Hi everyone!

We have a Little Ninja in our home now!


Everyone is asking us why we chose to have her start Karate lessons instead of dance lessons. Well, there were a lot of reasons. First, this is a 6 week class so, we will see how she does in a class like this in a short time. Second, this class is really all about learning to control her focus. And learn to listen and follow directions.


In the first class they learned 3 “Listening Positions”

  1. Listening position #1 is sitting with your ankles crossed and hands on your knees
  2. Listening position #2 is kneeling on one knee with both hands of the raised knee
  3. Listening position #3 is standing straight up, feet together and hands straight down at your sides.


The princess is always moving. The first class was cracking Troy and I up because she was trying to do position “#3” while jumping up and down like a deranged Ninja Tigger!  But, we practiced all week at home and by the 2nd class she could stand stock still which was amazing for her!


The 2nd class they learned to work with a partner and the “focusing lessons” which included:

  1. “Focus with your eyes”
  2. “Focus with your mind”
  3. “Focus with your body”


So, we decided that learning all these skills will help her in future classes for other activities.


After only two classes she was able to focus more and not be in her own little world.


After the 6 classes are up, we will see how she feels about continuing. And Troy and I will decide if we think it will continue to be good for her and something she will enjoy.

We have decided that we really want her to try as many physical activities that she is interested in as long as it is feasible for us. But, the rule is: If you commit to an activity, you have to finish out that class. Afterward if she didn’t like it, she doesn’t have to continue to the next level.

So far, she is really enjoying this Little Ninja class and looks forward to our practice time each night.

I’m joining:

Tuesday Time Out

Whatever Works Wednesday


  1. What wonderful parents you are. The reasons you are, which really is no one's business, having her take these lessons are wonderful.....obedience is crucial as well as self-control. I also agree with your commitment rule.....

  2. This is such a great activity for kids that are very active! My oldest took Karate or some form of marshal art and it was great discipline. I love how you are looking to expose her to many different activities and she will find what her heart will love. You are both such loving and giving parents!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Great post,I really like your article

  4. Wonderful philosophy. She's off to a good start.

  5. She's going to love it. What fun.

  6. Your princess is adorable in her Karaty outfit, or kimono. Everything you say about this class sounds wonderful for children. Oriental disciplines are not only phisical, but also directed to the mind and the character of the human being. Wonderful! Thanks for your lovely visit. Enjoy your week.

  7. Oh I love the pictures! Fun, fun! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. I wish my parents would have done something like this instead of dance lessons for me! I'm sure she's having so much fun!


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