When One Breaks, They All Break!

Hi everyone!
Do you every have one of those week’s when something breaks. then the next day, something else breaks? A day or two later, something else stops working. Well, that was what happened here. It was like I was being small appliance punked! I swear, I was looking around the kitchen thinking that there just had to be hidden cameras because surely all the appliance deaths can be happening at one time!
But, this is what happened. First, I had a small 5 cup coffee pot that I use just for hot water. Now granted, I bought this little coffee maker at a yard sale years ago for $3.00. But still! Troy took it apart and tried to fix it but, it was unfixable.
Later that day, I grabbed the emersion blender and it just hummed when I turned it on. I did the natural thing, I smacked it a few times. Still nothing but a hum. Once again, this was a flea market pick up for a dollar a couple of years ago.
The next day, bread went into the toaster and a spark flew and it stopped working! Geez!
At dinner, I grabbed the blender to make some pasta sauce and as I grabbed the blender off the shelf, the whole thing crashed to the floor. A million little pieces went flying across the floor! I just decided that was it! We ordered dinner from a local restaurant!
It was time to go on a small appliance shopping trip. I had a couple of gift cards from Christmas for Walmart and then I ordered another GC for Walmart from MyPoints. So, with $145.00 in GC we went small appliance shopping!
And here is what we got…
Besides the 5 new appliances, I also got the Princess a new coat, a couple of shirts, a pair of PJ’s and a few other things the house needed. And the best part?
Not a dime came out of our pockets!!
Oh, how I love that! It is so worth taking a few minutes a week and click through some point offers at MyPoints and all the other little places I earn gift cards. It is just part of my computer time routine any more.
page Unfortunately, nothing is getting donated because everything was broke and unfixable. That seems so weird to me.

I’m joining:
Mosaic Monday
Blue Monday
Nifty Thrifty Tuesday


  1. Sounds like a bad day. Hope you have a better week!

  2. Wow, I know the feeling, my toaster and coffee pot went all at the same time, and I got replacements for Christmas. You found some fabulous treasures. Hugs, marty

  3. Weird how they all went at one time! Still how great you had the WM cards. I love My Points and click daily in my computer routine also. hugs, Linda

  4. Well, I guess I need to check out My Points now! It's funny how things seem to come in waves of three, but you got an extra whack, aw!

  5. Diane, I had a breaking week a couple of weeks ago. Mine was not appliances it was dishes. Every time I picked up a glass it crashed to the floor. When I was dusting I would break a piece of glassware, some where my favorites. My husband was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me.
    I also do Mypoints I got a free subscription of Country Living by saving Coke Rewards.

  6. Oh yes, that's how it goes!! Our oven went out this week. I have a GE Profile with all the electronic settings. Well, the computer board that runs it is terrible! We've replaced it 4 times in 10 years, and with the parts and labor, it costs about 200 + every time! So... when that familiar beep started happening early this past week, I went to the breaker box, flipped that breaker, and said, "no more"! Granted, $200.00 is less that I'm going to have to pay for a replacement oven, but I am just tired of this! So, we're using the toaster oven, and looking for a deal in a new oven. This time, I'm looking for one without the electronic settings. They're not easy to find. Glad you were able to replace your appliances for free! Now that's a good deal!

  7. Oh NO!!!

    Well your funny post was so hilarious I had to read it out loud to my husband. What a way with words, and what weird/bad/timing luck! SHEESH!

    Anyway, seems to be your had a perfect fix and a GREAT shopping trip, whoo hoo cash less, too, that rocks!

    I am so happy your stopry had a happy ending!

  8. hmm, I don't know what mypoints is! Sounds like there was a jinx at work.

  9. Funny how things happen like this but your tale of woe certainly made for a great blog post. Apologies for not calling by to comment very often, time just seems to get swallowed up by real life at present!

  10. A bad day turned out GOOD. And you ended up with BRAND new stuff. YIPPEE. ENJOY! Take care.

  11. Looks like I need to check out My Points. Thanks for coming to the party with all your new goodies for the kitchen.



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