Mother Nature Comes to Tea!

Hi everyone!

Since this week we celebrate the Independence of our wonderful country, I decided that all my posts this week would reflect proudly our amazing colors, of red/white/blue.

I have wanted to share these two set of “trio” tea dishes with you for awhile now. I bought the two sets at an antique store in downtown Detroit. Since they are blue and white I added a few touches of red to our tea table today.



This is he first time I have found the lids intake in a set like this.


I like the simple denim blue placemats. As you can see, they are used a lot here!


These strawberry napkins have a pale blue background to them and I thought they would add a nice touch of red to the setting.


I used one of my coffee carafes for iced tea instead of using it for a hot beverage. I use these on a regular basis as pitchers as well as a hot drink server.


I had just made a pitcher of fresh Lemon Balm infused iced tea.



I thought a yummy fresh treat was a nice surprise to hide in the lidded teacups.


Half way through taking pictures, it started to lightly rain. I thought, “no biggie, I just have a couple more pictures to take.” And then the winds came!


So, I started racing around taking things into the house.


Then the rains and wind became insane!


Tablescaping can be dangerous! The wind had picked up a branch from our pine tree and it flew through the air and speared this glass. Didn’t even knock the glass over, just shattered it!


My poor drenched placemats!


The winds were going wild.


The storm hit fierce and was over within 10 minutes!


So, that was my tea with the uninvited guest, Mother Nature!

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  1. Mother Nature is NOT a tidy guest. LOL Loved your tablescape. But tell me about that STAR sticking out of the ground. Is it a solar light? Where can i get one. I LOVE it.

  2. Oh my word, that looks like quite a storm. So sorry about your beautiful tea, your tablescape was gorgeous. So sorry about your broken glass and everything all wet, but glad you are ok. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hello Diann,
    I love your pretty blue and white trio. It's a perfect teascape for July the 4th! The coffee carafe is cute too. What a shame Mother Nature invited herself at such an impromptu time! Pity she shattered your red goblet! I very seldom get photos outdoors here because we live in such a windy spot. Thank you for coming to tea and I wish you a very Happy July 4th holiday this week!


  4. Lovely patriotic colors. What a shame the weather didn't cooperate! But I am so glad you were able to get some photos first!

  5. Oh goodness. Mother Nature was not a nice quest! I love the trio in blue and white and the red glass was lovely. I like the idea of doing red white and blue this week! Happy Tea Day!

  6. Hi Diann,
    whow, that was a dramatic tablescape. I know how difficult it is to take photos during wind. But you had a real storm, coming so unexpectingly. So sorry about the damage of the wonderful goblet. What a luck, you got the wonderful trios and the carafe inside before the branch broke down. Thank you for sharing this exiting tea time.
    Take care, Johanna

  7. Oh my goodness. I am glad you are okay. We had storms yesterday too. Love your blue and white china. Thank you for visiting me last week. I have grandkids here and am slowy catching up. hugs, olive

  8. That sure came up in a hurry! What a blustery storm! I'm sorry about your pretty glass. I hope everything else survived..including you! Have a good week!

  9. Your tea table was looking nice for your 4th celebration until Mother Nature decided to crash your party. Too bad about the wine glass, hope you can replace it Diann. I think I would have run for cover, what a quick storm to brew and pass over.

  10. So sorry the weather dampened your lovely table. Your tea cup and goblet were beautiful

    Jocelyn @

  11. Those storms can come up quick and boy can they do damage to a tablescape! Sorry about your red glass! I loved the tea table before the rain hit!
    hugs, Linda

  12. Beautiful Tablescape ! Looks like it became somewhat exciting when your unexpected guest dropped by . Love that you included it the post cause life happens.

  13. Hi Diann, Your table is pretty. You are so in very creative in your tablescaping. So sorry about your pretty goblet. Glad you didn't get injured. We had a storm come up suddenly also on Friday, and we lost a good sized section of a tree - will have to take the tree out. Your lemon balm infused iced tea sounds good! I really like (for iced tea) Lipton's orange and spice tea. I do have lemon balm, lemon verbena, spearmint, and chocolate mint in the garden - any of which I could use in my tea. I like seeing how you use your herbs, Diann.
    xo Beth

  14. Oh my! What a great featured reality at the table!! Thank you for sharing...especially the rainbow. P.S. so sorry about you glass.

  15. I was so enjoying your lovely tea and fruit in those gorgeous cups and glasses,when I gasped to see the lovely red glass shatter. So sad and to think it never even fell over. Amazing photography from calm to calamity. Sure can't change mother nature. xxoo

  16. You find adventure whether home or away! A very beautiful tablescape. Glad there was only one piece damaged by the uninvited guest. Now you have something to hunt for again - a new red glass.

    I hope the umbrella also was not badly damaged.

    Nice rainbow shot.

  17. What an unexpected storm. Your tablescape was beautiful and the fruit in the cup was a nice surprise. So glad you were able to take your awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.


  18. That is one lady you can never trust...........Mother Nature! Sorry to see your beautiful red glass was damaged.

  19. Loved your little tablescape, even with Mother nature! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. Hi Diann, That was some freak storm. We had one similar on Sunday night. The table was so cute. I am glad you got the tea sets in before the storm but I hate the glass was broken.
    However, so glad you got the pic of the rainbow.
    Happy 4th, Ginger

  21. Oh, no.....sorry about the wind damage! Your napkins are so, so cute!!! I hope the weather is a bit better for you today. Enjoy the 4th!

    Thank-you for visiting my blog!
    Ricki Jill

  22. All things considered, it made for an interesting post. Great job...Connie

  23. Oh, no, Diann! What a tragic ending to your lovely tea party! I'm glad those pretty tea trios were saved. I love the blue and white pattern, and the little lids really add to the charm! Thank you for your kind comments on my table this week!

  24. oh goodness...terrible timing =(
    everything looks so beautiful though, as does your whole blog.
    I'm your newest follower.
    Thanks for commenting on my Lemon Tartlets {that's how I found ya}.

  25. OH, my gosh...Mother Nature has just been wreaking complete havoc this week! I endured a wind incident, too, but came out (thankfully!) unscathed. I'm so sorry your beautiful glass got broken!!! Man...that umbrella was doing a 180, wasn't it?!??!!! Crazy!!! All things considered, it was a beautiful setting. I'm glad you were at least able to get a few really terrific photos to share!

  26. Your table looks wonderful. Shame Mother Nature helped break that glass....although in our house we need no help to break things!


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