Scrubbing Gunk

Hi everyone!
Well, you know the metal part of the crockpot that holds the ceramic pot? Do you ever have “ooze over”? That is what recently happened (Traveling Super Bowl Chili) and I didn’t know it until I went to clean the pot. Looked inside and saw a nasty baked on gummy mess! (can you believe I am showing you this gross crockpot?)
See! I told ya!
I tried cleaning with Dawn dish soap. A little scrubbed off but not much. Time to bring out a little Jr. High science volcano action! Yup, Vinegar and baking soda paste!
Now, if you have never tried mixing these two ingredients together, then know that as soon as the vinegar hits the baking soda, it starts foaming up immediately! So, use a deep enough bowl to mix your cleaner. I just wanted a paste so, into the bowl went about 1/2 cup of baking soda and then I very slowly poured some vinegar in. Even if you don’t have anything to clean, this is just a fun thing to do when you are bored…er…I mean to show the kids.
Now slather all over your spilled gunky area and let it just sit there for at least an hour.
Okay, on to the big HONESTY moment. Did it work?
Yes it did (I still have some crevices to get to). However, this still took a LOT of elbow grease and one whole Magic Eraser! I think it would have taken a lot of work regardless of what I used. But, I did like that there was nothing toxic or chemically smell to this cleaner. And it was very thrifty at least as far as the ingredients went!
This cleaner has been a major “go-to” cleaner for me for years. It’s great for scrubbing grout, toilet, tub and tiles, around the faucets and numerous other places. It works great on stainless steel sinks as well. Basically anywhere you would use Ajax/Comet.  I keep a box of baking soda , jug of white vinegar and a old plastic bowl under my vanity in the bathroom. What is nice about this paste is you don’t have to keep trying to clean off the soapiness that the other cleaners leave.
Another place I use this every couple of weeks is the hot plate part of my coffee maker. The plate is black so you don’t realize how much coffee has dripped on it until you scrub it.
So, now I want to know what tip you may have for cleaning the baked on gunky gummy stuff!
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  1. So funny that you posted this. I just had the same thing happen to mine and I was just so upset that the Dawn didn't work lol... Now I have a solution!

    Thank You! :) Hope you have a very happy Saturday!


  2. Good info. I use a magic eraser thingy all the time.

  3. Fabulous tip. My crock pot looks very very similar to your "before" shot.

  4. GREAT tip. Common sense products save the day. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  5. Great tip. I am lucky in that my favorite crock-pot is the one that the Corning/Corelle bowls fit into, and the outside part is enamel paint coated. So it seems to stay cleaner than my extra large crock pot which is like yours.

  6. I have a jumpy curser on my computer and I don't mean me! ha! It made this post pop up--so perhaps it was meant to be, lol. I have used that technique of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning out sink drains that often get slimy or stinky (like the kitchen one). I haven't tried it for cleaning other things. I may try it on my crockpot....yup.


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