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Hi everyone!

Don’t you love looking over all those gorgeous home décor magazines and just dreaming of all the things you would love to do to your own home? I also love pouring over beautiful garden magazines for ideas. Well, most of the time those are kind of expensive magazines. I rarely have the spare money to plop down ten bucks for a magazine. So, I look at them at the library and search out other freebie ideas sources.

At this time of the year, I start getting all kinds of beautiful seed catalogs to oogle over. But, many of the plant companies are going past just seed catalogs and offering outdoor space idea books.


I recently picked up one from PW (Proven Winners). I have used PW plants in the past and they really are nice plants. But, what I wanted to show you is some pages in this gorgeous idea book. You can go to their website and request this catalog as well. They also have a free online magazine you can sign up for. Lots of great information at these plants sites.


Okay, I REALLY want this big stone slab table!


Plants can be expensive and when you are playing with new to you flowers, it’s always nice to see how and where they can be used and have a better chance of achieving the look you want. So, that is where these books are great resources.


And, let’s face it, don’t we all love to have big glossy pictures of beauty like this to work from?!



I love this whole green and white garden area! This would be pretty as part of a moonlight garden. Remember to plant some white flowers around your outdoor area. The moon reflects on them and they are so pretty. Colors are generally not seen at night but, white flowers just pop!

So, are you ready to get outside and play with plants? Are you planning on doing a different flower area and plant some new flowers? Are you expanding or cutting back on outdoor garden areas? How about your outdoor living space? Any new ideas you want to try or change up?

We had planned on being in a new house by now but, that didn’t happen. I can’t really plant too much more around here. Most of what we have are perennial's so, I will do just a little here and there with some pretty colorful annuals. But, I want to work on our outside living space. We are due for a little change out there. It’s fun to change up some of the accessories and fabrics outside. Aren’t we ready to get outside and play?! YUP! 

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  1. Looks good and sounds even better!

    I "believe" this is the spring we finally build on an attached screened porch off the master bedroom.............I am just so afraid to committ such a big project and so much cash!

    I is askeered!!

  2. Thanks for the tip about the white flowers planted around the house! I can't wait to try it and and then see them in the moonlight. Have a great day:)

  3. Very interesting..
    I too have used these plants..
    now I shall visit and request the free booklet/catalog!
    Then pop over to check out Winter Blues Wednesday!
    warmest hugs..

  4. LOVE all the pictures of outdoor spaces. My days of gardening have long since past because of my bad legs. But I do daydream about a lovely backyard. We have a patio out front, so I spend alot of time there enjoying the sun. Good luck with whatever you do to make the space you have more in tune to your dreams. Take care.

  5. Beautiful pics. Thank you for sharing!

    -Kim :)

  6. great inspiration photos and I will be planting the white flowers, especially around my entry way and in my window boxes..

    thanks for this post, I got some great ideas from it.

  7. Love all this inspiration! Wouldn't I love to have gardens like this!

  8. Yes I love to see the PW plants, they make me want to run out and buy buy buy...I guess that is the idea!


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