Guest Blogger~Diane!

Hi everyone!

Welcome Diane from Lavender Dreams! Sometimes it feels like I have “known” Diane for years. She shares so many fun things at her blog and today, she is going to get you “Beach Ready”!

Take it away Diane……


Summer time Survival!

Hi everyone! I’m Diane from Lavender Dreams and I’m happy to be a guest blogger at the Thrifty Groove today. We ‘Dianes’ have to stick together and we really know how to have fun, especially in the good ole’ summer time!

I live in the perfect state to enjoy ‘daycations’!

(the bag I’m carrying here is for seashells!)


My hubby and I love to head out to the beach or state park just for the day!


Packing a picnic lunch and snacks in the cooler is a great savings of time and money.

But what about a survival kit?

I think this is important no matter where you live or whether you’re going to the beach or the mountains.

I took a strong but lightweight bag, then got out the Ziplocks to make sure I have everything secure and moisture proof.


What did I pack?

Let’s see what’s in there.....


From left to right...Sunscreen 50 SPF, BBW Handibac (anti bacterial hand lotion), lightweight towels, Disinfecting Wipes, Aloe Vera Gel, Bite Relief, and Eco Natural Soap Mosquito Repellant

And then I’ll add a final note to say what I added AFTER I took the photos! heehee!

I added some empty plastic bags and a bottle of eye wash!

So now that we’re ready to go....

WHERE do you want to go?

And WHAT did I forget?

Thanks Diann for including me on your amazing blog!


  1. Great idea. Nice to keep a few things in the car at all times, just in case. Hugs, Marty

  2. this is my first time visiting, I am very fond of our Lavender Dreamer,,, ha ha, she's a wonderful woman, I will stay and read some more of you posts, what a beautiful blog, its so nice to meet you!

  3. What fun! The magic of blogging...I'm here now! Thanks for the fun, Diann! I am honored to be on your beautiful blog! Enjoy your Saturday....wish I was at the beach today! Hugs!

  4. Such a great idea to always be prepared. My Husband is retired Army so we have a emergency kit in each car...just in case. Though I think we don't have plastic bags in it so I think I need to add that. Thanks!
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. I think survival kits are so important for where ever your travels take you. Wish I was heading to the beach Diane!! Hugs, Linda

  6. I think your survival kit is quite complete, especially for Florida adventures at the beach or walking through our beautiful Hammocks. I might add some beef jerky, just in case someone needs a boost! Great job Diane! Ann

  7. I think your survival kit is quite complete, especially for Florida adventures at the beach or walking through our beautiful Hammocks. I might add some beef jerky, just in case someone needs a boost! Great job Diane! Ann

  8. Perfect, complete survival kit for our Florida beaches and exploring the Hammocks. I might put in a couple of beef jerky pieces just in case someone needs a pick-me-up. Great job, Diane. Ann

  9. Cute post! My son just came home from camp today. I'm going to get the Bite Relief. He was bitten all over.


  10. Hi Diann, I'm a fan of Lavender Dreamer, too. I'm anxious to check out your tablescapes page!

    Granola bars, or Clif Bars are a great addition to your survival kit.

    Great post Diane! I need to add some bite relief to mine ;)

  11. This is such a great idea from Diane. I'm always finding something I need and doing without on such weekend getaways! I love the photo at the beach.
    Great guest post Diann.

    The French Hutch

  12. Having troubles with commenting...guess that The Boston Lady did as well. I would just add a few bandaids. Always seem to need one in my family. Those lightweight towels...wonder where I'd find those...

  13. Thanks for reminding me to check our survival kit!!
    has a new blog

  14. I'm stopping by from Lavender Dreams. Fun post Diane. I have to agree with my buddy Della and add some Clif Bars. What kind of shells are we looking for??

  15. Cute post- Glad you weren't carrying a POO bag!;) I love those daycations! xo Diana

  16. I know Diane! She's SUCH a sweetie pie and always has great posts! :) And I found your blog through hers so a double great day! :) Im staying!


  17. Well, I think you just about covered it! You will have to tell us about those light weight towels. I follow Diane and I tell you those kids have so much fun, traveling around!


    1. The light load towels are wonderful. Visit my blog and search for several posts about them. I'm having a giveaway on them in two weeks.

  18. What a great idea and thank you so much for including our Don't Bug Me Balm!

  19. Great guest post, Diane! I will have to second Vee in that I'd add a few bandaids to the bag. You never know when they might come in handy.

  20. I could really use a survival kit like that in the car. Seems if my son isn't getting burned, then I am getting bitten up. Will print out and take along on vacation for sure!

  21. Diane is such a great gal and blogger friend! So creative and I always enjoy her posts and photos - this is a cute, yet practical idea that I'm going to pin. What are the lightweight towels though?

    1. I'm doing a giveaway in 2 weeks on the light load towels. Visit my blog and do a search to read more about them. They are great,

  22. We are hikers along wooded trails more than beachy folks but your daycation looks wonderful.

  23. A friend who lives in Arizona told me to never go anywhere without a couple of bottles of water. Sher said if we get stranded in the heat, we would be mighty glad to have it, room temp or not. After that, each time DH and I went for a drive, I made sure to grab a couple of bottles. Maybe that is what is missing? What do you think?


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