Repost~2011 Mardi Gras Table

Hi everyone!

I know I am early this week with showing my tablescape. But, today is Fat Tuesday and so it should go up today! LOL

I have to tell you ahead of time, all the doodads that make this table Mardi Gras-ish came from the Dollar Stores. My linens and stemware were all thrift finds.

Mardi Gras tablescape 001I started with the 3 Mardi Gras colors. A green tablecloth, 2 purple placemats and gold topper square (okay…Shhhhh….don’t tell anyone but, the gold cloth is just a pillow sham).

Mardi Gras tablescape 002I love these old fringed tablecloths. This one fits over my table perfectly

Mardi Gras tablescape 003So, here is my Mardi Gras Tablescape!

Mardi Gras tablescape 004Mardi Gras tablescape 005Mardi Gras tablescape 006I made sure to have a green stem, purple stem and a gold stem glasses.

TMardi Gras tablescape 007To add the 3 colors in a fun way, I picked up these acrylic pedestal dishes. Just added a couple of Foil paper horns, some beads, foil mask and a little gift bag.

Mardi Gras tablescape 008I did not have an appropriate serving platter to put the King Cake on so, I wrapped a cookie sheet in purple foil gift wrap.

Mardi Gras tablescape 009Mardi Gras tablescape 010Mardi Gras tablescape 011 Mardi Gras tablescape 013I had picked up a set of three of these ceramic metallic glazed masks awhile ago at a thrift store for $1.00 . The pretty cut glass sorbet glasses were also thrift finds from years ago. They have a slight hint of purple to the glass.

Mardi Gras tablescape 014Bright and fun Mardi Gras paper plates are just the perfect touch for making a tablescape like this. I also used the matching paper napkins. The green plates underneath are from the Dollar Tree.

Mardi Gras tablescape 015 The feathered masks were a must. Also from the Dollar Tree.

Mardi Gras tablescape 016I am so loving these new gold filigree glasses! I found them a couple of weeks ago at a thrift store. They were .95 cents each.

Mardi Gras tablescape 017 A King Cake is a must!

Mardi Gras tablescape 018Around here, instead of saying “Fat Tuesday” we call it Paczki Day! That is pronounced “punch-key”. We live in a pretty good size Polish area and this is a Polish dessert for Fat Tuesday. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter if you are Polish, Catholic or any other religion or ethnic background, EVERYBODY here eats Paczki on Fat Tuesday! We wait all year for Paczki Day! Now, you can buy these at local grocery stores on Fat Tuesday but, if you want the best go to a local bakery that has been in business forever around here. Yes, you generally have to call days ahead and order yours and then stand in line to get them but, they are worth the wait!! Troy and the princess went early today to pick up our order. The line wasn’t too bad, only 35 people ahead of them. So, these babies are FRESH!! I wouldn’t let anyone eat them until I got my pictures!! LOL

Mardi Gras tablescape 019Mardi Gras tablescape 021Mardi Gras tablescape 032Lemon & Custard filled ones.

Mardi Gras tablescape 033

Cherry filled ones. YUM! We also have apple and prune filled ones. Prune is actually the most old world traditional ones.

Mardi Gras tablescape 022Mardi Gras tablescape 023Mardi Gras tablescape 024Mardi Gras tablescape 025Mardi Gras tablescape 026Mardi Gras tablescape 027Mardi Gras tablescape 028Mardi Gras tablescape 029Well, that was my Mardi Gras Tablescape. I hope you enjoyed your visit and had a wonderful Fat Tuesday!

I am joining:

Tablescape Thursday

Seasonal Sunday


  1. I have some beads! If I wear them, can I join your party? Looks like FUN! ♥

  2. Sure Diane! Grab your beads and don't think about calories and head on over for the party! :)

  3. I love your table setting. I made an arrangement, but then I failed on the actual table settings. Plus I could never find anything purple, and I didn't think of looking for wrapping paper. Great job.

  4. This is fabulous and I love the King cake too!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. well throw me somethin' sister!!! how about one of those lemon filled rolls!

  6. WOW!

    That is an amazing Mardi Gras tablescape! Look at those rich and luscious colors! WOW! What fun to dine with that awesomeness!

    And you left nothing out - even a King Cake. Well done!

  7. What a fabulous tablescape!! Makes we wish I had been more prepared to do something fun tonight for dinner.

  8. Wow, that's an awesome tablescape! I love the colors so much! And aahh Paczki. :) Looks delicious, especially the custard-filled ones!

  9. Same tradition here as this is a predominately Polish area. My maiden name is Kolojejchick ( English version, Thank God) and Joe's mother's maiden name is Washelofski! Talk about being Polish!!

    Your Mardi Gras table is beautiful!!


  10. Dear Deb those Paczki . . . so wonderful. The fillings so wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very pretty! I found the same napkins, coins and masks from DT and used them this year in my first Mardi Gras setting. So much for thinking they were a new design. Oh well! I guess our DT's inventory are a year behind yours. LOL! Your treats look delish and I'm glad you gave the explanation on the Paczki. That explains one of my FB friends comments completely now! Have a great day!

  12. Very pretty table! Love your colors! Joann

  13. Honestly, Diann. I just saw your mardi gras tablesetting for the first time. FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS. Terrific job. It is really startlingly beautiful. Susan

  14. You brought Mardi Gras home. It was fabulous. Your tablescape was DELIGHTFUL. LOVED the masks. The king cake and paszki have my mouthwatering. Take care.

  15. You really know how to throw a party Diann! What a fun tradition! Have a happy Sunday! I am trying ot get use to Linky!

  16. This is totally gorgeous! I really enjoyed seeing it. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Very regal table. This is gorgeous and those goodies are making me hungry. ~ Sarah

  18. Such a fun, colorful table! And, all those yummy goodies!

  19. So fun and colorful! Wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - the Tablescaper


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