A Day at the Beach

Hi everyone!

We have one of the State’s best campgrounds on a lake about 15 minutes from our cabin. The day use part of the state park is where I first learned to swim as a child. I have so many wonderful memories of this beach!


While on vacation we visited the beach as much as possible. One day we arrived and there was not a soul around. That is so rare! The only footprints we saw in the sand were from deer.


Not only was it wonderful to have the beach to ourselves, I also didn’t have to deal with the weird looks of setting up a tiny ice cream social tablescape!


Oh, I should mention there was one person at the beach and that was the park ranger (you can see him in the background of the above picture).



Once I found the spot to put our things down, it was so hard since I could chose the whole beach, I decided to play a little.


It was such a beautiful day!


I started my little ice cream social tablescape with some Beachy paper napkins.


See, they really were called “Beachy”!


I used a small piece of yellow and white gingham fabric for a tablecloth.


I told you I was keeping it very simple today at the beach. It was Troy’s Birthday and we decided being at the beach would be the best way to celebrate it, Just the three of us. So, I brought a small cake and some ice cream.


It was windy so, I had the princess go on a rock finding adventure to hold down the small tablecloth.


Don’t you love polka dots! I really adore them in dishes. I bought four of these ceramic dessert plates last summer clearanced at a small variety store. I bought one in red, one in blue, one in yellow and one green one. they say “summer” to me.



I have a set of six of these fun and colorful sundae spoons. they were clearanced at Dollar General last summer. And the frosted sundae glasses were a yard sale find years ago.


So, just a fun and simple time spent at the beach.


This is why it is called Clear Lake.


Day of relaxing……. Collecting shells as memory treasures of a fun vacation.


……Pretending you are a mermaid.


……Building magical kingdoms.


And just enjoying a beautiful day with the most important people in your life. It doesn’t get better than that!

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  1. What a perfect day! Love your sweet ice cream table! The Princess looks like she is having so much fun. I look forward to taking Tiger swimming soon. hugs, Linda

  2. How special. Nothing beats outdoor eating, especially when beautiful water is involved.

  3. It just does NOT get any better than that! Save me one of those napkins...they are adorable!

  4. Oh what fun pictures you shared! Feel like I was there! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Just can't imagine a better place to celebrate a birthday!

  6. What a sweet little ice cream party and such a beautiful beach setting as well!

  7. What a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday!

  8. No, Diann. Doesn't get much better than that at all. You had a splendorous day. Thanks for sharing. Looks lovely from start to finish. Susan

  9. Great pictures. Yes, I do love dots, and those dishes are adorable. I can't believe that water. What a great place to swim.

  10. What a cute and thrifty birthday celebration table setting! And what a great place to be, too. That water really IS clear and clean. :-).

  11. Happy belated birthday to Troy. I've never been lucky enough to visit a beach with no one else there, so I can only imagine what a relaxing time you had. Sounds like the perfect day when you throw in cake and ice cream. I love polka dots, so of course your dishes are really cute! Thanks for sharing this special day with us at the Grill, BBQ & Picnic Party!

  12. What a wonderful way to spend your day. It all looks so nice. xxoo

  13. I feel a little more relaxed just looking at these photos...

  14. The water looks nice and clear. And it looks like a great time for all.

  15. Hi Diann, now how come this never happens to me? lol! To have a whole beach to yourself. I can NOT imagine. Looks like such a fun ice cream social. Love all of your fun beachy items. Also wanted to say thanks for letting me do a guest post on your fgreat blog. I knew everyone who commented but one. Hopped over to visit them.

  16. It doesn't get/any better than that. LOOKS like the perfect day at the beach.

  17. This is such a nice post. I enjoyed reading it. The polka dot dishes are sweet. What a blissful time you had.

  18. What a beautiful spot to have all to yourselves. Very cute and festive ice cream party table. Did you fix a plate for the park ranger?

  19. This water looks incredible -- this must have been a fabulous day!

  20. This post makes me smile all over. You have painted a practically perfect outing. I love the idea of the ice cream party, and the dishes are wonderful. I'm such a polka dot fan.

  21. How lucky to have the beach to yourselves. Great little party. Love the polka dots.

  22. I have only visited twenty or so links so far, but yours is the first one to really be at the beach! What a beautiful spot! What could be better than cake and ice cream? Very cute plates, and that is one adorable mermaid!

  23. So cute! Love those plates. We often have an empty beach, but I was too lazy to carry everything down and set it up!
    Good for you!
    Thanks for linking to Let's DIsh!

  24. How adorable! I know princess loved her magic kingdom. The real kind, not the paper and concrete.


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