Broken Lid? Plant a Flower!

Hi everyone!

The other day while the Princess was at the market with Troy, one of the flower vendors gave her this pretty little Primrose. It has seen better days and he didn’t want it out to be sold because you only want your best and prettiest out on display. But the Princess was very excited about her new flower!


Awhile back, I broke, and I mean shattered, the lid to one of my favorite teapots. I just couldn’t bare to throw it away. I stuck it in my china cabinet and made sad faces every time I looked at. So, I decided that it her plant was the perfect thing to use the teapot for.


Since it was the Princess’s plant and she loves to garden, I thought she should be the one to plant it. I had her gather some rocks for drainage and some of our composted soil.


First go the rocks.



Next the soil.


Flower is planted and now it’s clean up time.


Now we have a happy plant that will spring back to life in it’s new nutrient enriched home!



Oh how I love this time of the year. Well, this is actually a month early for “this time of the year”. LOL

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  1. Love, How the Princess is a hands on "master gardener" in the making...:)

  2. Sorry you broke the lid to that sweet teapot but you have put it too good use! I love Primrose and I think under the Princess's care it will thrive. Hugs, Linda

  3. Now how cute is this. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  4. The broken lid ended up being a. Urease turned into a blessing. Love that! Cherry Kay

  5. This was the sweetest post. Seeing your little one plant her primrose. The teapot was the perfect vessel. ENJOY.

  6. I love using unique things for plants! and I love that "this time of the Year" is here a month early. Smiling everyday all day long!

  7. Perfect, perfect, perfect. And she will always remember those times with you with encouragement and belief in herself. She is a sweetie pie.

    Have yourselves a joyful weekend doing fun things together.


  8. The Princess did a fine job repotting her beautiful primrose. Such a good idea to use your lidless teapot as the planter. I once bought a beautiful blue and white teapot (at a yard sale of course) which came lidless just so I could use it for flowers. Some teapots are just too pretty to discard.

  9. The Princess did a fabulous job on the Primrose!

  10. A great idea to use the teapot as a planter and enjoy. A great project for those sweet little hands. Both of you will enjoy watching the pretty Primrose grow.

    the French Hutch

  11. Love it...i use my tea pots alot for my cute!

  12. I would say Princess has a great green thumb. Great upcycle with the teapot. Hugs, Ginger

  13. Great idea! She's going to love watching her own plant grow & flourish.


  14. What a nice lesson for Princess--not just in the preparing, planting, and caring, but also in making use of something "imperfect" and that it can still bring joy. Lovely. Thanks for sharing. ~Zuni

  15. This was a great post on both recycling & teaching your little Princess the proper way to re-pot something. Wonderful!! I bet she was really proud of the end result.


    p.s. Have her pinch off those empty green brackets where the spent blossoms were attached & you'll get more flowers. Just grab them at the back, right where they attach to the stem & snip them off. Also, a little bit of fertilizer will boost the blooms, too. Good Luck!

  16. It is perfect! My little one loves planting things - all things. You make me want to plant something tomorrow!

  17. Perfect! I see a gardener in the making..
    have a great week.. hugs, Cherry

  18. What a wonderful pairing.

    So great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays. Hope you'll join me this week too.

    - The Tablescaper


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