Sweet Sorrow of Purging

Hi everyone!
Don't you think one of the hardest things about organizing is the purging? It feels so good after you have finished and have seen the wonderful results. But, actually doing it can be so hard. 
The past week I really had to do the hard, take no prisoners attitude towards books! I love books! We are major readers here. I did it without much trouble. I got them loaded up and to the charity store they went. Woohoo! Good for me!
And then……..
I had to really face a book purging challenge!
Oh No! Not cookbooks! Yes! It has to be done! 75% of all the recipes I get are from online these days! Diann you HAVE to do this! You CAN do this!
(Okay, because I have an odd sense of humor I just had to point out something in this picture. Here I am doing a post about cookbooks and in the middle/upper right hand side of this picture is a ramen noodle left over from the Princess’s lunch! LOL Who needs cookbooks when you have ramen noodles! I think I keep my posts and pictures too “real”…I need to stage more!)
I wish I could say that these are ALL of my cookbooks but, that would be a big fat lie! No, not even close.
I love cookbooks. Even when I don’t make a single recipe from them. They are just so fun to read (at least to me) and I love the ones with big glossy scrumptious pictures!
This stack was on top a the free standing cabinet that I just deep cleaned and organized (post later this week) and since I am doing a thorough job on each project I tackle, the top had to be dealt with too.
I do plan to keep vintage and retro cookbooks along with a few classics. I kept a few Gooseberry cookbooks and a couple of Splenda cookbooks from this stack.
The “Keep” pile
The “Goodbye” pile
I will continue to tackle the others as I work my way around our home. But, this was enough heartache for one day! LOL
So, are you purging any areas in your home?
On to our winner for the Sam’s Club $25.00 GC!
The winner is……………..
Mary at Mary’s Meanderings! Congrats Mary!
table cloth fix
Mary has a beautiful blog and I definitely suggest you visit it!
Thank you everyone for entering and I hope you all have a wonderful day!
I’m joining:
Blue Monday


  1. Purging is a problem for me. Especially books. I just adore them. Sounds like you did a GREAT job, sticking to your plan and getting the job done. CONGRATULATIONS MARY. Enjoy your giftcard. take care.

  2. You should have a cookbook give away chose a couple and there is media mail to make it a bit cheaper.
    I do need to purge books but mine are decorating books I just can't do it!

  3. Good Morning Diann Sweetie...
    What a precious post this morning. I too am a Cook Book oholic. Love my cook books, and some I do not use, they are just old family cookbooks that have been passed down to me. I love to read them and see what notes family wrote about different recipes they tried.

    I agree with Cathy above, have a cookbook giveaway. What fun that would be.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my lemon tree. Those lemons are so much fun, we smile every time we pick one. No lemons hu? They are so tasty as well. Right now the garage smells heavenly with all of them out there. This weekend we will pick the last 1/3 of the tree. Wish you lived closer and I could bring you some bags over. I am looking for a low carb lemon bar recipe, if you have one, I would so love it if you could share.

    Have a gorgeous week sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. I am a reader too; in fact, I also have a book blog! However, I haven't many cookbooks. Love your blue plate special cookbook!

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  5. Congrats to Mary on winning. I know how you feel about purging books. The only ccokbooks I hated to purge were the church ones that had recipes in there from people I knew. With so much available online, I'm trying to let go of my recipe box and binder.

  6. I purged some cookbooks recently, then delivered to the church thrift shop before I could change my mind. I have been collecting cookbooks since before I got married in 1968. I rarely (spelled RARELY) cook with a recipe. If I do want one, I also go to the internet. Unfortunately, before I left for the thrift shop, I went through them again and then removed some. My job is far from done because a few years back, I built a bookshelf on the wall in my computer room. The bookshelf is floor to ceiling and just over 8 feet long. I have a lot of purging to do....

  7. Good job Diann! I know that was hard for you! I have donated some of my cookbooks a few years ago and need to purge again. Of course I love my vintage books and some of the cookbooks I collected from places I lived like New Orleans. Still it does feel good to purge. On my list is to purge out my books in to to be read pile. Some I've had for a long time and other books always jump ahead of them, does this mean they will never get read? I think so and out they go. You are a great inspiration this year in the organization quest! Hugs, Linda

  8. I'm like you and use the internet for most of my recipes anymore. I do have a cupboard just for my cook books and did go through it recently and got rid of those I'd never use again. I did the same with my recipe box. It made me wonder why on earth I ever thought I'd want some of those recipes.

  9. Hi Diann! I L O V E the cookbook giveaway idea altho I should try it too! Ha Ha! Congrats to lucky lady Mary! Great giveaway prize!
    Happy blue Monday to you today. Hope all is well at your house. Enjoy your week and your photos are pucture perfect! :)

  10. Oh no, not the cookbooks! Or the other books-- I'm a bookworm so am wondering what you tossed. Purging books or cookbooks is tough for me-- I still have all my picture books from childhood. They are precious-- eek, I'm sounding like Gollum with all my precious booksies. heehee

    It is a wonderful feeling to declutter though. I've been cleaning out drawers and closets and will soon tackle my folders of clipped recipes.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  11. I am going to do that too sooner than later ^_^ But I also have books that I have not read yet and they are piling lol! Great thing you did the purging, congratulations!

    What A Sky

  12. I got rid of a few cookbooks, but kept a lot. I do get rid of the novels, pass them on.
    Congrats to Mary!

  13. I got a few cookbooks myself but every time I need a recipe, I turn in the computer and find it online lol.

  14. Hello,

    Thanks so much for visiting! Well, also love books and have a huge amount of them. Do you also love magazines?


  15. I do not have a lot of books, but enjoy reading. I go to the library and get mine. Buying became too costly.

  16. I have a lot of cookbooks, too. I get rid of them and then get more. Like you, it's the ones with the photos that I like the most. Maybe I should do a "show us your cookbook meme". LOL Thanks for visiting Joyful Altitude and commenting. Appreciate that!

  17. Thank you so much for the fun win Diann!! I am so excited! I thought it would be fun to splurge with the gift card though I don't possibly know what I will buy with it. Maybe steaks- or maybe they will have some awesome organizer helps for the craft closet I am redoing. Talk about having to do some major purging!! I took everything out of the closet and it fills up the room!!! How did all that stuff ever fit in there???

    THank you so much again!! Will let you know how I spent it!

    bee blessed

  18. Congratulation for a job well done:) It is really hard to let go of things that you love..

    Visiting for Blue Monday! Hope you can stop by:)


  19. I have a HUGE weakness for books and I adore cookbooks, so sending you lots of hugs for being able to part with those.

    Congrats to Mary and Happy Rednesday!

  20. why are their so many "urge" words involved in cleaning out Stuff ...
    first i have to get the urge to purge all the stacks that have merged ... then there's a mournful dirge ... a final surge ... and when i see the empty shelves ... i go junking and ... splurge!

    ooh it's late at night. time to get some sleep.

  21. I love cook books, they are very helpful :-) Visiting from Blue Monday, hope that you can return the visit too.



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