Thrifty Things Friday #64

Hi everyone!


Oh, it has been a crazy busy week! We have been redesigning (not a major difference but, just a bit) our product packaging, training a new employee, creating a retail presentation of our products and working on a couple of new products for our business. Not to mention, we were approached by another retail store and they placed an order with us.  

Of course, throw in everyday life and I have just been running around like a headless chicken! So, I needed a treat! LOL

So, here is my favorite thrift this week…..


Oh, I know what you are thinking, “Um Diann? Besides being cheaper than therapy,  B & J isn’t exactly the thriftiest choice!”

Oh ye of little faith!

IMG_2831That’s right, my two favorite guys and I had a nice relaxing FREE moment together! Ahhhh way better than therapy! 

Let’s take a look at a few ladies fun posts from last week!


Francine at Ethereal Plus What I Love shared an old window turned into picture frame and a tutorial.

tweeked livingroom 3

Sherry at Blessing From Our Nest showed us some wonderful needlework projects she got for a real bargain price!


And Elaine at Creating Wonderful Spaces presented her Island themed tablescape. It is gorgeous!


Thank you ladies! I hope you all will grab the “I was featured” button for your blog!

Some Blog Party thoughts.

As most of you regulars of TTG know, once we hit Spring, my life becomes total craziness. I have cut way back in my posting and also in the parties I join.

There are so many fun and amazing blog parties out there and I would love to be a part of all of them. But, this silly little thing called LIFE gets in my way. I know I can’t spend as much time as I wish I could visiting other blogs so, I try to limit my party posting.

When I join a party, after I link my post and leave a comment for the hostess, I generally wait until the next day or two to give others time to get their links added to the party and then I go back and visit at least 10 party links. I jump around. As a rule of blog parties, generally the first 10 links added to the post get the most hits and comments.

If I have time, I visit more folks. And I can say that I usually will avoid the blogs with word verifications on them. It just takes too much time and aggravation to deal with that.

And since I a blog party hostess and know what the hostesses deal with, I will skip over commenting on a party post if that post does not have the party linked on it in some way.

I only leave my party up and live until Monday evening. There is a reason for that. Unless I am on vacation, I visit everybody who links up. I like this party being small because of that. Being a good hostess means greeting your guests. So, I generally visit my party guests after Monday because I know I have you all there. If I left the party up longer, I would forget to go back and check to see who else joined because I am on to other things by that point.

Just some thoughts. I want everyone to enjoy linking up to this party and seeing what thriftiness others have come up with. So, you work out how you want to visit other party goers in your own way. I just thought I would let you know what I do.

To sum it up, I think most blog party hostess out there would agree, the 4 main things to keep in mind when you join a blog party are:

  • Link back to the party you are joining
  • Leave a little comment to your hostess
  • Visit other party links
  • Turn off word verification

On to the fun of being thrifty!



  1. I love Kroger free coupons. Can you believe I've never had Ben and Jerry's ice cream or yogurt?

  2. It's triple digits OUTSIDE here in Connecticut! I wish we had your Thrifty Find! That is the BEST EVER!!! and you are Such a Sweetheart, "You SHARED IT"!!!
    Have a fun week,

  3. Thanks so much for hosting Diann! Have a wonderful rest of the week :-)

  4. Sharing an Americana section of my house with MY vintage dolls!

  5. Happy Summer, Diann! Great features and my hubby would like the ice cream! Hope you have a fab weekend.


  6. I love Kroger freebie coupons..but I never get Ben and Jerry's!!! Lucky you!!! Thanks for hosting the party every week!!!

  7. Ben and Jerry's sounds perfect right now :) Thank you for hosting!

  8. Hi Diann! I was so excited to hear I was featured on your blog! This party is definitely one of my favorites, and I hope to always have something worthy of it. I always look forward to seeing what everyone is up to, and I like to think that new friends are just a click away!

    Thank you so much!!!

  9. Hi, Thanks for hosting this lovely party. Have a good evening...Connie

  10. Great features, I specially love the tablescape as I saw it and it's gorgeous! Thank you so much for hosting and for making me feel welcomed once more. Hugs,

  11. Such great features! I love the old window as a picture frame. Thanks so much for hosting.

  12. Diann, thanks so much for hosting Thrifty Things Friday! I enjoy stopping by to visit and often join in the party.

    Free Ben and Jerry's - oh, my. It's been a l-o-n-g time since I've had ice cream and that sure does sound good.

  13. I like the way you addressed the issues and work that goes in to hosting a party. Well done. Thanks for hosting and I was very pleased I had something to share this week. Enjoyed the features this week.

  14. I love the coupons that Kroger sends me! Free is definitely the best..... so glad I could join the party this week. I so agree that life can be crazy. I don't know how some people post every darn day. LOL I have no time - life is too important and demanding. :-)

  15. I'm green with envy. Krogers did NOT send me my FREE coupons. Of course as far away as mine is from where I live, the ice cream would be soup in this 90 degree weather. ENJOY Ben & Jerry.

  16. Congrats on free ice cream pint. It tastes just a little bit better that way, if that's even possible!? Stay cool in the heat! We're not that hot yet but the taste of early June has me concerned about August and September. I have a feeling we're going to be putting up Halloween decorations in tank tops and shorts again instead of last year's winter jackets!

  17. Thanks for hosting, Diann...sounds like you have been leading a rather busy life these days! There was a B & J ice creamery in the village where my sister daughter worked there one summer many years ago...danged good stuff!

  18. Great features this week! Especially the ice cream! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Thanks for hosting and thanks so much for featuring my old window project!

  20. Interesting to hear your process, Diann. Thanks for hosting!

  21. yum & free too yay
    thanks for hosting enjoy your weekend

  22. What a yummy thrifty treat! Just a quick question: did you do your own header? I really like how it features some of your favorite things and would like to do something similar for my blog. Thanks for hosting! Really enjoy your blog.

  23. Never ever pass up free ice cream! Thanks for doing what you do, Diann!

  24. I would enjoy a free pint of B&J ice cream for sure! I know you are busy and I want to thank you for keeping this party going! One of my Favorites, just like you! Hugs, Linda

  25. Thanks for hosting Dian! I'm a little late, but thankfully not too late. Your Ben & Jerry's tale really made me laugh! Pam

  26. Even without a coupon Ben and Jerrys is a bargain. It has more fat than cheaper ice creams, so you can savor it slowly and eat less.
    HA that's what I'm telling myself the next time I have some of their S'mores flavor :)

  27. I want some of that free Ben and Jerry's, Diann. Love all that's featured...Christine

  28. I forgot to link up! Our new grandchild was born this morning, so my mind has been preoccupied!

    I don't think some people know they have that awful word id thing!

    Thanks for hosting, I agree. It is amazing that people link up but don't leave a comment.
    Free ice cream sounds great!


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