Thrifty Things Friday #58

Hi everyone!


We had a very relaxing time at the cabin. We ended up staying a few extra days. There had been a major storm that came through sometime last month and knocked about a dozen trees over our driveway. Our driveway is a half a mile long winding through the woods so, before even getting back to the cabin my dad had to get out the chainsaw and clear the road.

And then once at the cabin, we discovered that we had no electricity. The storm had ripped out the power line and the electric box on the cabin. The electric company couldn’t hook the power back up until and electrician came out a redid the entire electrical system. And of course they couldn’t come out for another 6 days. Once they did come out and fix all that an inspector had to come out. Guess what, the inspector only works on Wednesdays! So, we still had to wait. Luckily, the inspector called the power company and told them to go ahead and hook up the electricity and he would come out the next week. So, the power company showed up on Friday (a week after we had been at the cabin) and finally hooked us up. Woohoo!

Of course the Princess had a total blast! She had tons of room to run around and adventure. She had a sandbox, swings, slide and all kinds of new things to explore!

So, we went a week without power or running water. Which isn’t so bad if you are prepared ahead of time but, we weren’t. However, going without power forces you to slow down and relax.

When it is daylight, you get stuff done. When it gets dark, your body just naturally starts shutting itself down. I forgot how to listen to my body’s internal clock. I got such great sleep during our powerless nights. There is no distractions.

So, yes, we had to haul water from the old pump.


And we would have to go into town to get ice for the coolers.


Heat up water on the stove to wash dishes or sponge baths. We also went to a nearby State Campground for showers.


Use oil lamps and candles for light.


And good ‘ol fashioned percolated coffee. I’ll tell ya what, that was the BEST coffee!


Overall, it was a rather thrifty week! Of course, not necessarily by choice. LOL

Now I am excited to see your thriftiness!


  1. I keep an old aluminum coffeepot just for hurricane season! It's come in handy a couple of times...hope we don't need it any time soon!
    Thanks for the party!!!

  2. I always think of camping as a thrifty vacation anyway. I don't know where you can get as much entertainment for your money as what I spend for a site where we camp at. For a family, especially if you love the outdoors camping is wonderful. I like to think of my little camper as being a cabin in the woods. We've rarely been without electricity or running water though. Glad you had a relaxing time of it even if you had to rough it.

  3. Lovely thrifts! Love the lamp. Thank you for hosting and having me. Have a wonderful and blessed MOTHER'S DAY!

  4. Yes you pretty much are roughing it!!!

    I love camping and I REALLY love old fashioned percolated coffee, too!

    I usually just use my coffee press when we camp, but percolated is heavenly.

    Love the pic of that old water pump - haven't seen one of those in a very long time!

    Thank you for hosting a wonderful linky party!!

  5. Love those old oil lamps. I had a really neat one but it got knocked off my dresser and shattered. So sad. I like the water pump too!

  6. Sounds like you all had quite the adventure! Now Im craving percolated coffee, lol (well, any coffee ... except for decaf). :)

  7. I really enjoyed this post. It is good to remember that we can "rough it" and still be self-sufficient and happy and enjoy life, isn't it? And I agree: nothing tastes better than coffee from an old percolator!

  8. Thank you for hosting once again! Have a good thrifty weekend.

  9. OMG!! Sorry I haven't thanked you for hosting or nothing, I'm not like this, someone had to have called me and I forgot!! I love the things you just shared and how you have to use them in the cabin, like in old times, how fun, I'd love to raugh it a little! Thank you darling for your comment and for hosting, of course! Have a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY along with your family.

  10. Glad to have found your blog and I am now following. That sounds like an eventful trip, possibly fun and probably also annoying! ;)

  11. I think it's good for us to occasionally 'rough it'! Sounds like you all made the best of it! Here, no air conditioning would have been the worst does it get hot! Hugs, Linda

  12. Have a terrific Mother's Day@ Those old percolators are the best! Forget Starbucks! I love old fashioned things. What fun! Glad all your plans worked out so beautifully!


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