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Last weekend, after class, we stopped at the Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. This market is open to the public one day a week during the winter and more days during the week for wholesalers, restaurants etc.

When summer hits, this place is insane with tons of people! We got lucky because it was one of the first sunny nice days and the crowds weren’t too bad at all.


Here is a little information on the market.

Detroit Eastern Market

Each week as many as 40,000 people flock to Eastern Market for its Saturday Market to enjoy one of the most authentic urban adventures in the United States. The market and the adjacent district are rare finds in a global economy - a local food district with more than 250 independent vendors and merchants processing, wholesaling, and retailing food.

At the heart of Eastern Market is a six-block public market that has been feeding Detroit since 1891. Every Saturday it is transformed into a vibrant marketplace with hundreds of open-air stalls where everyone from toddlers to tycoons enjoy the strong conviviality served up along with great selections of fruits, veggies, fresh-cut flowers, homemade jams, maple syrups, locally produced specialty food products, pasture and/or grass-fed meat and even an occasional goose or rabbit.

Come on down and join the fiesta. Devour the great bounty of Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario harvests, find paradise in the dazzling array of plants and flowers, and relish the rich history and colorful stories of the market and its characters.

Here are some pictures I took.



One of the reasons we wanted to stop at the market is we wanted to see if it a place we wanted to start selling at. It sure would give our little business a lot more exposure.



At this time of the year, only about 40% of the market it filled with vendors. The place will be cram packed inside and out in about 2 months from now/



This place is massive. Not only are the 3 sheds, all around the neighborhood is vendors and shops.

Let’s look around inside the sheds.



At this time, we decided we are just still too small of a business to sell here. The rent per day is about 4 times more than the small local markets we do. And we can’t compete with the prices of the large farms that are selling herbs. I think our herb products would sell great here but, we would have to employ some people to help. And we aren’t quite at that point yet.


All throughout our time walking around the market we were running into other vendors we know or people from our Master Gardeners class. It is so cool and amazing that when you get involved with your community with a common interest, how quickly you make so many new friends! All because of the love of gardening



We know the folks that own this farm. We are at many of the same markets throughout the summer. They are wonderful people and have great fresh produce throughout the summer as well!


We were there about 2 hours before close so, it was so not busy. I can’t wait to go back when all the vendors are there and out and around the market. I can’t believe the amazing prices we got. At the end of the market, all the vendors want to get rid of as much on their fresh produce as possible so, you hearing them all calling out from everywhere, “Everything $1.00!!”

Needless to say, we walked out with a few bags of wonderful fresh produce for us and even some bunches of asparagus and quarts of strawberries for my parents!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Now this is something I enjoy doing too. We have a new Farmer's Market Building on the new River Walk opening this spring. I can't wait to go down and photograph. I'll wait until later in spring when it fills up with all of the local bounty of spring vegetables and flowers. I loved your photos and looks like you had a great day.

    the French Hutch

  2. How I enjoyed your post today. My Mom grew up at 335 Leicester Court in Detroit from 1926-1939. She always told me stories of growing up there and how wonderful it was. I wonder if they ever went to the market?
    We are blessed to have a great market in St Louis too. The fresh vegetables are wonderful and cheap.

  3. Good Moring Diane Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share today. I so enjoyed strolling through the markets with you. All of the produce and the food. Meats included WOW... I have never seen a market like this.

    Loved seeing the flowers, and I believe I even saw a Chick for Rent. Now that is a first for me.

    You always find the neatest places to visit. I love traveling along dear friend. I hope you have a glorious Sunday.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. That place is huge! That would be so much fun to visit. Glad you checked it out! Gosh your business has really grown! Hugs, Linda

  5. Looks like a place that I could spend a day wandering through...love farmers markets, talking to all the vendors, sampling their products, buying fresh.

  6. What a cool place. I would have stayed from dawn to dusk if they were open that long. Thanks for sharing and making us a part of the experience. Great photos.

  7. A great stroll through the market and a godd place to have a pitch yourself.

  8. I have always wanted to go to Eastern Market. I will make it there This year!! Thanks for the story. We really enjoy walking throught these markets. We have a Flea Market (about an hour north of Detroit) in Armada that we go to. Very Big!! Lots of Vendors and Lots of Shoppers every Sunday. Might be worth your time to check it out. I know your herbs would do very well there. They open up about the middle of April on Sundays. I think the rent is somewhere around $30.00 but you could call. It would be great to see you there.

  9. Great Post. I just love this type of market. I did a post last summer about the city market in Nashville, Tn. It is so
    much fun to see and try the local fare. Thanks for sharing,


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