Thrifty Things Friday #59

Hi everyone!


When I am out and about thrifting I always check out the wreaths at the thrift stores. I like to stock up on them when I find them for $2.00 or under. I don’t care what they look like when I buy them. I am buying them for the wreath base, not to be used as is.

I found this large grapevine wreath and it was marked $3.93. I had my “50% off entire purchase” coupon. So, it cost $1.96. I priced this size at one of the craft stores and it is selling for about $20.00! Yikes!


I have not had a wreath on my door since Christmas! I have been really bad at keeping up with adding little decorative touches here and there lately. Life has been busy. But, still!

Whoever made this wreath really loved her glue gun! I had a heck of a time ripping off the flowers. I persisted and got rid of all the old dusty flowers and ribbon.

Making wreaths has always been one of my favorite things to do. I love big full wreaths and that is generally what I make. This time I challenged myself to try to keep it simple. Oh, simple is so hard for me! LOL Since I have been on a yellow trend this year, I decided to just use yellow in the greenery. IMG_1937


Okay, I probably shouldn’t show you this part but, I am anyway. I do not have a lot of storage to store a gazillion different wreaths so, I like to remake wreaths over and over again. And the same goes for saving faux greenery. I like to reuse it so I don’t have to keep buying things again and again. The greenery in this wreath was a freebie. I told you all last summer that my nephews best friends parents were moving and they had a huge garage sale. The day after the sale she called me over to go through what was left and just take what I wanted. Well, the woman used to own a floral shop so, she had a ton of that kind of thing. I got a really nice supply of faux greens.

IMG_1940Yup, I just stuck the whole thing right into the base of the wreath and then fluffed it out. It is not glued at all and can be just pulled out when I want to redo this wreath or use the greenery for something else.

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Thank you ladies for sharing your thriftiness with us!

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  1. What a great idea to look for wreath bases at the thrift store! Thanks for the tip and for hosting the party!

  2. Your wreath looks fabulous. I don't usually glue my greenery either and not even the flowers most of the time. I love to reusing it again and again. Thanks for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  3. OMG! It's like a magician revealing how his tricks are done lol!! Now that is thrifty :) What great features too! Thanks so much for hosting each week! I love being able to link up at your fun party!

  4. Recycle and reuse! What a good way to always have what you need on hand and a thrifty way to do it. Thanks so much for hosting Diann.

  5. The redo of your thrifted wreath is gorgeous!!! Love the yellow! Thanks for the party!!!

  6. Loving your wreath, loving the yellow - loving the free crafting things! Isn't free always the best, even better than a yard sale. I've linked up my "Mothers Day Table" which wasn't free, for almost. Thanks for hostessing. Hugs ~ Mary

  7. I pull florals apart all the time, and I have for years! At the prices those things cost, anyone who doesn't redo them is either rich or dumb!

  8. The wreath is beautiful. It gives me hope that I might be able to create something as pretty if I can just find the right floral pieces.

  9. Hi Diann...I think that's a great idea to get wreaths at bargain prices and then revamp them. Great job! Susan

  10. I don't have lots of storage space either. I have only had a glue gun for a few months (can you believe it? Where have I been?) Any time I can reuse and repurpose it's a good thing!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Love the wreath! WOW what a deal. Love the features too. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Thanks for hosting. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. Thanks for hosting. Good ideas with grapevine wreath, good score too.

  14. OMG!! Sorry I haven't thanked you for hosting, I never do that! I think it's cause I was packing to go to my daughter's house. OK, here I am and I love your wreath, as I have that little plant with the small leaves...around here it's called zebra. Great score too lovely lady. Thank you for your lovely and generous comment on my newchandy and for the good wishes for my Bil. Have a terrific weekend.

  15. It's so nice to have a new wreath in the Spring...sets the mood for fun! I need to get to work on a guest post! I haven't forgotten! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  16. Hey Diann! Headin out this morning and wanted to pop in and thank you for stoppin by and to let you know that bread box...LOL.... was a $5 sale find at Home Goods! A little dinged, but you can't tell and even if ya did...hey it's supposed to be old not perfect 8o)

  17. GREAT price on that wreath. What a STEAL. Doing floral design, I have made quite a few in my lifetime. I usually have one for every ocassion all year long. Loved the ones you bought and made. take care.


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