Welcome Sign~Happy Memorial Day!

Hi everyone!

I am revisiting an old project post. I thought since this was Memorial weekend it would be nice to show some red, white and blue. I hope you enjoy! and have a wonderful Holiday!

I wanted to have a new something on my door as a welcome to visitors but, I haven't figured what it was. And as we got close to the Fourth of July, I wanted something that represented our country. But, at the same time, that would mean it would be up for awhile and then need to be stored when I put something else on the door. So, I tried to come up with something that could be "changed out" from time to time.

I went through all my thrifty loot that I had recently gotten and decided to use this old Home Interiors picture from 1981 (paid $1.00 for it). A mighty fine year, the year I graduated! Oooh, that hurts to think of how many years ago that was!!

Yup, the one with the fun but plastic frame. I told you that I bought it for a redo project. Well, that is what I did.

I started by cleaning the frame. Then taking the picture out. The picture was copied onto the backing of the frame. So there was just a frame, glass and picture. I painted the frame white. I also painted the picture. I didn't need for it to be completely perfect and covered, I just needed it as a blank background.

I did a couple coats of white spray paint. A kind of cool surprise was the plastic frame mimicked a wood grain so, that showed through when it was painted. I really like the effect it gave.

Once everything was dry, I grabbed a bandanna that I had gotten on sale (ironed it) and covered the picture with it.

Make sure you pull the fabric tight. You don't want wrinkles. Once it was in place, I put the glass back in and screwed the whole thing back to the frame. Another nice thing about this old picture was that everything screwed in.

Then trim away the excess fabric.

I bought little wood letters to spell out the word "Welcome" and painted them white. I then glued them to the glass.

Knowing that this would end up bumping on the door every time it opened, I took and old t-shirt that I was going to cut up for rags and cut some pieces off and glued them to the back so it would "soften" the banging.

Then a little red, white and blue ribbon to hang it. I glued the ribbon onto the white wreath hanger. Oops, you can see the "glue string". And I thought I got all the dirt off the door. Arghh!! They are putting in a bike path in the wildlife reserve across the street. So, we are dealing with everything being covered in dirt theses days! I do need to get a bigger ribbon to make a larger bow.

I really love the way it turned out and I love the fact that I can change the background design to fit whatever holiday or look I want. Just unscrew the back and pop in a different bandanna, piece of fabric, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper...you name it! How cute would this be if your were having a birthday party and slipped in a bright colored happy birthday piece of wrapping paper? Lots of fun options!!


  1. What a perfect idea - love the way this one looks for Memorial Day (or 4th of July), and love the idea of being able to change the background for any time of year! Hugs ~ Mary

  2. This is absolutely the best idea. I love how it turned out and all the different ways you can change this.

  3. How useful to be able to re-use a frame the way you did! Happy Memorial Day. Joan

  4. Diane, what a wonderful redo. I would have never thought to use a bandanna. What creativity you have there my friend. I too like the idea of being able to change it out for each event or holiday. Happy Memorial Weekend Diane!!

  5. Love, Love, Love this! You are so creative.

  6. What a really clever idea! I love the thought of the Happy Birthday Welcome!

    Have a great Memorial Day!


  7. Brilliant. Love it. Have a beautiful Memorial day. Hope your weekend has been a lovely one.

  8. Very good idea. Nice.


  9. Great idea, you're so clever!! I love all the changes you can do it. Fab! Thank you for your wonderful visit and best wishes.

  10. How adorable! I love finding old frames and re-doing them. They have such character. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing. Karie


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