Thrifty Things Friday #65

Hi everyone!
As thrifters, we love to search through other folks junque (I thought if I spelled it that way it would elevate the word “junk” a bit more!). so, as part of being a true thrifter, we also need to practice the reverse thrifting. Meaning, when we donate our treasures instead of throwing them away if we no longer want or need them. This way we keep the circle of thrifting going.
And that is what I have been doing a lot of lately……decluttering, purging and donating.
I bit the bullet and got serious about going through my hardcover crafting, sewing, decorating and design books. Oh, the fun we have had together! But, now it is time for someone else to enjoy them.
When I purchase these wonderful books, I sit down and enjoy browsing them from cover to cover. then I go back and put slips of paper in between the pages of things I want to try or to remember. So, before I donated these books, I scanned those pages into my computer. That way I still have them without having the book.
And as you can see, I went though all our fiction books and magazines that we have read as well and gathered them for donation.
This is one of the smallest libraries I have ever been in. It is near our home and I really try to support them by donating all our books there.
And I support them by buying a lot of used books from them. Yup, they generally get re-donated. But, look at those prices!
Besides books, I have gone through all of our clothes closets and did some serious purging in there. I even including my purses, sandals, jewelry and other fashion accessories in this big purge.
So, I had donations for one of our favorite thrift stores.
We have been donating all of our un-needed or un-used things here since they have opened. We also shop here a lot. They have a wonderful staff and help out the local community by providing needed things to those who are in bad situations.
When you donate linens, especially sheets, it is helpful to the store if you include a little note of what size they are. It just makes it easier.
So, you can see I still have …..
…..still alive and going strong here. Next up for a purge-a-thon is the pantry. Anything I don’t think I will be able to use soon and it is close to an expiration date, will get donated to a local food bank.
Let’s check out some fun posts from last week. Ladies please feel free to grab the I was featured button for your blog (I also have it in htlm code on the sidebar).
Did you see the transformation of these plastic urns? Wonderful! If not, head over to Sue’s Blog Sullivan and Murphy
dark wash_thumb[1]
Did you see the amazing gift of gorgeous linens Jeanetteann at Heirloom Treasures  received? Beautiful!
And Zuni at Chickadee Home Nest shared this beautiful tablescape. Just lovely!
Thank you ladies for such wonderful posts!
I hope everyone is have a great week! Thanks for stopping by and joining the party!
Let’s see your thrifty love!


  1. I love thrift store shopping and I love to donate too. It feels so good to de-clutter. And I always stand back in amazement at how blessed I am to get rid of so much and never even miss it.

  2. Love the features, specially Zuni's linens. Thank you for hosting and making me feel welcomed. Hugs,

  3. I have slowly been purging, are the linens...painful as it is, I know there are napkins/tablecloths I will never use (again).
    Thanks for hosting each week, Diann.

  4. I SO need to purge and organize! I wish I had the energy and drive to do it!

    Love those resale shoppes - glad you donate and shop there, too- that's awesome!

    Thank you for your wonderful linky party!!

  5. Oh, I really need to clean out some things, too! You are to be commended!!! Thanks for the party!

  6. Wow amazing prices on the book sale. We never have seen used books that reasonable!!

    Jocelyn @

  7. Library donations : I liked reading this post because I have done that for most of my life...donated old books that I did not think that I'd re-read, and then shopped the library sale to pick up other books! :)

    As to JUNK : if you put something out on the sidewalk the day before garbage day or on a weekend around my neighborhood, often you'll not see it for long before someone picks it up.
    Well, I tend to hold on to things for a long while, but finally went out and bought a new microwave since the old one was completely peeling of its finish on the inside. I put the old one out for the garbage man. I saw someone stop to pick it up and I was worried that it was for our local mission or something. I ran out to explain that this should not be was probably unsafe and I explained why
    They were picking it up for scrap metal so it was ok...

  8. Diann, I was not in purge mode today! I had a great day finding stuff! You will see next week!

  9. Oh, two Ohio girls featured this week! I know Zuni- she is from Columbus- we met up at the Springfield Vintage Market last month. Thanks for the feature, Diann! hugs, Sue

  10. I had to purge a lot before husband came home from the hospital. I could use another purge esp books. I am loving those prices.
    as always I love your parties and will visit as many as I can. I may get it together to join at some point.

  11. I too need to purge. and donate. purge and donate.. sounds wonderful. and you made it look so easy.. xo marlis

  12. Need to do that here. too sick to get it started.

  13. Thank you for featuring my Cannes beach table!! This is such a great party! And I see you featured Sue too--also from central Ohio! Her pots turned out great! Happy 4th!

  14. Well, I thought I left a comment last night, but don't see it, so sorry, my computer has a poltergeist. Thanks for hosting TTF. I love viewing the great links. I have been "purging" also, and like you we have a small town library book store where I buy, read and donate back, it's so great!

  15. I need to get back to some cleaning and purging around here. Did some in the winter but seems like I've been gone more then I've been home lately! I have a couple of favorite places to donate and shop also! It's a great win-win to me! Hugs, Linda

  16. thanks for hosting glad your purging is going so well

  17. I have also been doing a purge, but on such a minor scale, you could can hardly tell that anything has moved. Other than the garden, when I got a serious case of "bee in my bonnet" and filled 38 bin bags with garden waste. Not all in one day, of course, or I wouldn't have been able to move!

    Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a "hanger-on" to things. But maybe it's a good thing. I just can't see myself as a minimalist ever!!

    Cheers from England,
    Rosemary from

  18. Thanks for these great tips about donating especially the one about including a note about sheet size. This could also apply to tablecloths-just safety pin the note. When we moved almost 2 years ago, I donated a ton of stuff. It really benefits everyone.

    Robin Flies South

  19. Thank you for hosting. I love the tablescape but I really love that it is outside!

  20. We have been working around the house too! We donate to Goodwill or the A.R.C. They are such worthy organizations. We need to get into our garage which is full to the rafters but the weather does not cooperate! Too hot, too much rain, no mild days to clean it out! Sigh!


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