What is Red, White, Blue and Wintery?

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, I rarely buy New dishes let alone more than 4 settings. However, I have decided that I would really like a 12 piece setting for winter and one for summer. I don’t need to buy every piece that goes in a setting because I like to mix in white dishes when I can. And I have plenty of white dishes. So, not only does this cut down on the cost, it also cuts down on the storage! Two things that are very important!

I have said a gazillion times that if you like to play with dishes and create different table settings, the most important thing to have is a set of simple white dishes. From there, you can mix and match fun dish finds. And like I just said, it cuts WAY back on cost and storage!

So, keeping that in mind, I have had my eye on this year’s Christmas dishes that Kroger was selling. Kroger always offers a new pattern at Christmas and it is generally a very neutral pattern representing winter. Two weeks before Christmas, they had the pieces on sale for $1.00 each. A good price but, I still waited. I knew I wasn’t going to buy all 5 pieces so, I kept in mind what I would like to use with white dishes for a mix and match winter table.

I patiently waited until the week between Christmas and New Years knowing that they would go 50% off. I kept my fingers crossed hoping there would be enough left to create a 12 person setting.

And there was! I didn’t get the dinner plates or coffee mugs that matched. But, I got the salad plates, bowls and glasses. I also decided it would be pretty and fun to mix and match between the blue and red. With white being the other color used, I think it will look really nice for winter!

IMG_0107I love that the pattern is snowflakes! They are perfect to use anytime during the colder months. IMG_0109The colors are so bright and fun!

IMG_0111By mixing the blue and red, it takes away the feel of just Christmas dishes.

IMG_0112IMG_0115I did go back and get 6 more of these white snowflake glasses to keep with this set. The red ones are Christmasy and will be used during the holiday.

IMG_0104And the best part? All 42 pieces came out to $25.20 (+tax) and I had a freebie $25.00 Kroger gift card that I had been holding onto! So, my out of pocket cost was .20 cents plus the tax!

So, those are my new Winter dishes to use when I have all of my family or friends come over for a meal during the colder months.  

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  1. Fantastic bargain! Love the colours - so bright and cheery!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Very pretty. Love the glasses, too. What a great deal you got.

  3. I LOVE your new dishes! The snowflakes are so pretty and the colors vibrant-enjoy:@)

  4. I love the snow flakes! I would have grabbed them too, but I think I would have grabbed the dinner plates and used my white salad plates. But knowing me, at 50 cents I would have taken them all! Yep, from Dec to March you will get good use from them!
    When I went to college in Ohio there was Krogers. People would say they were going Krogering instead of shopping. This NY er thought that was funny. We had A & P., but no one said they were going A & P ing, lol!

  5. Great buy Diann! I love the snowflake design. I might have to see if I can find just a few of those plates to mix and match. I love that you got enough to do a big family table. hugs, Linda

  6. I love your new dishes, they are great. The price is unreal also. I agree, mixing everything with white is just the best way to go. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  7. Lovely!! Now I want to run to Kroger! They always have tons left over here! I like both colors too! Enjoy your winter tables!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. I love your dishes. The fact that you can use them all year long is wonderful. We don't have a Kroger store in our area any more. I sure do miss them.

  9. Hi Diann, I really like these! Very, very pretty. We do not have Kroger in our area but I wish we did. Hapy New Year, Diann!
    Hugs, Beth

  10. Diann, those are some pretty plates! I like the idea of mixing the red and blue with white. These will make some lovely tablescapes. You are so right; white dishes are the workhorses of the dish lovers dish cabinet!

  11. BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE snowflakes too. I must admit I have NEVER seen the Krogers near me sell anything like them. Everybody is always in a hurry to use their gift cards. Saving them has advantages, indeed. Great deal for sure.

  12. I'd love to come over and have these blue beauties to see. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  13. Beautiful dishes!
    My BLUE is my entry, please come and see. Have a great week.

  14. Those dishes and glasses are really pretty! I too just love a set of good ole white dishes and then being able to add in pops of holiday colors depending on the holiday! And the deal you got - AMAZING!

  15. Now THAT is a deal. I think with the wonderful snowflake pattern dessert size plates are enough. They can be used with so many other settings and still add a festive feel.

  16. OMG! You are such a smart shopper!

    Visiting for BM! here's my share- hope you can stop by:)


  17. Now that's what I call a bargain! I too love the mixture of the red and blue. Mixing it up just makes it much more fun. Both sets of glasses are great too.

  18. Lovely. I don't think I saw these at my Krogers!

  19. It is hard to resist things sometime, but your waiting pays OFF LIKE ON THESE PRETTY DISHES.

  20. Wow! Great restraint on your part! ;0) It sure paid off!

  21. What a marvelous shopper you are. What a deal!


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