Thrifty Tablescape Party # 8

Hi everyone!

Well, you will have to forgive me for this month’s post. I am somewhat cheating. I am using my first “Blogged” Valentine tablescape from 2010. The last two weeks here at Casa Chaos have really lived up to the name! LOL We have had a ton of things going on. The whole, “When it rains it pours” was so true here. Between classes, giving presentations, meetings and a little girl who got hit with a violent stomach bug, I just lost track of time and I seriously lost my energy!

I won’t post the whole tablescape here but, you can check it out in detail by clicking Valentine’s tablescape 2010!

I had just basically started out photographing my tablescapes and had no clue what I was doing so you will have to bear with mw through the photos. Everything was thrifted, or at very thrifty prices EXCEPT for the crystal candle bobeches. I bought them years ago at a little shop in Ohio. To this date, they are the most expensive thing I have EVER bought to be used on a table. They were not on sale, they were far from thrifty but, I fell in love with them and I had the money and bought them! Such a “Non-Diann” thing to do…….even before blogging!

Tablescapes 117

You can buy beautiful acrylic bobeches now for under $10.00 a pair. I certainly would like to get some other styles some day.

Tablescapes 110

This picture is part of my header. I have always liked it.

Tablescapes 107

Instead of using a charger plate, I think it is fun to add these cheap sparkly garland you can get at any dollar store.

Tablescapes 109

The little red hot candies in the bowl are a great candle filler and …shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but these red hots have been used and used over the years. They are just for decorating with and stay in a zipper sealed baggie with candle supplies.

Oh, and here is a little tip I have learned, probably not something anyone cares about but me LOL. You see the little tealight in the bowl? Just a cheapo one that you get from the dollar store in packages. Well, I don’t always like the little silver tin they come in and the tealights that come in the clear plastic holder are always so much more expensive. So, I bought one package of the expensive clear ones and I reuse the clear holder. I just buy the cheapo ones and pop them out of their tin holder and pop them into the clear ones now.

Tablescapes 108

Tablescapes 126

I think using a simple inexpensive grocery store bouquet of fresh flowers is perfectly fine for a tablescape especially when you are trying to be thrifty!  And I love to use pitchers instead of vases for flowers. And being an odd duck, I like the clear ones. something about seeing the stems in the water is pretty to me.

Like I said earlier, you can view the entire tablescape and the breakdown in prices at this post. Valentine’s tablescape 2010

Now, let’s look at the beauty you have created on a thrifty budget!


  1. A pretty table -- don't you just love Valentine's!

  2. I love your Valentine's tablescape, it's beautiful. I just love Feb. 14th. Thanks for hosting. Happy Valentines and happy weekend.

  3. Hi Diann, I think that your table is beautiful. Love the non charger idea. Hey, I save some candy from year to year also. Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful tablescape. I can't believe you haven't accidently ate a piece of that years old candy. LOL Take care.

  5. I sure hope you are feeling better! Love this tablescape. I'm still working on another tablescape for Valentine's day! Hugs, Linda

  6. I hope you feel better. We all have weeks like that!

  7. You have created a beautiful tablescape!

    Thank you, also, for hosting a fun link party.

  8. Soooo pretty! You always come up with the most original ideas. I've missed being much stuff's been going around here.

    I love Valentine's Day too! I have a giveaway going if you'd like to stop by.


  9. What a beautiful tablescape! Thanks so much for hosting this great party! Glad to link up!

  10. Thanks for hosting! My Mom loves when I take photos of the items she has passed on to me! I only had a few pink pieces.
    Have a great day!


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