Blue and White Tea

Hi everyone!
Are you attracted to the color combo blue and white? I am and I seem to find a lot of it while out thrifting. So, that is was our tea is today, blue and white!
Last year, at the end of summer, I bought these pretty blue and off white seashell Waverly linens. I loved the colors.
I love the reverse side in the stripes as well.
I recently found this gravy boat/creamer. Is there a difference?
I have several other pieces in this Countryside pattern. Today it is just being used to hold the silverware.
Oh, did you notice that cute little silver teapot salt and pepper shakers on it’s own little tray?
How cute is that!
Troy found them at a little antique store and put them in my Easter basket.
I have always thought this Ironstone Ridgeway Staffordshire pattern was so pretty!
This set sits next to our coffee pot all the time. We love adding a little dash of yummy flavoring to coffee or hot cocoa.
I am using my everyday Wedgwood Strawberry and Vine pot.
And my everyday creamer and sugar.
I found the silver plated butter dish a few years ago and have used it everyday since. This tea has a lot of my “everyday” items!
Don’t you love blue, white and silver? It is one of my favorite combinations!
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On a side note, Troy and I needed this pretty relaxing tea. This morning the Princess decided that she needed a hair cut! Yup, she used her craft scissors and did just a splendid chop job on her long hair. OYE! Maybe I should have added a shot of something to our tea this morning! LOL
I hope y’all have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!
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  1. I love the blue and white and this is so pretty! Love the gravy boat/dish....hold spoons perfectly! The Princess is like so many kids with scissors.... it will grow but oh its sad when they chop such pretty hair like she did. Big Hugs, Linda

  2. Oh, my! So many Blues and what a deal!

    Visiting for BM- hope you can stop by:)

  3. I do not have blue and white in my home but I love to see other homes. Thanks for sharing, Laura

  4. Yes, I have often put white with blues. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  5. what a steal those table napkins are :-) colorful blue dishes too, love the design :-) Returning from Blue Monday

  6. I like the gravy boat:)

    Visiting for BM-hope you can stop by:)

  7. Diann, I love your blue transferware! Your tea is really pretty. If you really like blue and white, you must go meet Martha from Lines at Linderhof - she's the consummate hostess and she adores blue and white. Meet Martha here:

    Hugs to you, my friend,

  8. How sweet that Troy found you those lovely salt & pepper teapot shakers. Another fabulous tablescape. Sorry about the disappearance of Princess's long locks. Josie's been known to trim her own bangs. Hugs.

  9. Hi! Love this post. I love everything. I like everything with Ridgeway on it. Your gravy boat is wonderful. I love blue and white and silver together it's elegant and pretty to boot.
    Have a great day!

  10. I do love the blue white and silver color combination, Dinae! You have a lovely collection of it. Happy Blue Monday!

  11. I love blue, white & silver together. How adorable is that teapot salt & pepper set!? I think every children, girl or boy, gives themselves or a sibling a haircut. It's always too funny to be able to scold them properly :) Have a wonderful week ♥

  12. One of my favorite combinations.
    Feel free to play along at Color Carnival with any colorful photos you want to link up.

  13. What's not to love with blue & white? Great minds think alike! What a great deal you found on the linens. I love them! And the salt & pepper set is perfect! I remember when our 2 decided to cut their boy & 1 girl...both a mess!!!! grows out. Thanks for sharing & thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  14. Beautiful post! I love all of your pretty blue and white dishes and the salt and pepper tea pots are just too cute.

  15. I adore all your white and blue dishes! I love teapots and the salt and pepper shakers are so cute.

  16. In light of the Princess's Ken Paves/Jose Eber moment, I am 99.999999% sure I would have completely deep-sixed the tea in favor of something 80 proof!!! I gave myself a chop job when I was around 6 years old that my Mother STILL talks about. The photo of it is none too cute at all! :-) You did a marvelous job with finding the napkins for a mere 99 cents!!! Between you, Cuisine Kathleen and The Tablescaper, I'm losin' my ever-lovin' mind with the Christmas Tree Store purchases!!!!!!!!!!! When are you guys going to stop hoarding all the good stuff??? Share with us lowly Midwesterners, please!!!!!!! :-) You know there's no way we can compete as long as we are deprived the love that is CTS! :-) I'm going to check out the Guest Post situation. way to compete!!!! :-( :-)

  17. forget the tea, go with the stronger liquid.. Oh how bad was it? my gdaughter restyled the crown of her head to a one inch length. very spikey, very weird. Darling tea service. Love the pretty napkins. I was in the CTS once and only bought about 10 dollars worth of stuff, i know shame on me.. too overwhelmed. Next trip to Dallas, I'll have to go back in. Pretty dishes too. love the blue and white. especially this time of year.. xo marlis

  18. everything looks so beautiful! the blue and white dishes are so pretty with the silver!

