stopped at a local Salvation Army store. I was looking for a couple of things in particular and told myself that if I didn’t find those items I would NOT spend any money! I did find one of the items I was looking for so, I felt justified buying a little extra.

Yup, it doesn’t take much to convince myself of justifying thrifting! LOL However, I did only spend .60 cents extra! How amazing is that!

SA had a huge box filled with books. And they were marked at .20 cents each! Of course I am going to check that out!

What did I find?


Three Better Homes and Gardens Christmas from the Heart. Home for the Holidays series.


Not only do I start finding ideas that I want to make or use for Christmas but, they generally have fun ideas that could be used anytime of the year. The above picture shows using vintage buttons on a package.



Not to mention they also have recipes. Above is sugared fruit. how pretty is that.



I think this Christmas tree made out of Christmas hankies and framed is adorable!

Well, that is my Christmas in July edition of TTF!

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Thank you ladies for sharing such fun thriftiness!

There is still time to enter the wonderful Carmex giveaway! Just click the picture below to enter!


On with the thrifty show!

I am joining Debbie at Debbie Dabble Christmas for her Christmas Celebration in July!


  1. Oh, I love that hankie Christmas tree!!! Now if I can just find enough hankies!!! Thanks for the party!

  2. Christmas in July, I love it! Cools me down from all this hot weather, whew! Thanks so much for hosting!

  3. The Christmas tree from hankies is super cute!!

  4. Those books immediately reminded me of IDEALS books / magazines that my mom used to get when I was little...are those familiar to anyone ?

  5. DiAnn,
    I would love to link up your Christmas in July posts to my Celebration of Christmas in July over on my Christmas Blog. Let me know..
    Thanks for hosting!


  6. I love the hanky C'mas tree, so clever and pretty! Nice features too. Thank you for hosting. Hugs,

  7. I love these books you found. What a great bargain. Thanks so much for featuring my post from last week Diann!

    Jocelyn @

  8. Thanks for hosting TTF! The vintage hankie Christmas tree is to die for!
    Like all your features too!

  9. Isn't the Christmas hankie tree sweet! Those books are timeless with all of their great ideas!

  10. I know you heard this one,Your putting out christmas items...and a customer walks by and says...we havn't even had Halloween yet...and it's the 5th time today....right....Yeap 38yrs of setting up Christmas and you ever miss it....hmmmm family or coming home at late on Dec24th and back at 4AM on the 26th..Love your cool stuff...the star was thrifty...the book 2.00 a stapler on hand,same with extra staples.and the fencing for a a form left it's just time and a can of glitter 8.00 put I had a 40% off pretty thrifty....Cowgirl up is posted on my side bar....

  11. So nice to dream of Christmas when it's 100 degrees! I'm going to count my Christmas hankies :)

  12. Hi Diann, I love old Christmas idea books. These are filled with ideas that are timeless. Love the candles in the logs and the hankie tree. Thanks for hosting.

  13. Diann, along with other comments I too love the Vintage Hankie Christmas Tree !!
    Here's to a prosperous weekend!!

  14. Leuk bericht. Ik werd voortdurend controleren van deze blog en ik ben onder de indruk! Zeer nuttige informatie waar ik om geef voor dergelijke informatie veel. Ik was op zoek naar deze bepaalde info voor een lange tijd. Bedankt en veel succes.

  15. Wow I love that hankie Christmas tree. Very fun, even if I am so not ready to think Christmas. Thanks so much for featuring my blog this week. I really appreciate it and love linking up.

  16. i love that picture with the candles and greens-so rustic. thanks so much for hosting!

  17. Wow what great finds and for so little!!!

  18. That Hankie tree is so cute! I do love the table with the rustic look! I have a few Christmas books that inspire me, I'll bring them out in the fall...LOL! Thanks for hosting! Hugs, Linda

  19. Thanks so much for hosting!
    Francine & Nate

  20. LOVE that Christmas Tree made from hankies. AWESOME.

  21. I love that little hankie tree too! So sweet and very clever! I enjoy browsing through a holiday book! Christmas is my favorite time of year so I it is fun to look through your sweet book too! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I have just come across your blog and it's really lovely :) I love this post too, I will have to join in one week!

  23. Diann,
    Thanks so much for participating in the Celebration of Christmas in July over at A Debbie-Dabble Christmas!
    It was such fun, wasn't it?
    I will be leaving the links on my Side Bar until October.
    Hopefully, next year I will be organized enough to do a Christmas in July Linky Party!
    Thanks again!


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