It Turned Cold, Back to Dreaming of Spring!

Hi everyone!

Last week we had beautiful Spring weather. This week, not so much. It has turned cold again. One of the things I was doing last week was switching out my dishes. Yes, I switch out dishes all the time! And the set I am about to show you is one of the sets I brought out of winter storage. I love this set. It is so pretty! I had planned on making a new tablescape with it but, it is just too cold outside to play. So, I thought I would revisit this thrifty tablescape from last year.

I will give you the low down on the cost of this table at the end of the post.

So, let’s check out the table.

Pretty Floral Lunch 001-tileI started with this pink and white checked round tablecloth. I picked it up at a yard sale recently. Some one made it. They added the little lace around the edges.

Pretty Floral Lunch 003Pretty Floral Lunch 004Another yard sale find. I have several of these sectioned dishes. But, this is my first all white. I really like it and see myself using it a lot.
(Updated note: I totally broke this set last Fall! I dropped it and broke each dish except one. This is one of the reasons I am glad I buy most of my things so cheap!)

Pretty Floral Lunch 005Pretty Floral Lunch 006I have had these beautiful placemats for years and years. My mom bought the set for me for Christmas one year.

Pretty Floral Lunch 007Pretty Floral Lunch 009Love these pretty dishes! The set came with the two different colors.

Pretty Floral Lunch 010Add the little matching dipping dishes.

Pretty Floral Lunch 011Pretty Floral Lunch 012And the large bowls.

Pretty Floral Lunch 013Pretty Floral Lunch 014My mom had also bought the matching ceramic napkin rings to go with the placemats. They are so pretty. I also used my vintage pink linen napkins.

Pretty Floral Lunch 015Not quite done yet, but it sure is looking pretty.

Pretty Floral Lunch 016Pretty Floral Lunch 017Flowers from my mom’s yard.

Pretty Floral Lunch 018Pretty Floral Lunch 019The sun kept disappearing from me.

Pretty Floral Lunch 020Pretty Floral Lunch 022Pretty Floral Lunch 023Pretty Floral Lunch 024Pretty Floral Lunch 025Pretty Floral Lunch 026       I swear, I get the oddest looks from my neighbors when I head outside to do up a table. I keep waiting to hear one of them yell over at me, “Hey Lady, you ever hear of paper plates?”Pretty Floral Lunch 029 Well, that was my simple pretty outdoor table. Aren’t these dishes just lovely? I was so excited to see them clearanced at the Christmas Tree Shops!

Okay, let’s break down the price:

Tablecloth (yard sale) = .25 cents

White sectioned dish (yard sale) = $1.00

Placemats (gift) = Free

Napkin Rings (gift) = Free

Vintage Napkins (flea market) = $1.00

Silverware (wedding gift) = Free

Glasses = $2.00

Square Plates (CTS) = $4.00

Bowls (CTS) = $4.00

Dipping Bowls (CTS) = $2.00

Flowers = Free

Total = $14.25 

Yay! A beautiful table for a lunch outside for under $15.00. With new dishes no less! I love it.  I spotted these dishes when they first hit the shelves right before Spring and just knew I wanted them. So, when they went clearanced, I snatched up what I could afford.  This set also has large charger plates, serving dishes, mugs, creamer and sugar sets. I only got what you see on this table. I would love to have the rest of the set but, this was already a large splurge for me. I am thrilled with what I bought.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed you visit! Have a wonderful day!   

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  1. Oh joy! it is not only bright and beautiful and cheerful but it is so frugal too- that makes it best!

    I cringed when I read you dropped and broke that dish thing - I hate that for you. I break stuff all the time since we did granite. I just do, it is a sad thing.

  2. Wow very lovely! And beautifully put together.

    Jocelyn @

  3. Your tablescape is so lovely. I love the napkin rings! Thrifty kind of gal! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. I love your dishes. So appropriate for Spring!!! It is colder here too but it's sunny and we mowed the grass for the first time today.

  5. I am CRAZY in LOVE with those dishes, placemats and napkin rings. GORGEOUS for spring. PERFECT. Lovely job pulling it all together. And at bargain prices. ENJOY!

  6. I love all the hydrangea dishes...very pretty table, Diann.

  7. I still love those dishes! Such a great table, so pretty!! Oh I'm like you and so glad I buy things cheaply so when I break them I'm OK about it. Hugs, Linda

  8. Diane you create the loveliest table scapes with such little money involved. Everything you do is gorgeous girl!!

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your step by step putting this Beautiful Tablescape all together like you did..I also love your dishes so sweet,this was a great Idea. I have been thinking about putting a linky party together just like this "step by step Tablescapes".But I don't know how it would go over, Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Spring Tablescape so sweet of you. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  10. Love every detail! The center dish set is MY FAVORITE! It reminds me of lace! Did you say you BROKE IT??? Did you glue it back together??? I bought a HUGE white turkey tray at GW for a few dollars. I was giving it it's welcome to my home BUBBLE BATH when it SLIPPED out of my hand and BROKE in the sink! AHHH, it's sitting here while I decide if I'm going to make a mosaic table out of it OR just toss it and not look back!
    I also LOVE your hydrangea placemats your Mom gave you. WOW we both did Pink and Green this week. Don't you LOVE that color combo... Your dishes are So Pretty, and WHO CARES what the neighbor thinks, hehe!

  11. Gorgeous spring tablescape--loving the beautiful china that matches your placemats perfectly!

  12. Looks so pretty especially with those flowers in the sectioned dishes.
    Ours haven't started blooming yet :)

  13. Beautiful spring like and feminine.

  14. I love how your beautiful table was so affordable. I am very impressed and inspired to be more thrifty. You peonies are gorgeous! Mine are so far from being ready to bloom. I'll enjoy yours for now.

  15. This dishes is a "must" have for spring §;-) However, to no avail in Sweden. Your settings are well set and love the idea of the fresh flowers.

    TY for the great idea.

    Happy TS,

  16. oh my gosh those dishes are incredible!! The centerpiece idea is perfect...I wish I had those flowers growing in my yard! Wow and the place mats .....I love it all! Hyrangeas are my favorite flower! I am drooling all over my IPAD looking al all of this! Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday and sharing this beautiful scape with everyone!


  17. Very pretty andI love the napkin rings (Mom has good taste!). I think my neighbors want to know why I am always taking pictures of my house, front door, set table out back etc. Maybe they think I am a pro photographer or something in my spare time! One of the nice things about my getting older is that I really don't care! Ha! Thanks for sharing!

    Robin Flies South

  18. What a lovely thrifty setting! I love the colors and the flowers look so pretty!

  19. Love those pink! Perfect for spring.
    Very thrifty setting.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a nice day.

  20. I remember this! Yes, I do have those dishes too! I am so sorry that dish broke, it looks so pretty with the flowers!
    Thank's for linking up to Let's Dish!

  21. Such a beautiful set. I love hydrangea. I'm jealous of your peonies. It will be a few months before I see mine bloom! ;)

  22. I have to admit that overall I'm really impressed with this particular site especially on your table setting! I love everything on your table!

    Spandex Table Covers


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