Let’s See What’s Blooming

Hi everyone!

When we got home from vacation Saturday night, we were shocked to see how much everything had grown in our flower bed and herb beds. One of my favorite things about our perennial flower bed, besides the fact that all the flowers were free, is that all the different flowers bloom at different times. So, It is always a surprise to me what blooms next.

This pretty yellow flower called “Lemondrop” has multiplies like crazy since last year. What is so amazing is this was just a small little plant when we got it at a plant swap. We had no idea what it would look like. The person we got it from said it produces yellow flowers and likes the shade. So, we planted it a very bad location. It is up against the building, in the shade, in clay soil and rocks. I really never thought it would survive. But, survive it did!

IMG_2814It has the pretties bright yellow flowers! 


Troy always gets me a mini rose plant for Valentines Day. Once it is warm enough to plant, it goes into the flower bed. This is one he got me about 5 years ago.


A beautiful red!


Speaking of red, we have strawberries that are ripe!


These sweet little gems were actually planted about 6 years ago in an oak barrel. Then they worked themselves out into the space between all the oak barrels. We let them stay there because the white blooms are so pretty. We didn’t really expect any strawberries because we haven’t taken care of them and they aren’t in a lot of sun.


So, those are a few of the things that make me smile today when I look around our yard.


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  1. Welcome home. Everything looks so healthy. I wish our strawberries would have produced something...ANYTHING this year! Looks like I'll be taking the girls berry picking this weekend.

  2. LOVE the surprise! What could be better than Flowers "AND" Strawberries!!! Lucky you!
    Have a fun week,
    Big Hugs,

  3. Hope you had fun! Welcome back! I bet your grass was blooming too unh? LOL!
    Ooh those strawberries look delightful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Welcome back!! Hope you had a great time. Your plants look beautiful. I am a bit jealous with the strawberries. I love them a but I can't plant them with all the animals.


  5. I love fresh strawberries!!! I can taste one right now.....

  6. Love those yellow flowers! I know you can grow anything!! When you move will you take a lot of your plants with you??? hugs, Linda

  7. How nice to come home to pretty flowers! It's a great welcome home sign! Your pictures are very lovely...the strawberry looks yummy!

  8. Glad you came back in time to share your lovely flowers with us. You were lucky getting them free.

  9. Beautiful Photos! But the pretty yellow flower is Lysimachia punctata, or Loosestrife, which can be invasive, esp. in woodland or wetland areas. (Just a warning)

  10. yum! we are having berries now too. a little sundae each night. =)


  11. Hi Diann, I have the loosestrife (lemondrop) flowers too. I got them from my M-I-L 20 years ago, and I haven't found them to be invasive. Gooseneck loosestrife and purple loosestrife are known to be invasive; perhaps this one can be given the right conditions. Your berries look good, and are a nice surprise!
    Hugs, Beth

  12. What a nice greeting when you came home! I will have to check out those lemondrop flowers because I definitely am not a good gardener so something that is prolific on it's own is just perfect for me!

  13. Don't you love coming home from vacation and looking at how things have grown in the garden? It looks like yours did beautifully. Love the strawberries. Ours don't produce very well, but I like to look at the flowers and leaves, too. We have wild strawberries and sometimes I'll pull them to put in a a small arrangement.
    Have a great weekend,

  14. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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