Thrifty Things Friday #44

Hi everyone!
Today’s TTF party post is a little different.
I told you all about the plan Troy and I decided to implement each month for the last 7 days of the month, “No Spending Week.” Well, we just finished our first week!
I said I would share so, here it is. The week’s summary. And let’s face it, this definitely qualifies as a “Thrifty Thing”!
Wed. 1/25: Not a dime spent!
Thur. 1/26: Not a dime spent!
Fri. 1/27: Not a dime spent!
Sat. 1/28: Troy and I have gone back to school. We are getting our Master Gardeners Certification. Our class is on Saturday mornings for 4 hours. And we have to leave our home at 7:30am to get to class on time. We took our own coffee instead of stopping for coffee. After class, we stopped at Chili’s for lunch. I know what you are thinking, “Um, that’s not exactly a necessary expense Diann!” You are right. However, I had a Chili’s GC and we used that for our free lunch. I did end up spending $5.00 for tax and tip.
Sun 1/29: Bought a paper ($1.50) and gas (which is considered an essential $40.00)
Mon. 1/30: Went to a Free gardening class (with my parents). After class we stopped off for dinner. Yup, we spent money eating out. Geez Diann! But, our bill was pretty decent for the 3 of us ( the princess went to class with us). Here is a picture of our bill. Oh, and we carpooled with my parents to the class!
cheap food 001
Two hamburger Deluxe (fries and coleslaw) dinners. The Princess and I share one of the meals because these are big honkin’ burgers and a ton of fries. However, I am now seeing this picture up and it looks like the waitress deducted the tax instead of adding it. Oops. I left a $3.00 tip. We love this diner. Because you can’t beat the prices. Your lucky any more if you can get a large burger at a fast food drive thru for under $4.00 these days!
Tues 1/31: $3.78 ~Florist (this is for the demo and presentation I am doing on Wed. It is a business expense and I am being paid for this presentation). And I just couldn’t eek out the half and half anymore! So, $1.96 for half and half.
So, there it is, our first monthly “No Spending Week”.
Essentials = $46.24 ($40 for gas which will be used throughout the following week)
Non-essentials = $15.37
The non-essentials were my main concern for the week. And this was for all 3 of us.
Overall, I think it was a pretty good week.
  • We cooked at home and used what we had in the pantry/freezer/fridge.
  • Took our own coffee with us.
  • Used a saved GC as a treat during the week.
  • Took advantage of a free class for a fun night out
  • Went to a very cheap but good diner for a dinner instead of a more expensive restaurant.
  • I took water (in a travel mug) with me every time I left the house.
  • I kept some kind of snack, brought from home, in the truck to ward off that “I will just swing in here and grab a couple of dollar menu items”.
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Thank you ladies for sharing such fun thriftiness! Below is the “I was Featured button” for you!
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  1. Oh you did so good. I am all for trying to be really thrifty. Great job. Hugs, marty

  2. I try to be frugal these days- haven't been out thrifting for a few weeks! Self-control is hard. LOL

  3. Amazing, Diann! I am very impressed! Great features! Thanks for hosting!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Diann,
    Y'all did really and I have so much in common:)


  5. Very thrifty week indeed, looking forward to your February recap at the end of the month. Thanks for hosting Thrifty Things Thursday.

  6. Hi Diann, Wow girl you did a great job of being a thrifter this week. Seems like everytime I walk out the door I come home with $100 less in my pocket. lol! You are an inspiration. I have not linked up for some time. Somehow I missed listing you on my fav party lists. Definately not on purpose. I love your blog and you were one of the first people to feature me. I think I had a senior moment. Glad to be back!

  7. ya'll did great.

    its such a good feeling to be able to look at what you saved..

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    Thanks for hosting Thrifty Things Thursday.You did really good sweet lady.
    I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  9. You did great all week. Since my husband can not eat out we do not leave the house with out taking a small cooler we have found a very big savings doing this for the past 8-10 weeks.
    thanks for the feature.

  10. I can sure relate to a 'no spending' week. Thanks for hosting. I am following.

  11. You sure did a terrific Thrifty job! I love not to spend, who does? Thanks for hosting. Happy Valentines.

  12. You guys did well!

    I really wanted to take my county's Master Gardener Certification but we are down to one car so it will have to wait until next year. They only do it every January.

    Thank you for featuring me!! I linked up a project I did with some thrifted art from Goodwill.

  13. You did great! I think I'm going to try a week like this monthly. I am pretty good about not spending money but there are those days. I've cut back on thrifting for sure. Stopped in one today that was along my path of grocery shopping and bought NADA! Yay for me. hugs,Linda

  14. Wow that is a good no spending plan! I like it!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Have a great day!

  15. I think you did a very thrifty job. My goal is using food in the cabinets/freezer before buying other stuff. I'm sticking to it pretty well.

  16. Congrats! That was really good. I'm trying not to buy any more yarn until I use up some of my stash; so far so good it's been 2 months! : )
    But with a new grandbaby on the way, will have to hit the yarn sales . . . darn! hehehe -_^

  17. Congratulations on a very thrifty end of the month. That's a great idea. I wish we had a diner like that - what economical prices. Your features are so fun this week too. Thanks for hosting and please stop by Cottage and Creek and enter my Choose Joy Giveaway: Have a nice weekend.

  18. That is GREAT! and it helps me to keep an expense account of everything I spend. Finding some treasures along the way makes it all worthwhile! ♥♥♥

  19. I guess we have all cut back on what we spend our precious money on. I harley eat out since I am trying to loose lots of weight and look healthier
    I love good food LOL Fun to look around your post today

  20. You have done very well with the spending! Congrats! I think it is great that you are getting your master gardeners certification too! I had quite a few January birthdays and spent some for them and now we are into February birthdays but I already have them on hand so there won't be quite as much spending this month. Watching the budget is a way of life for me.

  21. Thanks for hosting -- I am eager to get back to all the links.

    I am so impressed with your thrift. I find that many weeks I don't spend any money except for groceries. Grocery prices are getting insane here in my area, especially coffee.

  22. Hamburger platters for 3.95? Unheard of here. Try 8 or 9...that's the cheapest!
    Almost 4.00 a gallon for gas yesterday, cheapest I could find. 62.00 to fill up my little car. I have to make it last as long as possible.
    You did well. Most of those things I do anyway, all the time, so it is hard to find new ways to save!
    Like Scribbler said, the grocery prices are insane, and I only shop the sales!

  23. Great Job! Using what what I have at home always seems like the harder thing for me than going to pick up stuff or going out to eat. Loving all this inspiration to save & be thrifty! & thanks for the link party!

  24. I love that gate, so neat! Have a great weekend!


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