I Want You!

Hi everyone!


What a title huh? Well, let me explain. As most of you who visit me regularly know, Troy, the Princess and I own a small Herb business called DTL Herbs LTD.

DTL Herbs

As you can well imagine, with Spring in full swing, this is when our company begins the busiest time of the year. We are getting ready to start the Farmer Market season and have already had a few shows. As a matter of fact, Troy is at a show right now and I have been working on tallying our latest pre-orders for fresh herb plants that we need to deliver next week. This pre-order was one of our largest, over 250 herb plants were purchased! Yeah for us! LOL

Last week we hosted a focus group to try out our new “Fish Rub”and “Seafood Rub”. We discovered some very interesting likes and dislikes from this test. We have been working so hard to tweak these recipes using the feedback we received. We now have the product the way we want it, well the fish rub anyway, and are about to ship out samples to our test panel members.

All winter we have been working on new products, new packaging and new promotion. We have several irons in the fire right now that are looking wonderfully promising for our business. We are so excited in the direction we are going!

With all that said, I am sure you guys can see that this is a major busy time for us. You add our business on top of everyday life and it can be a total whirlwind around here!

So, why do I need you? I thought this Spring and Summer I would like to offer spots for other bloggers to guest post here on The Thrifty Groove. I won’t be able to blog 6-7 times every week. I just won’t have the time. I am shooting for 3-4 posts a week through this season. I would love to feature other bloggers and their ideas in between my posts.

First let me say, it does NOT matter if you are a big blogger or a new blogger. This is a great way to get more exposure to your own blog.  It is a fun way to introduce yourself to new readers that might not normal find your blog.

Okay, what am I looking for? Well, to be honest, my blog is all over the place when it comes to posts. The only thing that remains a constant is THRIFTY.

  • thrift finds
  • how to find thrifty things
  • recipes
  • crafts
  • repurposing items
  • cleaning tips
  • organizing tips
  • thrifty family fun ideas
  • gardening
  • how to’s
  • planning events
  • getting more bang for your buck

You get the idea. The field is wide open. I am looking for fun thrifty content. No giveaway posts or advertising your store or things you have for sale.

Now, are you saying, “Well, that would be fun but, I don’t know how to do a guest post”. That is pretty easy. You would just write your post in either the blogger format, in an email, in Microsoft works or LiveWriter and just copy and paste it and send it to me via email.


How do you start a guest post? Generally just start off by telling us who you are and where you blog at and then just write your post like you normally would. I will let you know when your post will be published and you can leave a little note to your blog letting your readers know you are guest blogging that day at The Thrifty Groove. That’s it.

And here is a thought that has been in my mind for awhile. I know I have a lot of readers who love to visit blogs but do not have one. And for whatever reason, do not want to start a blog. But, yet, I know you have great ideas or fun things to share and wish you could do a post without actually doing a blog. Well, here is you chance! I would love to hear from you as well.

The guest posts are to be fun. You don’t have to worry about it being any certain length. It can be just a quick tip to share or a big tutorial. It doesn’t matter.

I am going to leave the “wanted guest bloggers” button on my sidebar for the months to come. I am looking to have guest posts from now until September. So, there is lots of time to do one.

I will be working on a “Blogging Schedule”. There is just no way I can give up blogging all together! It really is my sanity saving venue! But, I would love to share my blog with others. So, ladies and gents, come over to The Thrifty Groove and play! Share your ideas and your blog with my readers!

(And yes, I am nervous that no one will want to guest blog here.  This is very new for me and makes me feel vulnerable…..is that sharing too much? Embarrassed smile ) 

I think having some fresh faces and fresh content here will be a lot of fun!

Just a quick thought for you to keep in mind. I do reserve the right to do a little editing if I think it is prudent to any posts that I post on my blog. I will let you know ahead of time, before publishing, if I do change anything, you can choose to accept that or not. I don’t plan to do much of that because the whole point is for me to free up some of my time. I also may use your post or some part of it in some future post I write. I will ALWAYS credit you back! It is unethical and just down right rude not to.

Have any questions? Just send me an email and we will work through it! Thanks everyone!




  1. Oh, I like this idea! And I would like to be a guest blogger! I'll have to give it a 'think' though about what I would write! Please put me on your list...for later on if you want me! Hugs!

  2. I'm sure I could find a craft or two to share with you as a guest blogger. Add me to your list.

  3. I Wish you all the very best for your business,and I am sure there will be plenty of bloggers out there interested in blogging for you. xx

  4. Diann, why not just cut back to 3 times a week? I only do 2! Summer is busy for everyone, so not as much time to stay in a read blogs. Make it easy for yourself!

  5. I am doing only about three posts a week right now. I just can't post every day. I know you will get some guest posts!! So proud of your business growing and doing so well. Hugs to all, Linda

  6. Diann,
    I only do about 2-3 posts a week and sometimes only one a week. If you are still considering guest bloggers, I would be interested but maybe in June after Joe is over his surgery. Will let you know when i am ready...


  7. I'm not sure that I can send you a post to post on your blog since I'm in WordPress rather than Blogger. I will admit to not being particularly savvy when it comes how to do things like that! I would also hope that my idea of thrifty fits in with that of everyone else. I think something is a great price if I get it at a minimum of 66% off, but I know that standard differs. I have almost NO luck at thrift stores or garage sales. It's weird that I'm patient enough to shop in stores for hours on end but only willing to dedicate about 1/3 of that time and effort to thrifting or tag sales! I'm totally useless! :-)

  8. I am very new to blogging but I would LOVE to be a guest blogger! Please consider me, I will do a good job & make you proud!

    Thank you & Many Blessings


  9. Hi Diann, anything to help a fellow blogger out. I would be happy to do a post. Hopefully, it would be worthy of your fun blog. Best of luck with your wonderful business.

  10. Diann, I would be honored to be a guest blogger. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
    P.S. I can only manage 3 posts a week right now myself!

  11. Hi Diann,
    I've been out of town and I am just catching up on everything I've missed on the blogs. I would love to do a guest post on your blog. My blog is pretty tiny compared to yours so if you are not interested, I completely understand. :-)

    Congrats on the orders for your business. I am so happy for you.

  12. Diann, I would love to guest blog for you! You listed so many topics I'm passionate about, e.g. anything thrifty, anything decor, anything to eat :) - let me know if I can help you out this summer. I'm excited for your business growing, have fun with that this summer! Hugs ~ Mary

  13. I wish my blog was a little older because I would love an opportunity like this one. I am afraid I am still too much of a newbie.


  14. Hello,

    I would be very interested in doing a Guest blog, if there is anyone interested in what is going on in the world of treasure hunting, bargain hunting and thrifting Downunder. I know once again I am knew to blogging, but I think I would do a fantastic job if asked. xx

  15. I love this idea...and I would love to do a guest post for you. Please stop by and check out 21 Rosemary Lane to see if it a good fit for your blog. Just as an FYI I am an all over the place bloger as well. If I think it is fun or interesting or helpful...I post it! I typically write 4-6 post per week and I always have plenty of photos to illustrate my posts. I really hope you wil consider me for a post during the time you are away. This is a wonderful idea and I am sure you will have plenty of volunteers!
    Have a great weekand thank you so much for putting this wonderful opportunity out there!!


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