Thrifty Things Friday #63

Hi everyone!


I hope you have all had a great week. It has been very chaotic around here. Between just getting home from vacation, starting new Farmer’s Markets and several other things, it has been very busy.

Today I am not sharing a new thrifty find or tip. Instead I am sharing something very exciting that finally happened for us this week.


As most of you know, we have our own small home business, DTL Herbs LTD, We have been working hard building our business. Well, this week we got our Commercial Kitchen License!


We have been searching for the perfect commercial kitchen that we could rent for quite some time now. We finally found one and worked out the details. The Inspector met with us Monday morning to do an inspection and test us (yes, we have to know all the rules and regulations regarding food safety.). Not only did we pass the inspection but, we received ZERO violations! Apparently that rarely happens. The inspector said that generally everyone gets a few violations that are just minor things and can still pass the inspection. But, we got ZERO! Woohoo!

On Tuesday we started a new Farmer’s Market. During the day a buyer from a local store visited us. And walked away placing our FIRST commercial store order! She placed a large order. Fortunately she wants it delivered in 6 weeks. So, we have time to fill the order. She even ordered products that we haven’t sold to the public yet!

Wednesday we hired our FIRST part time employee! We knew once we got our Commercial Kitchen License this was going to happen. We can’t just do it with the two of us any more. When Troy and I sat down (a couple of years ago) and discussed what we wanted for the future of DTL Herbs and what we wanted to get out of it, one of the top 5 things was to be able to give other people a job. We are far from hiring a whole team of people but, we are finally on the road to helping others as well as ourselves. It is so rewarding to be able to do this!

So, it has been a busy and exciting week for us!

A big thank you to so many of my readers who have been so supportive of Troy and I and our small business! I know you all have prayed for and encouraged us! THANK YOU!

For those of you who entered the giveaway over on DTL Herbs, make sure you read who won!

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  1. Hi Diann,
    I am so very pleased to be featured on your TTF party! And a hearty Congratulations on getting your commercial kitchen license! That's a very big deal and I'm thrilled for you and Troy! All the best to you. Thank you for hosting and enjoy your weekend.



  3. You know, after all the work it took for me
    to build my shelving in the closet it's nice
    to see someone appreciates it as much as I
    do... Thank you so much for the feature
    and being one who had a large food business
    for many years I know how excited it is to
    get your own kitchen.. Congratulations and
    best wishes for success!

  4. What an exciting time for you! I just came back from your DTL Herbs and I'm your newest follower over there! I'll be anxiously waiting to see your progress!
    Big Hugs to you,

  5. Great features, love the tables and yummy food. Thank you for hosting and having me.

  6. Congratulations!! Things seem to be going well for you.

    Jocelyn @

  7. A big congratulations to you both!! Wishin you all the best on your new venture!!

  8. Thank you for hosting ... it has been quite a while for me. :) Francine

  9. Diann,
    Thanks so much for hosting!

    A Great big Congrats to you and continued prayers for the success of your business!!


  10. Congratulations on your commercial kitchen license! Thanks simply fantastic!!

  11. Diann, good luck on your new business DTL Herbs! Sounds like you are off to a good start.

  12. Congratulations on growing your business. That was a giant step and it looks like you're already on the road to success! I was so excited to see my post from last week featured today! I've grabbed my button and getting ready to post it.

  13. Congratulations on your progress on your business. Thanks for hosting Thrifty Things Friday.

  14. Well done on your business venture. Sounds exciting. xx

  15. Congratulations and best wishes on your business venture and PERFECT SCORE!!! Woohoo!!!

  16. Great features! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. A huge congratulations on getting your commercial kitchen license! I am so happy for you and Troy.

  18. Diann I am so happy and proud of DTL Herbs! You have all worked so hard for this. Wishing you a big and successful business! I have learned so much over the years from you and your blog. I am proud to call you friend. Thanks for hosting this party each week! Hugs, Linda

  19. Congratulations, Diann! Best of Luck in your venture!
    Thanks for hosting!

  20. Hi Diann. Thanks for hosting the "par-tay." Congrats on the kichen license! Diann, under my entry today, "biscotti," my computer shows just a blank, rather than the photo of the biscotti container. Did I do something wrong? It was there this morning. Just curious. Okay, well, have a nice day. Susan

  21. oh wow congrats to you 2 on your new store! How exciting!

    Thanks for hosting too!

  22. A hearty congratulations on getting a Commercial Kitchen License for DTL Herbs LTD. I wish you all the luck and success for your business venture.

  23. WOWZA~!!!!

    That is incredibly awesome news! Hest wishes on your endeavors, it is very exciting and I know you both will be extremely successful - you already are!!

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful linky party!


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