Thrifty Things Friday #46

Hi everyone!


I have something else I want to share with you that I bought after Christmas. these stocking holders came from Hobby Lobby.


They are very heavy! Everything Christmas was 90% off. and these look like everyday to me not just Christmas.


So, these went from $11.99 each to $1.19 each. When I picked them up, I was thinking I would take them over to my brother’s house and have him saw off the hook part. And then I would use them as bookends. I told Troy about this idea and he then said, “Diann, you are always hanging different garlands/banners for different holidays. Maybe you could keep them as they are and use them to hang things from.


Hum, not I am not sure which way to go! I will have to ponder for awhile!

Let’s check out some fun links from last week’s party!

Bob over at Island Rustic shared how he made chalk paint and did a redo on a vintage shelf.


Joy at Books and Life showed us a perfect thrifted shelf to house her teacups.

103_0311Danni over at Silo Hill Farm showed us how to make a fun photo jar.


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Update: The photography class I was going to take was cancelled! I am so bummed. I guess you guys are going to have to continue to put up with my experimenting with my new camera for awhile longer!

Okay, onto the thrifty party!


  1. Wow those holders arew great, ive not seen anything like them - they will certainly come in handy throughout the year Scarlett x

  2. What a fantastic deal!

    That is a very good idea to use them to hang banners etc! Although the bookend idea is good too!

  3. I think Troy might be onto something!!! Love the idea! Thanks for hosting the party!!!

  4. I agree with Troy on this one...they really don't look like Christmas at all.


  5. I also agree with Troy on this one. You will find something to hang on them.
    One of those deals if you cut off then you will wish you had not done it.

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    I agree with Linda and Troy on this one. Thanks so much for hosting your party for us. I hope you have a wonderful Day with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  7. Hi Diann! Oh what a lucky find these beautiful stocking holders are! I have a small collection of cast iron goodies, mostly trivets.. So I think these are just gorgeous! ~tina

  8. Great finds and so unique, nothing I have ever seen! Thank you for hosting and having me. Hope you had a great Valentine's.

  9. What a thrifty find! Those would look great on a spring mantel or shelf with a Easter garland. Thank you for hosting!

  10. Those turned out great! What a lucky find.

  11. I think Troy has the right idea. They would be great for banner hanging! Nice thrifty buy, by the way!!

  12. What a good idea your hubby gave you.

  13. I use my stocking holders year around. I drape ivy garlands, autumn leaves garland, evergreen and flower garlands across my fireplace with them. Good luck deciding on a use for yours. Take care.

  14. Thank you so much for featuring my Photo Jars! It was a fun project to do and share!

  15. Great finds at great prices! Thank you for hosting!

  16. I have some gold stocking holders setting in a window frame in my home office with small picture frames hanging from them, the size of old billfold pictures

    thanks for hosting this party love looking around at all your finds

  17. Thanks for hosting. Appreciate joining in.

  18. Thanks for hosting! I think your stocking holders have infinite possibilities! Your brother did have a good idea, though. It is hard to hang things sometimes with pushpins.

  19. Love those holder and either way you go they are a great bargain for $1.19!! I'm going to get my post up and linked in a little while. I keep running late for everything lately! Hugs, Linda

  20. Only $1.19 each? You got a steal of a deal! I hope you post pics of your garlands hanging from them.~Ames

  21. What a bargain! Your brother had a great idea, though I'd probably still cut them off to use as bookends. If I ever wanted to use them as banner holders, I'd just tuck the end of the banner under them since they're probably quite heavy. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this party.


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