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Hi everyone!
Today I would like to welcome Peggy from Crazy Thrifty Crafts to The Thrifty Groove! Peggy is going to share with you a fun shop she recently discovered. Don’t you love finding a new resale store? I do. This one looks like a lot of fun. So, let your inner Fashionista loose!
Take it away Peggy!
Hello everyone! I'm so happy to be here at The Thrifty Groove. I'm Peggy and I'm the crazy thrifting, crafting woman behind Crazy Thrifty Crafts. I am honored to be a part of the summer gig here at Diann's pad (that's "blog" for you youngsters). And as soon as I'm finished saying my peace, I'll unlock the closet door and let Diann back out. Yeah, you thought she was busy with her business, didn't you (wink, wink). Bet you're wonderin' who let the riffraff in.
Anyway, I'm gonna take this opportunity to introduce you to somebody who does not yet have a web presence but I suspect will have very, very soon. This is Amanda Gallagher.
closet revival 06
Amanda is one of the proprietors of a consignment shop in Newport, Rhode Island called Closet Revival that I found while vacationing in Rhode Island over Memorial Day. When I walked by her shop, this is what jumped out at me.
closet revival 07
Orange! I love orange! It is just so 70s.
Inside Closet Revival I found a sensory tsunami of contemporary and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Purses and shoes cascading off of shelves looming high over racks and racks of shiny gold lame, sequined satin prom dresses and flowy lacy vintage fabric heaven.
And not one inch of space was overlooked. A large column that divided the space was rimmed with shelves full of shoes from floor to ceiling. One shelf was full of cowgirl boots.
closet revival 10Other shelves were filled with more contemporary clothing from business suits to summer dresses to Newport yachting attire.
closet revival 11Amanda's partner is Judy Shumway. Many years back, Amanda had worked for Judy in Judy's consignment shop in Newport. At that time, Judy specialized mainly in vintage clothing. But Amanda was young and felt the need to go off and prove herself. So she pursued a career in retail fashion and had great success working for a large retail clothier doing merchandising, managing, traveling, kickin' #ss and takin' names, as they say. Meanwhile, Judy eventually closed up shop and moved to Florida.
closet revival 01Years later, however, one of those big life-changing events caused Amanda to re-examine her life and her career path. And what she realized was that doing the large corporate retail thing was not feeding her spirit. I said AMEN TO THAT, SISTER!
closet revival 03So, Amanda went looking for her old boss, Judy. She pitched Judy an idea about going back into the consignment business as partners, and the two of them created this splendid shop that has something for everyone.
Even their dressing rooms are layers and layers of vintage charm, drawing the shopper into a world of days gone by when rich New Yorkers ferried their wives and children over from Jamestown to take up residence for the summer in Newport while they went back and forth by train on the weekends.
closet revival 02This little number looks like something that would have been worn to the Newport Mansion where they filmed the movie The Great Gatsby.
closet revival 04
Or maybe some items just take us back to middle of the last century, when well-to-do women stayed in Newport for the summer, learned to play tennis and lunched with their friends.
closet revival 12
And still other items in the shop take us back to the 70s, when life was all about the colors orange and lime green! Now that's what I'm talkin' about.
Next time you're in Newport, Rhode Island, look up Amanda and Judy at Closet Revival. You won't be disappointed.

Closet Revival
30 Broadway
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 845-0592


  1. What a wonderful would be a long drive for me, but it would be worth it I'm sure! The leopard print rug would match my dining area! And I love the brocade footstool! Great post!

  2. beautiful items...great stuff indeed! thanks for sharing

  3. It's truly and honor to be guest blogging for you, Diann. I love the inspiration I get from your blog. You're my kinda thrifty girl! Thanks again!!

  4. Makes me wish I loved close enough to go take a visit. Love, love, love the groovy orange dress.

  5. Wow, love that space. Thats a must visit for me next time I'm eastward.

  6. Wow, love that space. Thats a must visit for me next time I'm eastward.

  7. What a fantastic store! I wish her much success and hope she decides to start a blog too! Thanks for the great share!


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