  19. Hi Diann,
    the shades of blue go perfect together. Theblue transferware is great and the little salters are too cute. Thank you for sharing your treasures.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  20. My goodness, those tea-cups are exquisite. Deb

  21. I love Blue and White china, no matter what
    Have a great week :)

  22. What a beautiful Tea! You found some real bargins in the blue and white colors. I'm finding more of them too, and can't resist the country side patterns on china. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  23. Blue is white is stunning here! Lovely all around, happy tea week!

  24. Hi Diann! What a lovely post! Your napkins, those gorgeous dishes your sweet little silver salt and peppers!
    Now I did giggle about the hair cut. My daughter did the same thing except she barely had any hair and cut herself a cow lick! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  25. Diane, your blue and white linens are gorgeous. The silver with the blue and white is an awesome combination. How sweet of Troy to think of you with those little salt and pepper shakers. My hubby is not even geared to think like that LOL. He makes up for it in other ways though!!

  26. I love evrything in blue and white. Lovely transferware and your dishes are gorgeous. I just adore the idea of the flatware in the pretty gravy boat..hmm, (I'll copy cat that too,shshshhh). Love your hobs darling present! My hubby likes the big things, which I'm glad too..but to think of a cute gift like that, NO! Thanks for your lovely and kind visit. Enjoy your week.

  27. Love it all. I am a blue and white girl. Those napkins were a steal!
    My grand cut his hair too. Luckily, with a boy it is easier to go
    short and cover the damage. I think they all do that at least once!

  28. I love it all too!! Indeed a great deal!


  29. Love your Waverly linens and the blue and white transferware. Gotta check out the yummy looking coffee sugars, too.

  30. Hello Diann,
    What a splendid tea in blue and white! Your china is so very pretty! I love blue and white but have very little of it. I saw a wee salt and pepper set just like yours and I've been kicking myself ever since because I didn't get them. When I went back for them, of course they were gone. Blue, white, and silver makes for a stuning setting. Thank you for sharing yours with us. And the nice thing about hair is that it always grows back. Thanks for the smile and joining me for tea.


  31. I simply adore blue and white and your tea is wonderful! Love the linens and your blue and white tea ware!

  32. What a beautiful tea table! I'd love a cup :-)
    thank you for stopping by my blue Monday post today. Happy Blogging!

  33. Beautiful blue transferware and cute linens...thanks for sharing them at NTT!


  34. Gorgeous! Happy blue Monday and a great week ahead!

    My BLUE, your comment will be much appreciated. Thank you!

  35. Beautiful! We can have tea together, you and I, as we like exactly the same things! I've got quite a few of these lovely English pottery as well.

    Can I have milk in my tea, please?

  36. I do love blue and white ... so clean and crisp. What a find on your Waverly linens and I like that they are reversible with different designs. The teapot salt and peppers -- too cute! The Ironstone Ridgeway Staffordshire is lovely. Perfect blue and white post! Happy Tea Day! (Hide the scissors!!!)

  37. What a lovely tea set you have! Would love to have a tea party with you ^^

    Hopping here for Blue Monday :)

  38. WOW! It is all so pretty! LOVE the cups and saucers! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  39. Thanks for visiting my blog today, so nice of you to leave a comment! Your tablescape is so beautiful, I love the blue & white theme. I'm following your blog now.


  40. This table is beautiful. I love blue and white. We have J's mother's Countryside. I need to get it out and use it. There are several serving pieces, including a gravy boat. Plus a coffee server, which is chippy and crazed but I love it!

    Drew cut his hair not long before school pictures last Fall!! He got a definite buzz cut!
    My sister cut her hair when she was about 3 or 4 years old, one hot summer. We both had long curly hair. Peggy hid her curls under the porch steps, when she saw what she had done, thinking no one would notice.:-)

  41. I'm a pink girl, but I'm loving the blue and white. I recently did a guest bath re-do in blue and white. (I love the Christmas Tree Shoppes too!)


  42. I do love blue & white together...there's just something about it. You've put together a beautiful table setting!

  43. Oh my, this is blue and white heaven:) I love this pretty post!The Waverly seashell linens are so pretty and the silver S&P shakers are sooo cute.... it even has its own tray,how adorable! The blue and white cups, saucers and the gravy boat look beautiful with all your silver. I'm a blue and white lover too:)Thanks for sharing and for your sweet note! Hugs,Poppy

  44. Hi Diann...

    I just read your sweet note, my friend! I'm sooo glad that you stopped by for a was great hearing from you! I HAS been a long time since we have visited. I've just had a difficult time getting back to blogging since my Dad passed away in January. Slowly but surely!

