Mission Organize:Cupcake Papers

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out and organized my free standing cabinet that held baking supplies. I got everything separated out and into clear plastic shoebox size boxes. Well, I realized I had one entire box for cupcake liners. I thought that was a ridiculous waste of space.

I have seen on other blogs that folks were using jars to store their cupcake liners and that made a lot of sense. So, I gathered up 3 wide mouth canning jars.


I thought the wide mouth jars would work the best. Easier to get in and out of.


I tore open all the packaging and filled the jars.


One jar has different print and color liners, one all white and one for mini liners.


I love being able to see exactly what I have and these jars. They stack and take up so much less room!


And look at all this packaging!


Don’t you love quick, easy and thrifty solutions?!

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  1. I have a jar for my cupcake liners now if I will just put them in there..lol!! I like your 3 small jar idea also. I'm enjoying working on my organization which goes along with my word 'change' for the year! Hugs, Linda

  2. Now why didn't I think of that. Great idea for storing cupcake liners and taking up much less room, not to mention not having squashed liners anymore. I'll be using your idea~thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome idea, I have a ton of these too and some of those jars some where in my basement.

  4. Great idea. I will have to try that. My last set of cupcake liners went to the drawer with my mixer and ended up smashed. I don't think that will happen if they were in a jar. Thanks for the tip.

  5. OMGoodness! That's brilliant! and they look so NEAT stacked up like that.

    Love that idea, may have to do it too - not only does it work for the papers, but it actually finds a use for several of the canning jars, too while not in use.


  6. Great idea. This looks cute too sitting in your pantry.

  7. I love this idea! I've tried a couple different ways and not happy with them so will definitely try this.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. that is such a cute quick and efficient way to store those. I adore that idea.

  9. Genius idea that I am so going to stea...borrow!!

  10. I just saw this post on your sidebar. I was interested as I learned from my mama to store cupcake liners in mason jelly jars. I passed it on to my children. I bet a lot of mamas in the 40's were doing the same. It amazes me how we can think the latest and greatest plastic ware is what we need. Turns out that mama knew best after all.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of mom's saying "waste not want not".
    Have a blesses Sunday,


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