A Seashell Tablescape

I am on vacation right now so, I thought I would schedule some past posts. This was a seashore tablescape I did last summer.

Hi everyone!

I thought it was high tide er..time that I did a seashore tablescape. Everything on this table was bought new but, on clearance except the napkins, Coffee cups and teapot. They were all 2nd hand thrift finds There are just so many fun items of this theme for your table. Most of the things here are from the Christmas Tree Shops and the rest from TJ Maxx.

Beach Table8-11 008As you an see, the sun was not cooperating with me!

Beach Table8-11 009A “D”  and…..

Beach Table8-11 019A “T”

These are fun plaster letters with sea glass and shells embedded in them. They were clearanced for .50 cents each at CTS.

Beach Table8-11 018Beach Table8-11 040I started with a quilted stripe table runner (a gift from TJ Maxx folks) and then used a round woven white placemat (CTS $1.00). Then the shimmery green scalloped chargers (CTS .89 cents). The round orbs with glass and shells were also from CTS for .50 cents).

Beach Table8-11 030  I love the cool colors in these plates. They too were from CTS for .50 cents each.

Beach Table8-11 004Beach Table8-11 001

The blue seashell votive holder and the orb with the shells and sand were both clearanced for .70 cents at TJ Maxx.

Beach Table8-11 003 This bottle with rope and shells was on clearance at CTS for .47 cents (the bottom is missing).

Beach Table8-11 006Beach Table8-11 015Beach Table8-11 022The matching platter was .50 cents (CTS). The two large white seashells are salt and pepper shakers (CTS $1.00). The bird was clearance (some breakage on it) for .29 cents at CTS. The shells and glass I had.

Beach Table8-11 005Beach Table8-11 011Beach Table8-11 032The blue tumbler I got on clearance a year ago at CTS and the aqua glasses were from a Dollar Tree.

Beach Table8-11 012-tileHow cute are these initial flip flop coasters! From CTS.

Beach Table8-11 017Beach Table8-11 021I bought a set of 4 of these seashell napkin rings from TJ Maxx clearanced for $1.00.

Beach Table8-11 026Beach Table8-11 029Beach Table8-11 025Blue lanterns and blue glass seashell bottles from CTS for under a $1.00. 

Beach Table8-11 031I bought the white salad plates at TJ Maxx last year for $1.00.

Beach Table8-11 037Beach Table8-11 038

Beach Table8-11 041

Beach Table8-11 034Beach Table8-11 039Beach Table8-11 027Well, that as my fun clearanced seashore table.  I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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  1. Hi Diann ~
    This tablescape has me dreaming of the Carolina Shores again ~ love it!
    ALSO ~ YOU ARE THE FBV WINNER!!! Get back to me with your info. Dee

  2. Makes me want to do a beach theme now! Hope you are enjoying vacation! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I love seashells, and I love blue so this has it all. Gorgeous shades of blue too. Love all the shapes and textures. Beautiful tablescape Diann.

    The French Hutch

  4. The blues are just divine! I'm ready to hit the beach now!

  5. The colors are my favorite. You tablescape is the mosy gorgeous one I've seen! Such great prices too!
    You've executed it all so lovely!

  6. I love this tablescape. Beach and those colors....sigh, I'm ready for the shore! I know you are enjoying your vacation! Hugs, Linda

  7. Oh wow, I LOVE these cool blue colors. Lovely table.

    Jocelyn @

  8. Your table is SO MUCH FUN!!! I love all the goodies that are available today for FUN SUMMER ENTERTAINING! I the "OLD DAYS" we used paper plates and if we were to be fancy we used those round baskets bottoms that SNAPPED on the paper plates! EWWWW! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your color scheme! It makes me want to RUN ON DOWN and jump in the ocean!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Have a fun week,

  9. Hi Diann...

    My friend, I just adore your "Seaside" table! Of course, all the different shades of blues and greens are gorgeous and sooo very perfect! Love your seaside plates...they make a beautiful place setting! Ohhh my...and I love, love, LOVE all of the seaside pieces that you used on your table. One of my favorites...the orbs covered in sea glass. Hmm...now I'm wondering if I could craft those? I loved the bottle with the rope and shells too! Such a beautiful and interesting table to dine at. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    I just know that you're having a fabulous time on vacation! Enjoy, dear friend!

    Love ya,

  10. Perfection! I saw it last year and I still LOVE IT!
    Enjoy your vacation. Ginger

  11. Hi Diann...Oh, that was a lovely tablescape...the colors were just great. By the way, is your silverware Michaelangelo? Love it. Great job! Susan

  12. Makes e think of summertime. WE have cold rain here currently. :)


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