Red/White/Blue Picnic

Hi everyone!
I did my 4th of July table while we were at the cabin. Since it was Memorial weekend anyway, a good ‘ol fashion Red/White/Blue table was called for. The princess had been bugging me to have a picnic down by the fire, I decided this would be a good place to have our “4th of July”.
I thought I would use a solid red tablecloth first. Then I added these cute red/white/blue paper placemats. I love to have these in our trailer. It is so fun to have different designs. I pick them up at CTS after holidays when they are half off. They are also great for outdoor BBQ’s.

Collect fun bandanas when you see them go on sale to use as cloth napkins. I picked up eight of these red/white/blue bandanas last year after the 4th of July at the Family Dollar for .25 cents each!
I mixed and matched the different patterned bandanas.
These Currier & Ives dishes were my grandma’s everyday dishes for a long time. When the cabin was built in the 1960’s she decided to take them to the cabin and that way she could buy herself some new more “modern” dishes for home.
I decided to add these fun and cheerful red with white polka dot acrylic plates to setting.
As most of you know I am a big “mix and matcher” kinda gal. And I love taking old china and mixing it with a fun new acrylic dish. So, not only mixing up china or patterns and colors, also mix up textures and mediums. It makes things fun and interesting.
I used a few of the old chipped pieces of my grandma’s dish set.
Sparklers at each place setting was something to look forward to after dinner.
I picked up the old silver platter at a flea market white I was gone. I added my white lantern to it.
Since this is stuff from my trailer and there is not a lot of room to store things in there, I try to use my play things in different ways. The red and white flowers I used last year in my 4th of July table but, this year I popped off the flower heads and just used them. After the table was cleared, the princess sat and put the flower heads back on the stems so they could be used again.
Now a little red/white/blue treat was needed.
Blue Bunny Bomb Pops! And they are sugar free.
And you can’t get better than just 15 calories!
Later that evening a campfire was required.
We have a ton of dead fall all around to burn throughout the year.
Of course the Princess couldn’t wait to try out the sparklers from the tablescape!
And what was on the menu? Well, the only thing proper for a picnic in the woods with a bonfire……hotdogs!
A beautiful evening for the three of us to enjoy.
It was a nice and relaxing night. Winding down at night by a fire is the perfect way to end the day!

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  1. What a cute and perfect table for a 4th of July by the campfire! Love the mix of old and new! I hope you are having a great week! Big hugs to all of you!! Linda

  2. Loved your festive fun table display and all your beautiful photos!!

  3. Diann,

    What a lovely festive table for the 4th of July. Wonderful campfire and sparkler show!

  4. Your tabletop turned out very cute. I'm one who loves to mix and match dinnerware to create a different look and feel as well. Have a great day.

  5. I love the creative tables you come up with using just limited items. This is another fun one! I bet those hot dogs had the best taste!

  6. What a festive tablescape. It's so fun to see how you mixed your pieces. Gorgeous pics. Happy 4th!!

  7. I feel like I was just at a 4th of July Party, which is great, because I'm waaaay to lazy to create the beauty you have. If I can get some ribs and a bucket of potato salad on the table, I'm thrilled. Beautiful job. thanks for sharing.

  8. Lovely table setting. I love that you have continued to use your grandma's dishes at tthe family cabin.

  9. Lovely table setting. I love that you have continued to use your grandma's dishes at tthe family cabin.

  10. Thats a perfect evening and just the way I like to spend one as well!

  11. Love your mix n match ...looks just right =)

  12. I'm loving that bandana idea. The campfire too. My hubby doesn't like the outdoors, so my spirit is stifled. LOL Happy 4th. ENJOY.

  13. your July 4th. The currier and ives are so pretty. I have just a few pieces of this and love them. Love how you missed things up! My kinds of doings! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. I love the festive table for Independence Day!! My Mom had those dishes as I was growing up, boy they bring back memories. It's already been poping and booming in our neighborhood.

  15. Me too love your bandana idea. Happy 4th of July!
    Mary, MI

  16. Thanks for sharing your patriotic blues. I just love those dishes that your grandma used. And the tiny S & P stars are darling!

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  17. Love that tablescape! I need to get some sparklers. I hope my Grandbaby is
    not going to be afraid of the fireworks. :)

  18. i love your fun picnic with its mix of new and old, just like the USA! The sparklers sure add a fun touch!

  19. What a very fun table. Love the camp fire and the sparklers. Have a Happy 4th!!

    Jocelyn @

  20. Great post, beautiful!

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  21. The place mats are so pretty. I used to love sparklers. Happy 4th!

  22. Oh a perfect picnic setting, campfire and sparklers. This is so perfect to me. Wish I was there to enjoy. Thanks so much for joining TTT. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  23. Beautiful blues! Been busy for the past couple of days that I am playing catch up with visiting blue posts.

    Hope you'd come and comment on my BLUE entry. Happy 4th of July!

  24. Your table looks so patriotic and pretty too. I agree what a perfect setting with a campfire and the deep blue skies.
    Hope you had a wonderful 4th.

  25. What a cute table. Thanks for this festive post right down to the fireworks. Wow!

  26. When I think of 4th of July celebrations, I think a picture of scenes just like this would come to mind! It's so great that you were able to incorporate your Grandmother's dishes into it all to lend a sentimental vibe as well as march on with the red, white & blue. I really, really like those placemats! Very cute!!!!!!!!! I, too am a huge fan of using bandannas as napkins for casual settings! They're large enough to cover your lap and there's lots of room for wiping sticky fingers! At just 25 cents a pop, it's no tragedy if you lose one or two to permanent stains! Great setting, and it looks like tons of fun! Enjoy your upcoming weekend!!!

  27. What a good idea to collect fun bandanas to use as napkins. Why have I not thought of that! It sounds like you and your family totally captured the spirit of the holiday, hot dogs and all.

  28. I think my mother had a set of the Currier & Ives when we were growing up! Seeing them on your table brought back sweet memories. Your table says old fashioned fun to me! Just lovely Diann!

  29. I love this table. My grandmother had those Currier and Ives dishes, and they bring back fond memories!

  30. Very patriotic and fun, I love your dishes. I to have been buying the bandannas to use as napkins!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  31. Your table is always so festive! I really love the patriotic theme and those old dishes are so beautiful!

  32. Perfect! Love the way you did the flatware! I wish i could find bandanas for .25 cents!
    Looks like a great evening!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!


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