Use Up Those Cheap Bath Sets

Hi everyone!
Have you gotten any of those cheap little bubble bath or body wash sets that you have no desire to use? Or perhaps you wanted to try a new bath product and for whatever reason, you don’t like it? Well, don’t throw them away!
These work great as cleaning products. Here are some ideas I use them for:
  • I keep some in the shower area and a rag to use to wash down the shower walls.
  • I also will use it to scrub down the bathroom sink.
  • I will put some in the little waste bin in the bathroom and fill with water to soak.
  • I will plug the sink and pour in some of the bubble bath crystals and soak my brushes and combs.
  • I also do this with any of the other little countertop doodads (toothbrush holder, cup holder or soap dish).
  • I soak dirty gardening gloves in the bubble bath as well.
  • Clean buckets, your dust pan or outdoor pots.
Pretty much anything you want to use soap for, use these cheapo bath sets. You can also do this with shampoo you tried and don’t like.
vo5 For about 20 years now, whenever I have coupons and VO5 shampoo is on sale (when I can get them for about .50 cents a bottle) I use it to scrub my white tub. I can’t use it on my hair because it strips the hair color out. I accidentally dropped some in the tub one time and when I cleaned it, I saw that it just ate right through the tub grime! I have used it for that purpose since.
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  1. Great idea- and another idea I do is save them till I have a big box and then donate them to the safe house shelters for battered women. They LOVE them and always need their own personal hygeniene products desperately.

    Great post, always a GOOD thing to never EVER waste what is given to us - there is always a way to repurpose!

  2. Thanks for the ideas today. I have a little of this and that left in bottles that have seen their better day. Now I will use them. Funny how I never thought of using them to clean with. In the long run soap is soap. Some just smell differently!

  3. Wonderful idea! I think the shampoo idea is great! Hugs, Linda

  4. Wonderful ideas thanks for sharing!

  5. great idea I think I may have a couple of bottles in the bathroom closet right now.

  6. I saw alot of people stocking up on those shower sets when they were on clearance after the holidays. GREAT idea. Interesting about VO5. Who knew? Take care.

  7. Love those ideas I am guilty of pitching the cheap out-to embarassed to regift now you have given me a new lease on those sets thanks-really I mean it!!!

  8. Great tip - this is definitely come in handy around here - I hate to think how many little bottles of this and that I have on hand. Do you have any good uses for leftover lotions - I never seem to finish those off either?

  9. Oh I never would have thought to use shampoo to clean up shower grime but I'll probably do it now!

  10. Now why didn't I think of that? :-) I have just such a set right now...a gift that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. Thanks so much!



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