    I'm so glad that I came by today...I really enjoyed your beautiful blue and white tea! I love the blue shell linens from Waverly! Ohhh...and all of your lovely blue and white teacups and dishes...just lovely, my friend! Thank you for sharing all of your pretties with us!

    We are doing pretty good. Anxious to get outside with the weather finally being nice. I hope that you, Troy, and Princess are all doing well!

    Love ya,

  45. Who doesn't adore blue and white? Your group is very cozy. Bit covetous of those basket weave pieces.

    There is not enough tea or coffee in the world if you are a parent. ;)

  46. Your blue and white tea is just beautiful.
    I, too, have some Ridgeway, too...a little different pattern.
    I just today did a setting for Mother's Day to share at Cuisine Kathleen's May may want to add your pretty setting there, too.
    Now, I want some of that good stuff to add to my coffee or tea...:)

  47. Now this is my colourway,love it all,so me xx

  48. I love blue and white and English dishes so this is my kind of post. Everything is lovely.

  49. I love your blue and white dishes and all your wonderful treasures. I'd like to go shopping with you...Thanks for your comment on Rooted in Thyme. Would love for you to share this post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. New Follower.


  50. Hi Diann,

    Your table setting for your tea party is very lovely! I love your gravy boat...very beautiful!! I also adore the white sugar and creamer. Very sweet with that fabric you found.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting. It is always a pleasure meeting new blogging friends! Happy week to you!


  51. So pretty Diann! The little silver teapot salt and pepper shakers are adorable! I love the Clifton pattern's so pretty. Blue and white is just timeless.


  52. Oh yes, I am partial to Blue and White for sure. Love all your great pieces!

  53. So many pretty things! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that little teapot S&P shaker set!!

    Have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  54. I love blue, white, and silver together! I'm SO envious of your proximity to a Christmas Tree Shop!

  55. So beautiful...Love these colors together. Looks like everyone loves the teapot salt and pepper shaker. There's something regal about this. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Just Lovely! I'm a blue and white gal, so when I saw your pics I a good way. lol. Thank you for sharing. Also, thank you for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn

  57. I adore your white and blue dishes - so pretty :)
    Visiting from Share Your Cup Thursday!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  58. Your blue and white is so pretty. I never tire of that combination. The little salt and pepper is so cute.
    Mary Alice

  59. I am so in love with your cute, little s & p shakers on the tray!! Your blue & white is so pretty, too!!

  60. I do love blue, white and silver! And tea, too! What a perfect setting. I really love that Ridgway Ironstone pattern also. A post filled with lots of eye candy!

  61. Diann, I love the blue and white setting. The gravy boat is so cute for a utinsel holder. I think that the gravy boats are more oval and the creamers are not as long. I say use it for what ever you like, The little S&P set is precious. Thanks so much for sharing this with Share Your Cup Thursday.

  62. What is it about blue and white china that makes it always seem just right??
    Loved it all and I would love to get my hands in some of those toppings for my coffee!!

  63. One of my favorite things about blue and white is how it all seems to work together! This is a beautiful tea.

    My mother always said that I cut my curly red hair off next to the scalp on one side of my head when I was a toddler! She had my Daddy take me to his barber where they more or less gave me a crew cut, pretty radical for a little girl that many years ago! She also said it never was really curly after that. Of well...

    Her hair will grow back. Meantime, get ready for having to spike your tea every now and then!

  64. Oh goodness, so beautiful. I love the Ridgeway pattern too! GREAT sale on the fabric. Love the shells on it.

  65. There is nothing more classic than blue and white. Love your pattern and that s&p shaker set. :-).

  66. Diann, I just love blue and white together. Your bargain linens just look perfect with the things you already have. Silver always sets it off so well. I think they all do that haircut thing at least once. Sigh... Happy weekend to you!

  67. I love your blue and white, it's exceptional! I love that you get such good deals. It's all beautiful.

  68. So pretty, Diann! You can never go wrong with blue and white! I bought those Waverly towels too, but I think i paid full price! :). Your cts seems to mark things down sooner. But we only have one on the whole of L I, so they know they will sell them.

  69. Forgot to says thanks for linking to Let 's Dish! Oy on the hair! :)

  70. I love blue and white together, and the design on your dishes is beautiful. What a wonderful table with the addition of the silver. Thanks for stopping by my party this week. So sorry it took so long to answer, but this week has been a hectic one for me.


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