Thrifty Things Friday #56

Hi everyone!

It has finally come to that time of the year! We are heading up to our family cabin in Northern Michigan to open it for the season! Our travel trailer is there as well so, we will be opening that up too. This is the last week we have the chance to do this if Troy wants to be with us for a week. The Farmer’s Market’s start May 6.

We are so happy to get away for awhile! I will not be within internet service for 10 days! Whoa! So, I wanted to give you all a heads up that I won’t be able to visit this week. I will have next week’s TTF post ready and scheduled to publish like normal.

I was going to take some projects with me to get done while I am away but, I have decided I am going to attempt to just totally relax. In love

I am always on the look out for things I need at our trailer while out thrifting. I was happy to find this thermal carafe recently.


It was marked $1,99 but it was half off day.When up north, the evening are chilly and we like to sit around a bonfire. I like to have coffee or tea while relaxing and gabbing. Now I can bring the coffee down to the fire pit and not have to get up and go back up to the trailer or cabin.


I also picked up these silver plated with gold seashell napkin rings.


I couldn’t beat the price of .79 cents for a set of 6!

I really haven’t had time to do much thrifting lately. I even let a 50% off total purchase coupon go to waste! GASP!! the only reason I even got the above items is because I gathered a bunch of stuff to donate to the thrift store and popped in for a few minutes to check things out. I have slowly been culling out old linens and dishes from our everyday stuff. A lot got donated!

This week I even tackled cleaning out my makeup. I haven’t done that in ages! Do you see a lipstick you just know is going to be wonderful and then get it home and try it and think, “Oh no, I don’t think so!” I seem to do that a lot! Instead of returning it, which some companies you can do that or throwing it away, it gets tossed into a large china bowl. What on earth am I thinking? That it will magically change and look perfect on me? They all got tossed this week!


I have an announcement…. I am going to stop the Thrifty Tablescape party. Doing it only once a month, even I forget about it! And doing this party weekly is enough of a commitment for me right now. If you need to get your tablescape fix, I recommend you join my friend Kathleen for “Let’s Dish” a Wednesday weekly party!

Okay, onto some fun features…..


Shannon at A Southern Belle with Northern Roots showed us this wonderful underwood typewriter she found.


Marty at Marty’s Musing shared this wonderful gallery wall she created!

Gallery 2

Gloria at Gloria’s Little Cedars found some sweet items to share.

Tasha Tudor book with old baby shoes

Thank you ladies for sharing with us!

Now, that’s get thrifty!


  1. Great typewriter in the features. Linking up a vintage kitchen items purchased cheaply or passed down to me. Thanks for hosting!

  2. You do find some great stuff. I am with you, I have been cleaning out and purging a lot lately. Great features and thanks for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  3. These are wonderful features! Thanks so much for hosting!!

  4. Happy holiday break, lovely features this week too. xx

  5. Is it wrong that I wish I lived near your thrift store so I could stalk it after you donate?

    Have a nice time away!

  6. You sure found some great items at terrific prices! Have fun up at the cabin!!*hugs*deb

  7. I love those napkin rings! I am really bad about hoarding makeup, but one month I think something is all wrong, and the next month I start wearing it every day!

    My first time linking up to your party!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    You are only going to do your link party once a month now we are going to miss you. !!! These are wonderful features! Thanks so much for hosting!! I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  9. ENJOY your time away. RELAX and ENJOY!

  10. Enjoy the trip and relax a bit. You have been really busy and still have much to do so a break is well deserved. I did get my camper opened up but haven't been able to enjoy it much yet. It's been way too cold anyway. I don't enjoy it half as much until it warms up here. Hopefully that will be soon. They are saying the weather will warm up here next week and I'm hoping to finally get to my little place in the woods. Relax and enjoy!

  11. Love that you have a cabin & trailer! Nothing more relaxing than getting away to the woods. You're photo is so inviting. Thanks for hosting TTF!

  12. Love the pics..I forgot to get my post together again. Oh well try again next week. Have a great week!

  13. Hi Diann!
    Thanks so much for the shout out, and your followers are more than welcome to show their thrifty tables at Let's Dish! Most of my tables are very thrifty, you know, it is the thrill of the hunt! :)
    Love those napkin rings and the caraffe will come in very handy!
    Enjoy your time away, stay warm!

  14. Enjoy your trip!!! That carafe should come in very handy! Thanks for the party!!!

  15. Hi Diann!

    Thanks so much for featuring my post. :) Thanks also for hosting. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Happy weekend to you.


  16. Diann the carafe is great and I love the napkin rings!! I wondered if you would stop the Thrifty Tablescaping Party now that Kathleen is doing Let's Dish. You are so busy and doing this party weekly is enough I agree! Thanks for continuing to let us share our thrifty things! I'm going to be late but will link up a post tomorrow! Enjoy your vacation! Hugs, Linda

  17. Good for you! By the time I throw my makeup out it's almost petrified. Love your pretty napkin rings.

  18. Thank you for featuring my gallery wall. Love all your thrifty finds!


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