Setting Up in a Storm!

Hi everyone!

Today was a stormy day! And it is still pouring pretty good out there. All the roads getting out of my little town are flooded. But, we are used to that. I sure am glad to see the rain though. Everything needed a good watering!

The downside however, is Troy was trying to set up our booth for a festival tonight. Every vendor was washed out. Tents and canopies were flying everywhere. Oh, I didn’t mention the wind did I?

The rain let up for awhile. The food vendors were pretty much okay.



It was a different story for all the canopy vendors….



I would LOVE for us to be able to get one of those canopies like that tan one in the right hand corner. All the sides zip up or down. But, that is still way down on the DTL Herbs priority list for now.


This is us. We were pretty lucky because Troy got the canopy up just enough to get the weights on it and our tables under it before the mini monsoon hit!


Everyone at this point was hurrying to get set up.



Of course there are certain people who love a good storm and puddles!

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  1. Interesting post, and CUTE photos of a little girl! I wish you could send some rain my way. I love going to outdoor festivals like that.

  2. Hi Diann...Sorry it rained. Hope it cleared up and poured down sunshine. Nice photos! Love how the little girl loved the puddles. Aren't children the best? They find joy in everything! Susan

  3. I had no idea Carmex had branched out like this! Love the flavors. I am a follower.

  4. I am always taking a bunch of stuff when I visit my daughter. This tote would work perfectly for that.

  5. PUDDLES are AWESOME for dancing in the rain. She's adorable.

  6. I really hope you got set up and had a good day for sales.
    Blessings, Ginger

  7. I love puddles too! :) And though I am sad to see your tent messed up, you guys have some wicked weather! :) Hope you did enjoy some sunshine!


  8. Oh those sudden storms can wreck havoc on a good canopy! Glad you got your tables covered just in time. I see The Princess knows how to have fun no matter what! Aren't kids grand! Hope you have a good selling day. Hugs, Linda

  9. I'm glad you got things covered, too. We have had a lot of showers that come up quickly here in FL this summer. At least it cools things off.

  10. This summer sure has been full of those quick storms. I'm sorry that happened to you.

  11. Storms move in and out so quickly! Glad all went well.
    I won a Carmex giveaway last year! I missed your giveaway this time around! But whoever wins will be lucky to receive some great Carmex products for sure!


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