Mission Organize: Free Standing Cabinet

Hi everyone!
Well, keeping on track and trying to organize and deep clean one thing at a time, I hired myself to do another project!
This time I am tackling a free standing cabinet in the dining room. This cabinet is used for baking goods mainly and for cereal/breakfast food.
You know what drives me crazy about baking goods? they generally come packaged in bags. Think about it…chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruits…bags, bags, bags! So convenient to stack neatly…..NOT!
See this box of stuff?
See this empty cabinet?
Yup, all the stuff came out of there. And it even comes out of there when I don’t want it to.
First thing first, get everything out of the cabinet. And as we know, the “stuff” is very helping because it just jumps right out of the cabinet as soon as the door opens. How nice.
Next, scrub down the inside of the cabinet.
Remember I told you in this post that I usually have some money set aside to buy storage containers in January. Mostly for Christmas items to be packed up. But, this year I bought different containers for different areas in our home.
This year I bought these plastic clear bins at the Dollar store with this cabinet in mind. They are just the shoebox size because that is what will fit. 
Okay, here is the important part of the whole “Hired myself as a Professional Organizer/Cleaner” comes into play…..
Does this sound familiar to you?
Diann~ “Oh, I have seen all these super downloads/uploads of such cute labels! All those amazing blogs out there are showing these adorable matching labels that you create with just the right printables and things like that. I need to find those downloads, figure out how to make them, get the stuff to make them and use those for these bins!”
Diann the Hired Pro~ “Do you have these labels ready?”
Diann~ “Um, no. But……”
Diann the Hired Pro~ “I’m not here to make something that nobody is going to see cutesy. I have a job to do and that job is to get you organized. Do you really want me to stop what I am doing and have to come back some other day to do this project just so you can show the folks in blogland how cute your little labels are?”
Diann ~ “Well, ummmm, no but,…”
Diann the Hired Pro~ “Let me do my job and you just keep your “buts’ to yourself”
Geez, Diann the Hired Pro sure is bossy!  Oh yeah, that is the reason I had to hire her in the first place because she doesn’t get sidetracked!
The point is, doesn’t this happen to us all the time? We see some cute idea and want ours to look just like that. Well, that is all fine and dandy if everything else in our home is organized and cleaned. Then by all means go back and do the cutesy stuff so that when your husband opens the cabinet and he sees these adorable labels he gets all excited and tells all his buddies about these wonderful and sweet labels his wife created for their boxes of Jello! Because that is so going to happen!
Now, once everything is fabulous in your home and you have spare time and want to play. that is the time to make the cute labels.
Right now it is about getting the job done! I am going to make a plain ‘ol sheet of paper with printed words to cut our and tape. But, to be honest, that is why I bought the clear bins. I can see what is in there. There are only 4 bins. It’s not like I have 20 bins to deal with.
Before putting everything back into the bins, take a moment and check expiration dates and anything that is open to make sure it is still good.
Now just put the items back into their new homes and into the cabinet they go.
The bottom part of the cabinet is used for boxed and package baking goods (cake mixes, Bisquick, corn meal, dry milk, sweeten milk, baking soda, baking powder,  etc). It is getting a good scrubbing out and a purge as well. I will only be using 2 storage container bins down there.
Once all done, I scrubbed down the outside and cleaned off the top of this cabinet. Now it is ready to, later down the road, get a little staining redo.
It is so nice to just pull out a bin, get what I need and put it back! No gazillion flying boxes and bags! No spilling a package that is open. This is really saving time and stress. Now how about you? how is your organizing going for 2012 so far? Have you found any thrifty tools to help your organization?
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  1. I wish I could have had all my buddies over for a super bowl party so I could show them the cute labels you made for the jello boxes, but since there are no lables I couldnt have a party... Oh well. Maybe next time.

  2. Ugh! I need to organize my pantry, and my closet and the Basement storage area... I WANT the cutesy labels too but you are right Diann (so sensible) no one will see them but me and the Hubs and the kiddos. I'd better get to it! You have inspired me! XO CIndy

  3. You are so right about this. I let the littlest things stop me or slow me down.

  4. I love being super uber organized....I just cannot help myself!

    keep up the good work.

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  5. LOL! It's hard not to fall into the trap of I can't because I'm not ready to cutefy it! I'm sure it's much nicer to just pull out a bin instead of wading through bags trying to find what you're look for.

    Good Job!

  6. Great idea! I have two cupboard that this could make a drastic improvement. And everyone would be happy when nothing fall out and hits their head or toes.

  7. I don't have a pantry or a cabinet like that. I do have some shelves in my laundry room but I mostly store extra canned goods there. Still working on getting seasonal items put together in bins. Also getting items to sell on Etsy or send to the thrift together. Such a job! Hugs, Linda

  8. I did my pantry a few weeks ago and yea, those cute labels aren't necessary but they actually helped motivate me to clean up the pantry- silly isn't it!!??

    Great job on your organization! My next project is the craft closet- this is gonna take alot longer then an afternoon for the pantry- and yes, I am thinking of cute labels again!

  9. Be still, my heart! :) I love organizing projects and you've done a great job with this!!

  10. "...the “stuff” is very helping because it just jumps right out of the cabinet as soon as the door opens. How nice." -- funny! I too am guilty of not getting started organizing because I want to design cute graphics for labels or find bins that have different colored lids [than the options at Dollar Tree] first. Great reminder to just do it already; thanks!

  11. Very nice job. I did manage to get that accomplished in the bathroom with a freestanding cabinet intended for a different room but once in the house it worked perfectly for the bathroom. The problem is that extra rolls of TP get piled in front of the door. Once I use up a stash of cleaning supplies (hey - it involved coupons and freebies and a really good deal!) there will be storage inside for the extra TP. Or maybe I should organize under the kitchen sink where those cleaning supplies belong?
    Thanks for inspiration.
    I also have a lawyers bookcase not in the room it was intended either. You are making me more aware.

  12. Oh, I heart organization! Your cabinet looks great!

  13. HI Diann...you are fabulous as always..and it is always wonderful to see what you are up to! Awesome cabinet...shine on!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  14. This is exactly what I want to do with the cabinet by our fridge. It has pull out shelves and is very convenient, but sometimes things slide off or whatever. Bins are the answer.

    Great post, Diann.

  15. Hi Diann, Because I love your blog (and you) I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by and pick yours up.~Ames

  16. I love the clear totes! I have to keep my stuff in plastic, because I keep getting a pesky mouse! I set traps, but one shows up when I least expect it. :)
    great job with the organization!


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