Guest Blogger~Laurie!

My name is Laurie and I blog at Laurie's Little Bits of Creativity, etc. Thank you, Diann for letting me do a guest post here today.

I garage sale a lot during the summer, so today I thought I would share with you where some of my thrifty garage sale finds ended up in my home.

These cute little $3.00 kitty measuring spoons ended up right near my stove.  Not sure if I'll ever use them, but they'll be handy if I do.

This $3.00 window and 50 cent wreath ended up in one of my flower gardens.

I filled my $5.00 wash tub with flowers and placed in another little garden.

My $4.00 baskets ended up in my pantry.  Now things aren't falling all over the place.

I turned this $2.00 picture frame into a chalkboard to hide the ugly fuse box in the pantry area.  Click here to see how it was transformed.

I'm using this $1.00 wooden bowl to hold magazines.

$2.00 metal headboard ended up in the same garden as the wreath and window.

And finally,

This lovely old potting bench was not a garage sale find, I got it at an auction for $25.00.  I dry brushed it and now it sits proudly in my living room.

If you'd like to see more I'd love to have you visit me.  Thank you again, Diann, for letting me share with your readers.



  1. Clever ideas, one and all. the kitty cat spoons were precious. And hiding that fuse box, genius. it's nice to meet you.

  2. I really like the headboard in the garden, and your pantry looks great - attractive and well organized.

  3. Laurie I enjoyed seeing how you use your finds in your home!

  4. Great finds! The measuring spoons are my favorite.

  5. Great finds, Laurie - your garden is just my style, love the window and wash tub especially!

  6. So many wonderful ideas here!!! I love the bowl! :D


  7. Lovely finds and good job done. I will visit when I have a little extra time. xo

  8. Love hiding that boring ole fuse box! Very clever! All your ideas and treasures are terrific! Thanks for sharing!

  9. First I would like to thank Diann for letting me be a guest blogger. Thanks Diann!!! Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I treasure each and every one. Right after this posted we left on vacation. Since we were camping, no internet, thus the reason I am so late in thanking everyone.


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