Mission Organize~Craft Supplies

Hi everyone!


What I wouldn’t give to have an actual craft room! But, I don’t. So, I have crafting supplies tucked all over the house. And this makes me crazy!

Time to deal with it one way or another!

I wish I could show you this stunning craft center or something equally impressive but, alas, all you are getting here is my reality! LOL

I have a ton of is scrapbooking supplies. Fortunately, I have managed to keep them all together and relatively organized. But, all those misc. craft items, not so much!

They were all in a couple of big boxes. Just dumped in there. Every time I needed something, everything came out of the boxes and scattered all over the floor. So not acceptable!


Lovely huh?

So, with a free few hours at home alone, I dumped everything onto the floor and grabbed the clear bins I bought to deal with this mess and started sorting. At this point, you could not walk through my living room.

IMG_0647 I divided things into categories that made sense to me:


Into the bins they went.


I printed off plain black labels and taped them to the front of each bin.


I cleared off space in my closet on some shelves. Fortunately for me, I am tall and will have no problems reaching these bins. So, off they go!

Such an easy fix. Why didn’t I do this a long time ago? LOL I know I will be finding different craft supplies here and there but, at least now I have a home for each of them!

A quick add on to this post……

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

This morning, before the Princess woke up, I thought I would just have a simple cute Valentine breakfast waiting for her. She gets so excited when I do the least little thing out of the ordinary.

So, Here is the Princess’s Valentine breakfast.



I used a heart shaped cookie cutter on her toast.


Cute little Valentine cupcake holders for her fresh fruit.


I added some maraschino cherry juice and a couple of cherries in her juice.


Some faux pink flowers and a paper fairy princess napkin.

It only takes a few extra minutes to add something fun for your little ones. She was just so excited to have her special Valentine breakfast. You would think she was having the best breakfast in the world this morning!

Another important thing about doing something like this for your child is it sets the tone for the rest of her day. She is one happy little girl this morning! She is wearing a special new twirly red dress to school and her hair has pink and red ribbons and small pink flowers. She really does look and feel like a princess on this Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Girl, I know about the craft clutter, I too have no where to craft and my boxes are like yours. I do plan on getting organized also, I just haven't yet!! Congrats to you!! Cute breakfast!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    -Kim :)

  2. Happy Valentines Day! I love the breakfast you sat out for your Princess this morning! What a wonderful way to start the day. Good job on that organization! I have a craft room that has become a dump all and there is where I'm headed today. Got to straighten out some so I can get busy in there. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. Good for you for organizing all that stuff. I would have loved to wake up to that breakfast, too. It really is the little things, isn't it?

  4. Lovely breakfast and look at how you got so organized! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Happy Valentine Day! I could picture in my mind the Princess with smiles! Also thank you for stopping by and leaving your Diary of 5...loved it!

  6. Great job on the organizing Diann! I don't know what I would do without storage bins! They are what is keeping me from going totally crazy with all the stuff I have! Such a sweet breakfast for the Princess! You are a great Mommy! hugs, Linda

  7. Congratulations on getting organized! A heart breakfast is such a cheery way to start the day! How sweet!

  8. Your daughter's breakfast looked delightful. What a sweet Valentine it was from you to her. Didn't want the day to fade away before I wished you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. We've been celebrating all day, so I decided to take a quick blogging break. LOL Take care.

  9. Diann what a sweet breakfast you made for your daughter! I used to make my boys heart pancakes - I am not sure they ever really appreciated it being boys and all!

    I am doing the same thing with my craft stuff!! I have a closet that they are just thrown in and the sewing machine is in there too. I couldn't even get to it to mend so decided something had to be done. I am putting in shelves which of course have to be modified as they don't exactly fit- then I remembered a funky inventory desk that I kept after we closed our business and am so excited about using this. It has these cubbies that I think will work great for storing and displaying them at the same time. I am moving at snails pace as I don't have much time to work on it but will be so happy when I am finished which may be next year at the rate I am going!

  10. Great job on getting the crafty goods organized - and smart move to label the boxes even though they are see-through - because in a month you might forget. And what a fabulous job you did making breakfast a real treat - sweet and pretty!

  11. Great organizing!! I love being organized and knowing right where everything is when I need it.

    You did a fabulous Valentines Princess Breakfast!! The napkin is so very cute!

    Happy Rednesday Wednesday!

  12. I did the same thing with my craft supplies last year - it was really getting out of control. Glad to see you do it too! :)

  13. What a sweet breakfast you made for your daughter. It is wonderful that you like to create special things like this for her and that she loves that you do it. So darling!

    I'm inspired by the organization of your craft supplies. I love it when things are organized!


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